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Alfa Romeo

Has car quality hit reverse, or do they not make 'em like they used to...Read more

There's a four-leaf clover on the fire-breather's flanks and a range to...Read more
Alfa Romeo MiTo (named for the two Italian cities, Milan, where it was...Read more
On a track, the loud, uncompromising, fast and furious 4C Spider reaches a...Read more

Aiming to breathe life into its flagging Australian line-up, Alfa Romeo...Read more

It's not only Jeep customers — such as the creator of the hit YouTube...Read more

The Italians finally nailed it with the Giulietta hatch after years of...Read more

Fuel usage claims that are "wildly inaccurate" would be punished with...Read more

Good news has been very thin on the ground for the Alfisti for what seems...Read more

A group of three Melbourne Jeep dealerships that allegedly received $2...Read more

Re the Alfa 4C , I am sure they are not going to like the truth about the...Read more
Mention Alfa Romeo in conversation and you're sure to get a mixed response...Read more
One look at the Alfa 4C Spider gets you. It's that sort of car. It looks...Read more

Soccer star Harry Kewell — who had a $3 million contract to be a "...Read more

Every future Alfa Romeo will have three essential ingredients....Read more

Alfa Romeo revival continues with 380kW M3-rivalling super sedan....Read more

Alfa Romeo is declaring war on German's luxury brands with its all-new...Read more

The biggest scandal to ever hit the Australian automotive industry is...Read more

Ah, those Italians. Back in 1923, race driver Ugo Sivocci slapped a green...Read more
Alfa Romeo's new hot hatch is a bit of a mouthful and more than a handful...Read more


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