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Hyundai Getz

My 2009 Hyundai Getz has ESP so I think it is a superior model. How can I...Read more
I was offered a 2008 Hyundai Getz automatic hatch for $3800. What can you...Read more

Buying cheap second hand cars is a risky business. Buy the right car...Read more

With an 50-50 average of short and long runs, my 2010 Hyundai Getz 1.4-...Read more
My 2002 Hyundai Getz manual has developed a slight jerk when you...Read more
Hindsight says Hyundai Getz saw the start of a new era for the South...Read more
The rear door window on our 7-year-old 5-door Hyundai Getz is locked in an...Read more
We bought a brand new 2009 Hyundai Getz 3 door 1.4 litre automatic because...Read more
The owner's manual for my 2010 Hyundai Getz suggests that the coolant...Read more
In cheap used car territory – around $7000 or so -- it’s condition,...Read more
Hyundai Getz was one of the first cars from the South Korean maker to be...Read more
We are very pleased with our new 1.6-litre manual Hyundai Getz, but every...Read more
When we recently wanted to trade-in our 2004 Hyundai Getz it was valued at...Read more
I have four vehicles and occasionally need to charge the batteries. The...Read more
My 2010 Hyundai Getz SX 1.6-litre four-door auto averages just 10.5 L/100...Read more
Three weeks after taking delivery of my new 2005 Hyundai Getz the remote...Read more
I find the headrest in my 2009 Hyundai Getz most uncomfortable, so much so...Read more

Small car sales were up more than 40 per cent last month as the...Read more

My partner bought a new Hyundai Getz 18 months ago and has had ongoing...Read more


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