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I BOUGHT a new Holden Astra and the dealership threw in a six-year/175,...Read more
Their heads snapped around to check out BMW's latest hero car, the E63...Read more
Equipped with Audi's new direct-shift gearbox (DSG), the TT behaves...Read more
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Hyundai was the first to arrive here and was still finding its feet in a...Read more
Some people think it is stylish while others reckon it has been touched...Read more
New lamps, some chrome on the grille, maybe fresh fabrics in the cabin...Read more
OUR 2003 Series 2 V8 Monaro has done 18,000km and needs new tyres. Have...Read more
I HAVE fallen in love with the Mercedes Benz 450 SLC sports coupe. It...Read more
There is nothing that imbues confidence more quickly in a car than...Read more
Given a new spirit six years into its enduring life cycle, the TT is now...Read more
The 3.2-litre engine is a lift from Volkswagen's hot R32 Golf, but has...Read more
Take the new $60,000 Monaro for example. Two years ago, you needed to get...Read more
I'm not saying that for $56,000 the entry-level Benz C180 is cheap, merely...Read more
Or more precisely, there is no chance of anyone having the thing...Read more
Hurrying is something this car does well. Plant your foot and the engine...Read more
While the rest of the mob is looking pretty much the same, the American...Read more
Like its competitor, the Mercedes SLK, the BMW Z4 has sufficient sex...Read more
And it highlights a package of improvements that includes more power and...Read more


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