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Suzuki Kizashi

I only drive around 10,000 km a year and was wondering if there was any...Read more
I'm looking at a new car. I work as a sales rep and do about 32,000 km per...Read more
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The global financial crisis is now in the pages of history but...Read more

I own a Suzuki Kizashi Sport and I get the same, or similar, harsh noise...Read more
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Suzuki 's first attempt at a mid-sized car, the Kizashi, couldn't have...Read more
SOME time in the future, the Suzuki Kizashi will become the Datsun 1600...Read more
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He is - or was - Hirotaka Ono - a visionary who re-invented the...Read more

WHAT IS IT? Kizashi is Suzuki 's first go at a larger car and it's an...Read more

After leading the world on so many fronts - from quality to comfort and...Read more

Twenty kilometres on the worst bitumen road I have driven in 20 years has...Read more

A sporty wagon is likely to be first, tapping the style and shape of a...Read more

The Japanese brand is so committed to its new Kizashi that it will pay the...Read more


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