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Ford Focus

I'm currently in the market for a new small car and have come down to the...Read more
Richard Berry road tests and reviews the new Ford Focus RS with specs,...Read more

It faced a tough bunch of rivals after a punishing year — but VW's...Read more

I own one of those Powershift-gearboxed Focus models . At the weekend I...Read more

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You can save a motza on a late-model used car, because the first owner has...Read more
The clutch in my 2014 Ford Focus was replaced in April 2016; it's now...Read more
I was utterly devastated to learn last night that my 2012 Ford Focus...Read more
The auto transmission in my 2014 Ford Focus is shuddering in addition to...Read more

Look for the latitude in new car prices right now as competition ramps...Read more

Your reader Gordon James asked about replacing his Holden Cruze SRI 1.6...Read more
I am another of the unlucky owners of a Ford Focus , mine is a 2013 model...Read more

Has the heat gone out of the new-car market? That's the question being...Read more

Due to rough gear changing and the engine malfunction light coming on in...Read more

Waiting for a new car is never easy. It could be a week or it could be...Read more

Joshua Dowling road tests and reviews the VW Golf R, Ford Focus RS and...Read more

Ford's new mega-hot hatch pushes back the boundaries of what's possible...Read more

Tim Robson road tests and reviews the Ford Focus RS with specs, fuel...Read more


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