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Rotten egg smell

  • By Graham Smith
  • Herald Sun

Shibu Jacob


I own a 2010 Falcon G6 that has done 9800 km. So far it runs very smoothly and has given no trouble except for the rotten egg smell from exhaust. I believe it's due to the catalytic converter in a new car and it gets better with aging, but I need to get it fixed.

Graham Smith
Ask Smithy


A rotten egg smell is usually associated with a catalytic converter that has failed, but it's unusual that it has happened as such low kilometres. It will not get any better with age, and the usual way of fixing it is to replace the converter.

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  • 9800k in 2 years, how about suggesting taking her for a decent drive, find some hills and work it, get that converter hot and see if your smell is still there, no instead you say it’s a failure. All petrol cars nowdays have a smell like rotten eggs from the exhaust, it’s the fuel we have today or even try a different brand of fuel !

    Chris Riedel of Baranduda Vic Posted on 02 October 2012 8:36am
  • hi i have just got a 1997 honda orthia what fuel do i use 91 or 96

    early Posted on 22 September 2012 7:35pm
  • Hi Smithy! (can i call you that?) I got about $5000+ but was thinking of buying manual (my 1st) car for under $3500 if i can, but is not sure which 1 to go for. I’ve been told that the Mazda’s, Honda’s & Toyota’s are the cheapest & the most reliable. I have also been told that the Toyota Starlet is cheap to own & run + you can travel up to 600kms on 1 tank? I tried the NRMA but they were no help when it came to used cars. I’m no expert when it comes used cars, including rego & insurance. Can you help? P’s. I am 40yrs old & lives in Wollongong.

    Mr Jan Vinther. of Wollongong. NSW. 2500 Posted on 18 September 2012 12:08pm

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