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Car world a place and time for women

The news that 51-year-old Mary Barra has been appointed as the first

My day on the Nurburgring

Perth tarmac rally star Robert Buys has for years been a regular in C

Holden decision may come early | comment

Contrary to earlier reports, the Holden decision does not need to go t

Holden car building 'decision' made for them

It depends on your definition of “decision” whether Holden has al

End of road for our car makers not far away

The Australian car industry is waiting around to die. With every pass

Political brawl may hasten industry death | comment

Imagine what executives in Detroit and Tokyo have made of all the fuss

Holden worker says time for government to act

Holden worker Damien Griffiths says it is time for the Federal Govern

Japan's model car lesson

With the Ford factory slated for closure in 2016 and Holden requestin

Road toll can be cut to zero

When I became obsessed with the subject, I was treated as an eccentri

We're all a little off-colour | comment

A week or so ago I noted that every car on the road was silver, black