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Holden Rodeo fuel economy

  • By Graham Smith
  • Herald Sun

John Nilson
Sth Coast, NSW.


The fuel economy of my 2004 Holden Rodeo V6 has been around 16-20 L/100 km. I reckon that is atrocious, but Holden people told me it was normal, that they were thirsty. In frustration I had my and my mechanic mate put his diagnostic scanner on it, and lo and behold, it showed dodgy oxygen sensors. After installing new sensors it is a new vehicle, running smoother, and using between 10-14 L/100 km. I bet there are a lot of vehicles out there with the same problem?

Graham Smith
Ask Smithy


It's odd that Holden's diagnostic equipment failed to find the problem oxygen sensors. In any case it is good to get an outcome, and it's something any other owner with a fuel consumption problem should think about checking.

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  • I have a 2005 3l turbo diesel. i have put a 3” exhaust and a high flow catalik converter. as my old one was the blocked my ute was driving like a standard diesel. when i did this i was told it would help my fuel consumption by 15%  i currently get 410km to a full tank, highway driving i need to get this fixed as i’m always doing long trips. i was thinking injectors but im not 100%

    adam baillie of moranbah Posted on 04 March 2012 10:29pm
  • I get around 8-11L on my 2011 Rodeo, love it! Great economy.

    Pedro of Sydney Posted on 05 October 2011 3:33pm
  • Hello, yes i have a 2004 Rodeo duel cab and I had mine converted to a gas injection system, the car runs great and has never had a problem. Just one thing though if you are going to convert get an oil bottle conected this will drip a small amount of oil onto the valves and stop the seats from burning ...Thanks Wayne.

    Wayne Jones of Perth Posted on 05 August 2011 1:54pm
  • Hi have tried a hyclone `clone`and it when place between air cleaner and flow sensor upset the air flow sensor and engine has a big flat spot on take off , Have to look at fitting it (screwing to inside of air tube) past the air flow sensors ,I did this with wife honda and it sems to help performence but she does not keep good record of Fuel consumption to know if it has improved or not !

    DodgeLJT of Sunshine Coast, Queensland Posted on 17 May 2011 11:35pm
  • Hi I Have 2005 3.5 and I am looking for the p/no. for o2 sensors. isuzu no.`s would be best so I can source them from Paterson in Canada ,they have great pricing but do not have any references for Aus Rodeo , But if i cab provide gen. part no. they maybe able to match , so any one who has had them changed can you look up your receipts for part no`s Please! Best Aussie price so far is 237.00 each from Holden but will no give p/No. Thanks, Joe

    DodgeLJT of Sunshine Coast Posted on 17 May 2011 11:27pm
  • Hi, I have holden rodeo 2004 3.5L V6, and am considering converting to LPG (gas), I am curious if anyone has converted, and the outcome in relation to savings? Thankyou

    Martin C of Bowen QLD Posted on 08 May 2011 7:31pm
  • I have an 04 RA as well and I have changed the O2 sensors and the outcome wasn’t the desired one it still chews the juice! My question is has anyone put there RA on a dyno and had an expert have a fiddle, if some, some feedback on their outcome would be great, thanks.

    JDMc of cooroy qld Posted on 13 March 2011 2:33pm
  • I thought the fuel economy may be improved with the install on a Hiclone? My old 4 cylinder Mitzi grew a leg and returned a good fuel savings. P.S. l don’t have any shares either. Any poor Rodeo folk tried the Hiclone?

    John Davidson of Newcastle Posted on 28 September 2010 7:32pm
  • My 04 Rodeo also has shocking fuel consumption. The dashboard engine management light came on, so I took it back to the company who only recently replaced the engine with a fully reco’d one, and asked them to connect up the diag. equip. which came up with faulty ox. sensor ,bank no.1. I then took it to ultratune who then told me that the ox. sensors were not too bad, reset the cars computer, gave the car its service, and off I went. Everyone I have talked to about this model Rodeo says the same thing; that they are all incredible fuel guzzlers. Is it possible that so many of them have faulty ox. sensors? After reading the letter sent by John Nilson I’m now wondering if it is indeed the sensors causing such shocking fuel consumption. Could someone tell me the approx. cost of having the sensors changed over.

    Paul T of brisbane Posted on 10 August 2010 7:40pm
  • Graham why so surprised that the Holden diagnostic equipment
    failed to pick up the fault… I bought a new 2.8 turbo diesel Rodeo back in 2002. was very impressed with fuel usage up til
    the 5000 km service at a local Holden dealer. since that fateful visit that utes fuel cons was up by 1litre / 100 kms til i moved it on at 45,000kms. who knows what they did but i’m very meticulous calculating my fuel economies and i didn’t change my formula after the service. was a damn good car though and i may get into another shortly. Might try a D-MAX though and see what their service guys are like. some of the customer reviews you see on the new Navara’s, BT-50’s / Rangers with economy issues, and my latest experience with the 2008 Hilux i’ve only had for 12 weeks. leaves me thinking they might be the safest option…. thats my opinion from my experience over the last 8 years anyway…

    gav king Posted on 23 May 2010 3:40am
  • My vehicle returns similar depressing fuel consumption stats, any information you can provide in regards to parts used (manufacturer/part no.) and cost would be greatly appreciated.

    Rod of south eastern highlands Posted on 12 May 2010 10:50am
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