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Suzuki Vitara

The 1990s brought us many, many good things. Nirvana, trip-hop, some fine...Read more
I need a car to tow a small camper trailer (600 kg plus luggage, water etc...Read more
Long before small SUVs reached their current epic popularity in Australia...Read more
The S Turbo sits at the top of the Vitara range and can be had as a front-...Read more
The RT-S is the entry grade of the Vitara range and the most affordable...Read more

A new Suzuki Vitara has been unveiled overseas, with the Japanese brand...Read more

With almost 30 models to choose from, the small SUV market in Australia...Read more

Suzuki has carved out a unique position in the pantheon of Australian...Read more
I've been searching for a small-mid sized 4WD wagon with low range and a...Read more
Some might accuse the Vitara of going a bit soft, with its battle-hardened...Read more
I want to upgrade to either demo model or 1 to 2-year-old used car for...Read more
I am an older person and would like to trade my Ford Territory TX in on an...Read more
I am looking at buying a compact SUV , likely a Suzuki Vitara . How does...Read more
I have a motorhome and I'm looking to flat tow a vehicle, hooked up to a...Read more
Peter Anderson road tests and reviews the 2016 Suzuki Vitara RT-S with...Read more
Peter Anderson road tests and reviews the 2016 Suzuki Vitara RT-X Diesel...Read more
Richard Berry reviews the 2016 Suzuki Vitara S Turbo 2WD with specs, fuel...Read more
Murray Hubbard road tests and reviews the Suzuki Vitara RT-X diesel with...Read more
My issue is no big deal. However I bought a 2016 Suzuki 1.4 Vitara turbo...Read more


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