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Holden Barina Spark

My 2010 Holden Barina Spark runs rough due to piston misfire. I've had...Read more

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It's rare for car prices to go up these days but Holden has...Read more

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NEW Some bright spark at Holden decided in 2010 that there was room in the...Read more
Some bright spark forgot to include an auto in Holden’s light hatch when...Read more
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My 2011 Holden Barina Spark had the gearbox replaced at 10,000 km, and now...Read more
…and competent budget cars rolling out of Australian showrooms. Cheap in...Read more
I was ready to spend the next 600 words bagging out this car. But then the...Read more
I AM so delighted that Holden released the Spark on the Australian market...Read more

The 66TDI Comfortline, priced from $22,350 (over the $19,850 CCOTY-...Read more

For a start, this is not the new Barina as such. That comes late next year...Read more

The Spark, still to be confirmed but most likely to become a price-...Read more

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