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Holden Colorado

My 2015 Holden Colorado 4x4 had the rear diff seal replaced (78,000 km)...Read more
I was filling my 2008 Holden Colorado RC with diesel when I got drenched...Read more
My 2008 Holden Colorado has very noisy wipers and it's not the blades that...Read more
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The passenger door on my 2009 Holden Colorado has locked itself. We have...Read more
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I am looking at buying a 2017 Holden Colorado Z71. Are there any real...Read more
Is there a problem with the paint on the 2015 Holden Colorado , as mine...Read more
I bought a 2014 Holden Colorado in December 2017. It had done 53,000 km...Read more
We are looking at purchasing a Holden Colorado dual-cab 2018 4x4 LTZ. Are...Read more
The Holden Colorado LSX 4x4 is a limited edition version of the Colorado...Read more
When is the new Holden Colorado coming out?Read more
How to remove Holden Colorado grill?Read more
Who makes the Holden Colorado ?Read more
Where is the Holden Colorado made?Read more

Holden has pumped up its Colorado 4x4 ute line-up with a new limited-...Read more

Holden recorded its lowest monthly market share yet last month, dipping...Read more

The Holden Colorado 2018 model range is extensive, and in general it is...Read more


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