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Great Wall SA220 and V240 utes review

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    If you are looking for a ute that can be used for weekend pursuits as well as work but don't have enough money to get into a high-end dual-cab model look no further than the Great Wall utes. Photo Gallery

Graham Smith road tests and reviews the Chinese-built Great Wall SA220 and V240 utes.

It's been some time coming but the Chinese have finally landed on the local market with the launch by Ateco of two utes manufactured in China by ute and SUV specialist Great Wall Motors. Both are dual-cab models and they follow the very successful formula of affordable pricing combined with a long list of standard features that Ateco used when selling the Kia brand before the Koreans took it back.

Ateco Managing Director Ric Hull was the driving force behind Kia's early success then, which saw the Kia Pregio become one of our top selling vans, and is now driving the push into Australia by Great Wall Motors. It shouldn't be a surprise then that Hull is employing the same formula to sell the Great Wall utes, and he's confident it will deliver similar results for the Chinese brand as it did for Kia.

"We've got no thoughts of taking the market by storm, it will be a gradual process, but I think it will be easier than it was with the Koreans," Hill said. "Everything we buy now is made in China so people are comfortable with buying Chinese."

Variants and pricing

The three-model Great Wall ute range kicks off with the SA220, which is an older generation 4x2 ute aimed at tradies who are shopping for a second hand HiLux or similar model from one of the established ute brands, but who might be tempted by a new vehicle with plenty of fruit and a full warranty for under $20,000 on the road.

For those who want a ute that can be used for weekend pursuits as well as work, and have more to spend, but not necessarily enough to get into a high-end dual-cab model from one of the established brands, there's the V240, which comes in two and four-wheel drive variants.

The V240 is of a later generation of dual-cab utes than the SA220 and sits more comfortably alongside the current models from the mainstream ute brands. It too follows Hull's tried-and-true formula of affordable pricing with a host of standard features. The 4x2 is priced at $23,990 while the 4x4 is stickered at $26,990.

Styling and fit-out

Both models are neatly styled and comfortably fit into the local ute landscape. The build quality, while not quite at the level of the main Thai-built players in the market, is quite good with a decent paint finish and good panel fit. Being an older generation ute the interior plastics of the SA220 are hard and lack the subtlety of those in later models, but they all fit together quite well.

Surprisingly for a model at this end of the market the seat facings are trimmed in leather, but Hull said it was cheaper to leave the leather in than it was to delete it at the factory, so SA220 buyers will enjoy the luxury of hide.

They also get to enjoy standard air-conditioning, four-speaker CD sound with MP3 compatibility, power windows and mirrors, cup holders and a centre console. Unfortunately they don't have the protection of airbags in the event of a crash.

Driving the SA220

The SA220 gets its power from a 2.2-litre four-cylinder engine putting out a modest 78 kW at 4600 revs and 190 Nm at 2400-2800 revs. It's no fireball and lacks mid-range grunt, but from a brief drive it appears it is able to hold its own in traffic or out of the highway. Ateco claims the SA220 will return a combined average of 10.8 L/100 km. A five-speed manual gearbox is the only option available and it's a decent unit with a smooth, if rather long-throw, shift.

Underneath the SA220 is built on a conventional ladder chassis with the familiar combination of torsion bar front suspension and solid rear axle on elliptic leaf springs. It rides comfortably with little of the firmness that characterises most one-tonne utes.

The standard power steering is well weighted while still giving the driver a good feel of the road. A combination of front ventilated discs and rear drums provide the braking power, but unfortunately ABS antilock braking is not available. With a payload of 855 kg and a towing capacity of 1800 kg the SA220 is ready made for work.

Driving the V240

Stepping from the SA220 to the V240 is a journey in time from one generation to the next. While the SA220 has been in production in China for a number of years the V240 is a relative newcomer and much more refined as a result.

The interior has a softer, more modern feel with better quality plastics than those in the SA220, and the fit and finish is of a higher quality. As with the SA220 the V240 comes with a long list of standard features, including air-conditioning, six-speaker CD sound, leather trimmed seats, cup holders, centre console, power windows and mirrors, but no airbags or ABS braking.

The power comes from a 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine that puts out 100 kW at 5250 revs and 200 Nm at 2500-3000 revs. When compared to the older, smaller engine in the SA220 there's a substantial jump in power, but the torque only increases by a modest 10 Nm and it too suffers from mid-range sluggishness. It's quite spritely off the line and when wound up rolls along nicely on the highway, but it struggles a little when asked to accelerate in the mid-range. Hull said he expects to have a diesel engine available in the coming months and that should improve the mid-range performance when it arrives.

