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Mercedes-Benz C63

Can you please give me your thoughts on which car you would recommend...Read more
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The $162,400 C63 S Coupe is the third chapter in the C63 story, joining...Read more
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Benz has produced a blockbuster in the new C63. Take the reigning...Read more

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The people trying to re-start a real motor show in Australia should...Read more

Australian buyers have committed nearly $50 million on the yet-to-...Read more

I know what you're thinking. Why does the world need a Toyota Camry-size...Read more

The new Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG has wound back the clock on price. With...Read more

In a year when the overall car market shrank, all but a handful of...Read more

Stuart Martin and Cara Jenkin compare the BMW M4 against the Mercedes-Benz...Read more

AMG puts the C63, E63 and G63 through their paces at a New...Read more

Comparing the contenders has always been a great way to bag a...Read more


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