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Ford Focus

I was wondering if you have heard of problems with the autos in the late-...Read more
I have been reading a lot of reports about problems with the Ford Focus...Read more

Six months in, the Car of the Year field starts to take shape... and...Read more

My partner is the unlucky owner of a 2012 Ford Focus Titanium , with its...Read more
I bought my 2012 Ford Focus Trend new thinking I would have at least 10...Read more
I recently left my passenger window open on my 2016 Ford Focus and it...Read more
Ford Focus is a small-medium European model that is huge in its home...Read more
I'm having a mid-life crisis and I'd like to trade up to something a...Read more
We are having problems with the automatic transmission in our 2013 Ford...Read more
My Ford Focus is nearly two years old, it's had the clutch replaced twice...Read more

An automatic transmission designed to save fuel has increased...Read more

We bought a 2012 Ford Focus automatic just over three years ago from a...Read more
My 2013 Ford Focus auto is currently on its third clutch. A month or two...Read more
I'm disappointed the battery in my Ford Focus ST lasted only two years...Read more
Like many Focus / Fiesta owners I experience the shuddering and...Read more
The Focus overhaul brought chiselled styling, slick infotainment and...Read more
Ford’s turbo AWD hatch slides into contention as the high-performance...Read more

Ford's Focus RS appears to have slid under the nanny police's radar....Read more

A few months ago my husband and I put down a deposit for a new Ford Focus...Read more
In view of recent events and longer term issues, which is the best option...Read more


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