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Mazda CX-7 blows black smoke

  • By Graham Smith
  • Herald Sun

Mark Warner


When I start my 2010 Mazda CX7 Luxury Sports first thing in the morning it blows black smoke out the exhaust for about five to 10 seconds. My dealer told me that this was normal and that all CX7s do the same thing, but is it normal? The other problem I have is when stationary at traffic lights, or when in traffic the car vibrates and idles roughly, and when I take my foot off the brake pedal it stops. Is this a vacuum problem, or is it normal?

Graham Smith
Ask Smithy


Neither problem would seem to be normal and I would be demanding the dealer do something about it. The black smoke would suggest it is running too rich in that first start-up phase, the rough running and stalling would suggest it is too lean once warmed up. I would certainly have it checked by the dealer.

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  • I got a Mazda cx7 2008 2.3 turbo and with only 19000km on the clock and it blows smoke when its a cold start and after you drive it for around 10mins or so and lets say I don’t start the car again for another 10mins or even a hour or so it will blow out some black smoke when you drive off for about 2 seconds and then its all good after that… what can it be?

    darren Posted on 30 October 2011 8:37pm

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