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I was looking at a BMW X5 2002 3.0i auto that has done 240,300km. I was...Read more
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So gangs of bikies will apparently halt to wave the X5 through, and...Read more

The New York motor show in April will see the announcement of which...Read more

Call it what you will: luxury four-wheel drive wagon;4x4; sports utility...Read more
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There are exciting new releases planned across the board; from budget...Read more

When BMW's first X5 was released to a mildly shocked public way back in...Read more

Need to do the school run, but worried about having to dodge bullets...Read more

When you're on a good thing, stick to it is an old saying and the all-new...Read more
Small changes make a big difference to the top-selling prestige SUV in the...Read more
This is the beast that spearheaded prestige performance SUVs and became...Read more

Armoured vehicles are a necessary form of transportation ...Read more

The BMW X5 received rave reviews when it was launched; road testers were...Read more
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Free M suspension and dress-up bits will help maintain...Read more


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