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HSV Maloo

Instead of increasing power for the new HSV E Series...Read more

It might have been born to work, but the humble Aussie ute has evolved...Read more

For the past decade, the event has run from Darwin to Adelaide as a...Read more

subtle styling ride, steering & seats low front spoiler lip the ageing...Read more
Given the Australian passion for utes it was only natural that HSV would...Read more

Driving Hyundai's new Santa Fe diesel we had a spectacularly good run...Read more

The aggressive double-scoop bonnet originally designed to cut through...Read more

All eight cylinders are firing hard at Holden Special Vehicles and the...Read more
That's despite sitting slap-bang in the middle of the nation's knife-edge...Read more

Holden's performance arm is upgrading its engines this month, weeks...Read more

In August 2006, a month after Holden released the new VE Commodore; HSV...Read more

The queue for a new Maloo is out to May. The five-month wait reflects the...Read more

My friends can't believe it - I've fallen for a ute. They might have...Read more

It speaks volumes for the HSV brand image and appeal that it can sell $125...Read more
It speaks volumes for the HSV brand image and appeal that it can sell $...Read more

HSV is always one to celebrate the milestones and after 20 years in...Read more

Mark Skaife has just taken the crown with a 271.44km/h blast down the...Read more

But while such beasts still rule the roost on the work site, utes –...Read more


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