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Nissan Patrol fuel economy

  • By Graham Smith
  • Herald Sun

Howard Ramsay


My 2008 Nissan Patrol 3.0-litre CRD gets on average 6 km/l (16.5 L/ 100 km) whether I'm driving around town, cruising on the highway, towing the camper trailer on the highway at 95-100 km/h, whatever. It's stock except for a snorkel, has standard size tyres, is serviced regularly, and has 94,500 km on the speedo. A few diesel experts have told me I have asked that it's normal for the CRD. It's had all the sensors, diagnostics etc. checked and all have been given the all clear. I'm at the end of my tether. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Graham Smith
Ask Smithy


The claimed fuel economy for your Patrol is 11.8 L/100 km on average, which is of course just a figure provided for comparison purposes and as we have found out isn't necessarily a very accurate indicator for real life economy. One carmaker has told us that their real fuel economy number could be as much as 50 per cent out. On that basis yours would fit within the possible bandwidth of fuel economy on the Patrol. Check the exhaust to make sure there isn't a partial blockage that might be restricting the flow.

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  • Yes you def have a problem, 11 to 13 is what i get, i also run 285/75x16 tyres, brings my engine rpm down when criusing also allows me to pull up hills in 4th which is the load bearing gear. the patrol can have problems and not show fault codes, so i suggest taking it to a dyno specialist well worth the money,

    Paul Styles of Forbes nsw Posted on 25 May 2013 8:24pm
  • I bought a new CRD 5 speed manual over 3 years ago and I have kept accurate fuel consumption readings continuously. At 55,000Km I get 11.5 - 13.2 l/100 around town, depending on traffic. Average 12.3. On a recent trip away with camper trailer, 4/5 on board, fridge, bit of 4WD work I got 13.5 average. Open highway it will use more, especially over 110Km/h. It is not aerodynamic at all - it is like pushing a bedroom wall down the road. The secret to good fuel consumption is to drive in a way to capitalise on the diesel engine low down torque. I change gears between 2000 and 2500 usually, with just sufficient throttle to maintain acceleration. If overtaking on highway it works best in 5th gear. Using high engine revs will definitely make it drink fuel unnecessarily.  I also run Scangauge.

    Peter Hosking Posted on 02 October 2011 1:27pm

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