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Jaguar XJ

As a child, my parents - who aren't car people - would see a Jaguar and...Read more
Jaguar has taken too long to make its midlife revamp to the XJ large sedan...Read more
The XJ Jaguar is a British sports saloon that can be divided into three...Read more

The gimbal-like qualities of chooks' bodies and heads were recently...Read more

We've seen Tax The Rich punishing a Ferrari Enzo before, but this time...Read more

Ken Block makes do with ...Read more

You know you're getting old when car comfort is more important than a...Read more

Have we become so lazy that we need amplifiers in cars to ensure clear...Read more

Some have something simple, like squeaky brakes or weird tyre wear, but...Read more

The cat has the cream as Jaguar updates its XJ flagship for 2013. The...Read more

Jaguar's capacity reduction...Read more

Kids aren’t usually a factor in Car of the Year judging.  But child...Read more

Go on - dream. It's Father's Day. You deserve it. Take the morning off...Read more

City councils champ at the bit over citizens that fail to contain their...Read more

China is clearly on top of the car world in 2011. The sales numbers...Read more

Hot on the heels of its first Australian deliveries in August, the new...Read more

Big cars normally frighten me. Put me in one ahead of a long and winding,...Read more
No, it doesn't mean a luxury version for the models they are based on are...Read more

Three newcomers a week is way beyond the normal rate, even in a car...Read more


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