Like the SA220 the only gearbox option is a five-speed manual, but in the case of the V240 there is the choice of two or four-wheel drive. Four-wheel drive is part-time with high and low range with a two-speed transfer case, and is selected by pushing a button on the dash.

Underneath there's a ladder chassis with torsion bar front suspension and elliptic leaf springs at the rear, with a combination of front discs and rear drums. On the road it rides more firmly than does the SA220, but it isn't in any way uncomfortable. The payload of the V240 is 1000 kg and the towing capacity is 2250 kg.

Warranty and dealer network

All three models in the Great Wall ute range have a warranty of three years or 100,000 km, there's 24-hour roadside assistance for the warranty period, and Ateco will provide a free loan vehicle if a Great Wall ute is off the road for repairs for more than 48 hours.

At the time of launch Ateco has appointed more than 40 dealers to handle the Great Wall utes in all major centres, and Hull anticipates more will be appointed in the coming months.

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  • I don,t own a GW but I was hit buy one going through a round about I was driving a 2000 Ford xr8 my ute is write off, but the GW was still drivable, it had some serious damage. The driver of the GW had a lump on his fat stupid head (he failed to give way) the air bag failed to go off (probably has not even got them installed)
    And it seems the seat belt failed as well?
    If you want to play Russian roulette go buy a GW, but if you place some sought of value on your well being I would suggest forget about buying a GW. How does the government let this happen, is there some sort of regulations on safety in letting these buckets of crap into Australia?

    John of Riverine Posted on 06 July 2013 7:25am
  • I had a look a my stanley hand tools and found out that most of these were made in china and yet the quality was good.It is people like stanley who make their goods in china but apply their rigorous American quality control standards which will eventually permeate the Chinese manufacturing industry.
    Thiess brought over some Toyata four wheel drives to use in the 1950’s to use on the snowy scheme and these vehicles were so dependable and rugged that they were the foundation of the mighty Toyata motor vehicle establishment in Australia.
    I will buy a chinese car but in about 15 years time when they have improved their quality control and make vehicles with 5 star safety ratings.

    allen of australia Posted on 25 June 2013 1:53pm
  • Found one fault indication near brake warning indication on dash board. it seems just like the hand brake warning light. How i know that what kind of fault is this.

    ANISH DANIEL of Doha Posted on 09 June 2013 2:09pm
  • Terrible car. Never buy one. Crap. Doors fill up with water after rain. Floor gets wet under feet when raining. Windscreen wiper stopped working during downpour, almost causing accident. Gear box grinds as other have said above. Serviced regularly. Only driven for 34,000KM’s. 24 hour road service in warranty refused to respond when vehicle couldn’t be driven safetly in rain without wipers. Said they probably wouldn’t be able to fix it and that it needed to go to service centre. Seriously spend the money on something better!!!

    Angry GW owner of Parramatta Posted on 03 June 2013 4:16pm
  • I cant complain i have been towing full payload + for over 3 years and mine is just starting to slip. My mate has a hilux less than 12mth old and his is allready gone and he only carts half of what i carry and Toyota wont replace his as he is a plumber and carrys his tools in the back

    james of TAS Posted on 14 May 2013 7:53pm

    DALLAS TOWNSEND of TUMBARUMBA Posted on 24 March 2013 12:33pm
    34,000kms and the clutch has gone, The warranty won’t cover it as it is general wear & tear, then try to dispute it and you cant even call the company

    Cam of frankston Posted on 01 February 2013 2:48pm
  • you get wat ya pay for,you pat cheap you get cheap.

    justin draper of perth Posted on 18 January 2013 9:35am
  • Did you get it serviced in osborne park great wall tony? I just got stung a grand for a service and missed a meeting because the girl couldn’t print an invoice after 45 minutes of waiting. Went to leave with out it but they couldnt find my keys waited for an hour for them to find them and still no invoice.

