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Toyota Prius

Windows up, aircon off, the only noise to be heard from this Toyota is the...Read more

It's a motor show, but not the way we've ever known them in the past. ...Read more

Doing 100km of general running about for less than five bucks in fuel...Read more

Hybrid cars and plans are popping up everywhere, from Porsche and...Read more

And it will come with a lithium-ion battery pack, a first for...Read more

The target price for the first of the Chinese plug-ins is around $25,...Read more

Just as things are calming after Toyota's eight-...Read more

The Toyota Prius is up against the Volkswagen Polo and the Mercedes-...Read more

Every day there seems to be something new, from extra customer...Read more

The world's largest carmaker has bowed to global safety pressure and...Read more

A widely varied field from the soft-roader Audi Q5 to the baby...Read more

I AM thinking of buying a Toyota hybrid or a diesel such as a Volkswagen...Read more

We know because Toyota has just confirmed early deliveries of its new...Read more

A staggering 225 out of the 243 private-plated cars chosen by MPs and...Read more

Since cars all deliver on the same basic promise of personal mobility,...Read more

It is the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic, which re-set the economy benchmark this...Read more

The Mercedes-Benz E Class is good, the Ford Fiesta is better, but the...Read more

The latest round of official crash tests has given five-star occupant...Read more

The poster car for the green movement is now much more than a science...Read more

It doesn't really matter what you call it, the push is all about...Read more


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