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FIAT Punto

Italian carmaker Fiat is very big in Europe but had been quiet in the...Read more
Though apparently a newcomer to Australia, the Fiat Punto was sold here...Read more
Fresh from the excitement of slashing prices and therefore greatly...Read more
You've got to hand it to Fiat for having another crack at the Aussie...Read more
The Fiat Punto is back with a fresh face and a $4000 price cut. The...Read more
I RECENTLY drove a Toyota Prius and was completely underwhelmed. This car...Read more
Fiat has launched a turbocharged petrol version of its light Punto hatch...Read more

We live in strange times — or at least under a Federal Government that...Read more

Getting value for money and being able to keep their new car and new-...Read more

Cars will inevitably be taxed according to their exhaust emission...Read more

Being top of the class is just as important for carmakers as it is for...Read more

If you see a Fiat Punto 1.4 pulled over by the constabulary it would be...Read more
Many Aussies have fond memories of the breed, but there are also some who...Read more

But the offer does come with conditions: GM Holden spokesman John...Read more

Now it's down to the judges to decide which of the 10 finalists will...Read more

The iconic Italian brand disappeared from our shores 18 years ago, its...Read more

The return of Fiat cars to Australia has been marked by something unusual...Read more

Industry figures released this week show the real boom in the market...Read more

The Fiat Punto is of particular interest at the Adelaide Motor Show...Read more


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