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Suzuki Baleno

Does the August 2019 edition of the Suzuki Baleno GLX have autonomous...Read more
I’m looking for a low km recent car and my budget is around $13,000. I am...Read more
My 2001 Suzuki Baleno 1.6 auto is running well, but sometimes after I...Read more
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Suzuki Baleno is bursting out of the light car passenger segment into...Read more

Joshua Dowling road tests and reviews the 2016 Suzuki Baleno with specs,...Read more

Away from the concept cars and other flights of fancy in Frankfurt,...Read more

The Baleno was Suzuki’s move in to another, larger segment of the market...Read more
It was ridiculed as an ugly duckling when new, but low running costs and...Read more
Suzuki Baleno is an unusual size, being larger than most small cars and...Read more
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