    I also had the same problem of 4x4 engaging by itself

    luke of perth Posted on 15 November 2012 9:34pm
  • do you own a great wall thats rusty?? contact me 0431798228
    brought mine new in 2010- full rust - third one I know of- HAD NO BEACH WORK - has electronic rust fitted from new - lousy service from Bundaberg Qld- like the car but not the problems

    Dianne Young of Bundaberg Qld Posted on 11 June 2012 3:51pm
  • I own a Great Wall V240 Ute.  I have numerous problems with it.  Every time a have it services I have addles 10 things on my list that need to be fitted every time.  I have owned the Ute for almost 3years & it will be out of warrant in a couple of months.  (What a problem.)
    Some of the major problem I have found is the Gear box reverse is hard to get in to.  2nd gear when cool is hard to select when coming back from 3rd gear, when in 4th gear a grinding noise is always heard.  I have just had expensive silicone oil added to gearbox (very expensive) it’s made a slight differences but not much. 
    There is a problem with the diff it is leaking & pings when reversing up the driveway. 
    Also the ute has put itself into 4WD with my activating? 
    The pipe to the petrol tank always bangs around so you have a constant annoy noise.
    Paint is coming of wheel guards,  Rubber around door window looks like it’s 10 years old.
    Speed is out by 10km (under) & ADR allow the vehicle to be under by 10 but not over.

    Kit of NSW Posted on 24 May 2012 8:57am
  • service and warranty what a joke 2010 240vt 4wd tray back .clutch already gone after 24000 ks dealers dont care customer service are rude.great wall crap wall more like.would not recommend dont get caught like i did. please take notice.

    tony hawkes of perth Posted on 16 April 2012 6:05pm
  • I have a V240 duel cab ute I need to have some repairs done, I was a little shocked to find that one of the repairs that were needed was bogged up with silicone and not replaced as asked to do. (The reverse gear) issueI had I was given a line by the dealer"Oh thay are all like that,” (hard to shift in to) I will add this vehicle has 36000km and still under new car warrenty. I love the ute but not happy with after sale service

    julie thomas of baanbaa NSW Posted on 01 April 2012 12:48pm
  • Just purchased greatwall 240 dual cab under powered.

    brian griffin of inverloch vic Posted on 26 March 2012 7:39pm
  • Just brought gw v240 4x4 2000 km main drive shaft in tranfer case sh—- itself big dollars to fix not happy at all be given no real time frame on how long its going to take to fix it.

    shane searle of mildura victoria Posted on 25 February 2012 3:17pm
  • Hi Alan Jonesy here, Was your car a wagon or ute? Cheers.

    kevin jones Posted on 21 February 2012 6:14pm
  • Thanks mate you saved me a heap.

    tony densley of sa Posted on 16 February 2012 10:30pm
  • My GW clutch went on me this morning and I was told that it most likley would not be covered under warranty, I note I have only put 60 thousand k’s on it and that is mostly country driving. I agree with the rust issues raised above as the bed has rust bubbles under the paint already. I thought this was going to be a a pretty good buy given the engine is a Triton but I have to say Im a big idiot for thinking this was a good buy. Next time Im dropping the coin on a Hilux or the like. Great Wall….. you suck.

    Chris of Sydney Posted on 10 January 2012 8:36am
  • I am a qualified motor mechanic, I service my vehiles readily, I purchased an 09 SA220, brand new, and since have put 43000k’s on it using it not abusing it, yes is underpowered and gear ratios arent matched, I have lately got a gearbox noise,(cluster bearing/shaft) and am fighting tooth and nail to get it repaired under warranty so much so great wall sent oil sample to lab and it came back “inconclusive” they since have agreed to remove and inspect gearbox, saga still going on 3 weeks till date. Looking to get ugly and end up in the hands of legal eagles. Will keep you informed. I reckon they should just buy the vehicle back off me for a reasonable price. But I agree DONT buy a great wall and as usual dealerships are mostly shonks. If the cap fits, wear it, 1 size fits most, cheers Alan.

    Alan H of Brisbane Posted on 19 December 2011 12:57pm
  • I am an ex-dealer Great Wall mechanic. ANY Great Wall is poorly built, the price should ring alarm bells WAKE UP people these have many problems including body & chassis RUST some serious and unroadworthy from new . Repeated clutch failure @ low kms in 4WD models from a sub standard clutch and to my knowledge no better clutch parts are available. While we are on the clutch subject be aware that NO Great Wall clutch is covered by warranty PERIOD!! Because in Great Walls eyes YOU are the cause of the failure ie. wear& tear. However Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi to name a few will cover clutches even when signs of abuse are observed. Your Great Wall new car warranty is not very customer friendly!! You will find out as things go wrong and they will, your dealer will not care one bit they usually say in service to customers ” Well you only get what you pay for mate! sorry can’t help you” My closing remarks personally I would NEVER,NEVER,NEVER,EVER BUY ONE OF THESE!! IF YOU DO WELL GOOD LUCK ‘CAUSE YOU WILL NEED IT.

