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Toyota Prius

They won’t all be bearing the Prius nameplate – a Hybrid Camry is on the...Read more

Australia’s favourite car brand went all sparky to open the action at...Read more

While many others are talking about mass-market hybrids, the Prius...Read more

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News cruisers are parked-up and beaming pictures before 6am as the...Read more

Top Stories

WITH these new hybrids, if I need to plug it in to recharge does it mean I...Read more

We already have the imported Honda Civic and Toyota Prius, with a...Read more

Toyota will produce Australia's first home-grown hybrid car, which will...Read more

YOU mentioned recently that the batteries in the Toyota Prius would last...Read more
I RECENTLY drove a Toyota Prius and was completely underwhelmed. This car...Read more
STATE and federal governments tell us we should buy a hybrid, but no one...Read more

So Rudd has committed $35 million of taxpayers’ funds for Toyota to...Read more

We live in strange times — or at least under a Federal Government that...Read more

The chance to save $450 a year on fuel bills and help save the planet...Read more

New-car buyers are slowly warming to a website that allows them to...Read more

It is not the first time cars have been treated as art.

BMW...Read more

They are hybrids and the best-known is the Toyota Prius, though there...Read more

High-efficiency engines, diesels and hybrids — which have a small...Read more

After 76 years as king of the hill, General Motors is expected to be...Read more


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