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Ford Focus

where is the ford focus made?Read more
I can't find many websites offering info about the manual 2012 Ford Focus...Read more
We are in negotiation with Ford for a refund on our 2012 Ford Focus . They...Read more

Ford Australia has announced pricing and specification ahead of the car...Read more

I have a 2011 Ford Focus Titanium that we bought six months ago. It...Read more
It should have been plain sailing for Ford with the European designed...Read more
So focused was Ford on selling the Falcon that it lost sight of the Focus...Read more
There was a time in the 1980s when Ford’s Mazda-based Laser ruled the...Read more
My dad is upgrading his car and has offered to sell me his 2012 Ford Focus...Read more
My son’s 2011 Ford Focus Trend diesel auto doesn't start straight away of...Read more
It’s no secret that the current Ford Focus is lagging behind the...Read more

The Federal Court has fined Ford Australia $10 million and endorsed a...Read more

Ford Motor Company has revealed its fourth-generation Focus small car,...Read more

If you own a station wagon or SUV and you’re a pet owner, chances are...Read more

I am interested in buying a 2014 Ford Focus diesel, but when looking at...Read more
I bought a 2012 Ford Focus Sport in mid-2014 for $17,000. Within two years...Read more
I am interested in buying a 2014 Ford Focus diesel , but when looking at...Read more
My 2012 Ford Focus has had non-stop problems with the transmission. It has...Read more
I've got error "Transmission malfunction service now" on my 2012 Ford...Read more
My brother and sister and I purchased a new 2013 Ford Focus Trend for our...Read more


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