    Tony of Bundaberg Queensland Posted on 05 December 2011 10:44pm
  • Re new cars from China…..I have had two Korean Kias..great cars. The last was expensive $40000 + and I was told I had bought the bottom of the range ???? by a know it all.  Now with this Great Wall business..I was looking at a 4 x 4 dual cab but the comments hark back to my Russian made Lada Niva experience….and the terror that evoked !!! All of the above happened to me with that car. I put up with cracked floors, a petrol tank that I couldn’t fill, and the dealers treated me like I was an idiot!  They finally took my petrol tank out and put it in a car going to the NT..I had terrible visions of the consequences. So am I going to buy the Great Wall. Noooo, not now…I need better proof that I am not going to go back in time. Life is to short!!.

    L Marshall of Tallegalla Posted on 14 November 2011 12:32pm
  • My boss purchased a Great Wall 2010 model dual cab ute last year. Since then, the rear window welds have rusted to pieces and had to be fixed by the dealer. The left passenger window mechanism is doing whatever it likes and the right front window does not fully close. The engine is so overpowered we often get beeped at on the road because of the slow acceleration with no load. Worst of all, the rear left leaf spring just snapped in half on the highway, analysis by an engineering firm in my home town showed massive errors in the steel. When the leaf spring snapped the wheel locked and the car nearly went off the road, luckily the car was not moving at high speed. The dealership says this is not under warranty and the newspapers refuse to print it because they are receiving advertising from great wall. The money you save on buying these unsafe tin cans is quickly lost in resale anyway, so you get: an underpowered unsafe, unreliable car that falls apart and it doesn’t save you a buck in the end if you plan to sell. Don’t be surprised if in a few years you can’t even sell these things.

    Joe Penny of Brookvale Posted on 01 November 2011 8:34am
  • I’ve recently bought a SA220 and I’m more than happy with it. For the price its fantastic. compare it to a Hilux of the same price and I’d only be able to get a rust bucket. Its a great duel-cab

    Tim Shepherd of Sutherland Posted on 30 October 2011 9:12am
  • @chang wan. The Great Wall 4x4 is never going to beat a Hilux V6.

    Josh of Brisbane Posted on 27 October 2011 7:06pm
  • I’ve had my Great Wall V240 4x4 from new and has been a pleasure to drive especially at half the price of it’s competitors.

    I’m glad I made the purchase but now I need to sell it as I am in the process of a business deal. If I had somewhere to park a 3rd vehicle it would stay with us but unfortunately I don’t.

    I definitely recommend the Great Wall if are looking for reassurance from a Great Wall user!

    shaun warner of Gold Coast Posted on 14 October 2011 7:01pm
  • Install a KN filter and an extra air intake under cold intake box, change the throttle body, add some premium unleaded and feel the difference.

    Rocky furci of Millpark Posted on 05 October 2011 9:06pm
  • Needs a turbo on the petrol range to give it a boost..

    rocky furci of mill park Victoria Posted on 01 October 2011 8:02pm
  • I would buy a Great Wall ute rather than a Hilux. Most of the 4-cyl Hilux are pretty gutless. The GW might not have all the mod cons, but who needs them? Just more trouble. My next ute will be a Great Wall with an alloy tray.

    peter g smith of nanango Posted on 28 September 2011 2:29pm
  • Just bought a BT-50 and had to go a single cab when I wanted a dual cab because the Great Wall was petrol and I wanted a diesel. So devastated to hear Great Wall is now diesel too.

    langa Posted on 07 September 2011 9:31pm
  • I have had a Great Wall for 2 yrs and never had a problem with it anyway. I travelled to Fraser Island and struggled through the sand, but so did many other more expensive brands too. It does have a poor mid range but apart from that it has been a great car. I intend to trade up to the diesel shortly.

    Russel Grigg of Geebung. Posted on 06 September 2011 4:03pm
  • Some owners of GWM vehicles are either happy or not. It unfortunately is because of the mixed quality controls. The engines and drive trains are all licensed copies from reputable Japanese companies; Body - Isuzu, Engine - Toyota/Mitsubishi, Drive-train - Toyota. It’s the replication of these parts that has people in doubt as there are several different manufacturers contracted to build these cars for GWM. A good example of mixed quality is when Fisher Price had to recall all of its Sesame Street toys because one Chinese manufacturer used a lead based paint.

    Riding the goat of Somewhere in the desert Posted on 28 August 2011 11:14am
  • Honestly, what do you expect from China? Come on!

