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Kia Cerato

When driving the static is quite noticeable, but it decreases when the...Read more
I'm currently planning to buy a car and am torn between three cars, the...Read more
We’re looking to buy a cost-effective, safe, fuel-efficient vehicle for...Read more
I have 60,000 km on the clock of my 2013 Kia Cerato and I would like to...Read more
The Sport Plus sits towards the top of the Cerato line-up with its list...Read more
The Cerato Sport sits above the entry grade S in the model line-up and...Read more
The Cerato S is the entry-grade into the model and both the sedan and...Read more
You need a new small car and have $20-30k to spend, max. What do you do?...Read more
The Kia Cerato Sport. Got it? Not the Cerato Sport +. Not the Cerato S,...Read more
The endless drives while the rest of the family snores. The filling up at...Read more
When Kia came out with the Stinger in 2017, the world’s attitude about...Read more
Ever since I bought my 2016 Kia Cerato I have had terrible road noise on...Read more
Kia’s last-gen Cerato was a hit with buyers, and it’s no surprise why. By...Read more
I recently purchased a 2018 Kia Cerato Sports Plus , with pearl white...Read more
The Kia Cerato Sport+ is a five-seat, four-door small sedan that's offered...Read more
The Kia Cerato Sport is a five-seat, four-door small sedan that's offered...Read more
The Kia Cerato S is a five-seat, four-door small sedan that's offered on...Read more
As SUV sales continue to rise, Kia is taking a slightly different tack...Read more
Two months ago I bought a 2011/2012 Kia Cerato hatchback that had been...Read more


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