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Holden Astra battery

  • By Graham Smith
  • Carsguide

Tom Vuksan
Moruya, NSW


I have 2004 Holden Astra TS that has a maintenance-free battery. In the past every car I have had required a new battery after about eight years. Is the maintenance-free battery likely to last much longer and when should I replace it as part of preventive maintenance? So far this battery has worked very well, no problems whatsoever.

Graham Smith
Ask Smithy


The maintenance-free battery won't last any longer than any other battery, all it means is that you don't have to check the electrolyte level and top it up if its down. I wouldn't replace it until it's needed; if you are concerned have a mechanic test it to find out its condition.

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  • Gulp, for a ‘standard’ Lead Acid Battery I would never top up the electrolyte level using Tap Water, except in dire circumstances. The real problem with tap water is contaminants, in particular calcium which can build up on the battery plates, read voltage reduction….. USE DISTILLED WATER ONLY!

    deejay51 of Gold Coast Posted on 21 January 2012 4:10pm
  • 8 years for a lead acid battery? Tom, you have been lucky. 4 to 5 years is more likely. While the gradual degradation of a so called maintenance free battery and a standard lead acid should be the same. I would put the life of a maintenance free one slightly longer due to a more uniform electrolyte level and less likely to be contaminated by using plain tap water to top up. The mineral contamination of tap water is dependent on where you live.

    Quantum of Solace of Melbourne Posted on 04 January 2012 10:46pm

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