    GEOFF THOMAS of CALOUNDRA Posted on 24 August 2011 8:12am
  • Not happy with my V240. Problems with the fuel tank. Dealers are no help and warranty is not worth the paper its written on. Would have been better off with a 1990 Toyota Hilux rather than a 2011 V240 Great Wall.

    MR OWNER OF A SHIT BOX of Cardiff Posted on 22 August 2011 8:16pm
  • What a peice of rubbish i have had my v240 for nine months 13,000 km’s, clutch burnt out apparrently not covered under warranty which means no replacement car, while the shit fight continues, should have spent the extra & bought a decent vehicle. great wall should not be on our roads. DONT BUY ONE

    unhappy camper of north qld Posted on 20 August 2011 12:53pm
  • I bought a Great Wall Sailor back in October 2007. I was looking for foreign used cars all priced around $72-75 thousand $TT when I came across the 4x2 Sailor at M. Rampersad dealership in south. It packed good features with a fairly powerful 2.8 engine for the price of $110,000 TT on sale $125.000 being the regular price. I decided to try the Chinese and so far the saving has been fantastic. Maintenance cost is very low, oil, fuel and air filters don’t cross $50.00 TT each. The most expensive thing is the engine oil. My disc pads last (2-1/4) years before they required changing and I haven?t changed the brake shoes yet, plan to soon though. I drive about 900 km per week and get a reasonable 550 km before my gauge runs below 1/4 and I re-fuel costing $62-70 $TT. The truck is very sturdy on and off the road, good hauling power, and nifty multi-display mirror has the competing drivers glancing at my panel. Sure got my money’s worth. I?m excited about owning a Wingle CL on my next vehicle change. For those who appreciate performance for price over just a high-end brand name, try them.

    Terrol T.G.Guy of Trinidad, West Indies Posted on 14 August 2011 10:14pm
  • I have done 19,000kms with my V240 and prefer the drive to my BT-50. No problems and also very economical.

    Dean of Pimpima Posted on 09 August 2011 10:11pm
  • The reason it has leather seats? Impact accessory. If it has leather seats, that changes its perception by a great length. Make no mistake, this car is a carefully crafted “buy me” item. It wasn’t just thrown together. But it will fall apart.

    Marcus of Australia Posted on 03 August 2011 3:28am
  • I have had a V240 for 4-5 weeks now (2500km’s on the clock). No problems with it at all. You get what you pay for, i came out of a crewman and prefer the Great Wall to the crewman. Must admit it has a massive turnung circle but once you get that in your head it is all good. I didnt get the 4wd (only 2wd) but took it partially off road, no dramas at all.

    Rusty of Dandenong Posted on 26 July 2011 3:03pm
  • Ive bought a v240, and I’ve definitely got to say that it does the job realy well. I took it four wheel driving, in winter, last month and it ripped through the swamp. A Nissan Navara was with me for the ride, it couldn’t make it through! The V240 ran through the slosh and got to the end. I’ve not had any problems with this ute, its towed the line, and the dealer that i’ve dealt with has been great. Sorry to see those who haven’t been so lucky, but I think its a case of don’t buy a car that’s only one year in the market. I bought the V240 after going to the dealer repair shop and looking around at what was wrong with the vehicles. I did the same at Toyota, Nissan and Holden. Needless to say, Toyota was the best, but 50k too expensive. The Nissan’s had a load of problems, so did the Holden. These vehicles were all under warranty and were all repaired for free. I do wonder if the above comments come from competitors or if they are real people. I will leave my full name so you guys know I’m not a DEALER.

    Tyson R Owens of Royal Park, SA Posted on 17 July 2011 2:13pm
  • I have a SA220 I bought in April 2011.  Its full of rust even though it was rustproofed at purchase.  Its now valueless.  Phoned Great Wall customer service we show little interest.  Does anyone know of Greeat Wall replacing vehicles????

    Captain Charger of Gold Coast Posted on 15 July 2011 6:01pm
  • Got a brand new v240 from work, “top of the range” 4*4. Told to my boss the day he bought it that its not robust & won’t last, he just laughed. after 1.5 years its got 50,000kms & problems i’ve got a list: handbrake failed 4 times, been recalled 3 times, clutch failed @ 20,000ks was fixed but failed again 4 weeks later & still makes a weird noise, brakes failed i lost control & almost crashed took 6 weeks for them to fix it, @ 30,000ks car stalling turning off every time i stop, now @ 50,000ks the car sounds f…ed its even noisier than the biggest muffler u could find on the market took it to the dealership they changed the whole exhaust system nothing changed and the head mechanic admits not knowing what it is. On top of everything none of those are covered under warranty as they are wear & tear parts according to them & good luck getting a loan car.
    For those who want to own one prepare your wallet as it chews a lot of petrol (95+ only) and expensive to fix.

    roger123 of melbourne Posted on 09 July 2011 5:37pm
  • Bought a great all V240 & the clutch went after just 2043kms! The engine cracked & the dealer would even give me the time of day!

