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Here we are, on the jagged Aegean coast near Athens, for the launch of a...Read more

Building on the world-wide reputation for on-road excellence of the...Read more

SUPERCARS and people-movers are off the menu at BMW. It says it is more...Read more

1. What is the state of the Australia luxury-car market at the...Read more

If you mention the words diesel and engine to most people they trigger...Read more

But, most of all, they always drive fast. Really fast.

Driving...Read more

And that, as you may have already discerned, is what the BMW X5 is all...Read more

The only glitch is with the satellite navigation. It has thrown in the...Read more

The arrival of the compact X3 was as inevitable as the sequel to the X-Men...Read more
The latter is familiar as it's been around for a few years and is used in...Read more
What's going on? Suddenly the most popular luxury sports utility vehicle (...Read more

The X3, according to BMW, is a premium medium "sports activity vehicle...Read more

If you've ever wondered why BMW sells a shipload of its X5 off-roaders...Read more


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