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HSV Clubsport

I'm looking to buy a 2004 HSV Clubsport SE 5.7. The seller wants $14,400...Read more
One of the LED lights on my 2013 Gen-F HSV Clubsport has gone out. It's a...Read more
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A homegrown family wagon that’s faster than a Porsche? It’s all yours...Read more

During the 45,000 km service on my E3 Clubsport R8 brake fluid leaked over...Read more

Revheads across Australia have breathed new life into the Holden...Read more

The Australian muscle car is destined to go out on a high-powered note...Read more

I'm looking to buy the last model HSV , either Clubsport or Senator, next...Read more
The thing to bear in mind here is what you get for your money. With $60,...Read more

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Holden Special Vehicles range gets power boost plus several...Read more

The spectacular demise of Peter Brock's HDT Special Vehicles in the wake...Read more


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