    John Bradley of Brisbane Posted on 30 June 2011 10:52pm
  • For people considering buying a great wall, would any one get excited to tell their mates; hey I’ve just bought a great wall!  These vehicles are imported by a distributor that I’ve had real problems with. It was another brand of car, which was wonderful, but the dealerships the distributors have appointed are bloody awful.  Beware; you will not get any satisfaction, from the distributor. real hard noses

    peter k of newcastle Posted on 23 June 2011 6:09pm
  • Sounds pretty dodgy. I thought maybe they’d be good. Someone told me they saw someone driving one with a sticker on the back window saying “Great wall of sh*t, don’t buy one!” ... Bargain at first glance ...

    brian hall of Brisbane Posted on 19 June 2011 9:34pm
  • A rotten heap of sh*t! Never buy one! Why are they cheap? ‘Coz they’re junk. They shouldn’t be allowed to be sold here - only a one star crash rating! DON’T TOUCH!

    David of Melbourne Posted on 14 June 2011 9:58pm
  • Picked up the V240 4x2 dual-cab today. After driving a higher price range ute for some time now, I’m impressed with the handling of the v240 ute, very firm on the road through the corners, partly due to its quite large front torsion bar and large diameter wheels. Interior plastic mouldings feel cheapish but who cares! It?s a work ute and its cheap! Plenty of features inside and out. The ute back will just do the job as long as it?s not abused, awkward to tie things down as it has very few tie-down points (4). At a third of the price of a high end ute I don’t have to worry too much about scratching it, and I can have three of them to one of the others. Do your research and stick to a dealership with good reputable track record.

    PETER LUKES of newcastle Posted on 04 June 2011 1:35am
  • Bought a Great Wall dual-cab ute. At 10,000km needed to have brake discs skimmed. The service department at Holden (nominated service centre by dealership) fixed the problem, so they say, at no charge. Between 20,000 and 30,000km, the discs required skimming again and wanted to charge me over $400 to do so. No thanks. Took it to my own mechanic. Nearly 60,000km and discs need skimming again. The auto central locking locks the back doors when opened while doors are still open. Beware not to lock your kids in the car with keys inside ... was told this is normal operation ... what a load of sh*t.

    angela whitehead of perth-WA Posted on 02 June 2011 6:19am
  • The cars are dodgy the deals are there for dodgy, no way would the manufacturer back there product properly, its not the Chinese way, that costs money and the dealer would know it when the cars are flogged off in the first place..You find out later.

    sycova of adelaide Posted on 26 May 2011 12:48am
  • Does anyone know how much it cost for a service on the V240?

    Kel of Queensland Posted on 22 May 2011 9:16pm
  • Bought two Great Walls as company cars- never again. Cars are less than 10 months old- major problems with clutch on one of them but it is apparently not covered under warranlty due to driver wear and tear- it has less than 5000 k on the clock - what a load of rubbish- nobody at dealership or Great Wall are interested, what a disgrace

    Roy McCullagh of Sydney Posted on 19 May 2011 7:01pm
  • We purchased a couple of V240 wagons as company vehicles 10 months ago and have had consistent clutch problems with one of them. We left one in to be fixed thinking it was covered under warranlty and now have a bill for $1500 and a car off the road. Apparently driver `wear and tear` has caused the clutch, what a load of rubbish. Nobody at Great Wall wants to help even though there is nothing in the warranlty about driver waer and tear.Has anyone had similiar problems and does nayone have contacs at Great Wall who could help.Our experience with them and the cars has been very underwhelming.

    Roy McCullagh of Sydney Posted on 19 May 2011 6:51pm
  • Just saying. If serious about outbacking in one, seems smart to go with the toyota engine - its the most likeley thing to go wrong & toyota prevails in the boonies. You at least have a fighting chance of fixing it locally. A nice story from my brother in law, was they broke down in rankins springs en route to canberra. The bush mechanic borrowed the distriburor from a mateS fellow nissan (mate was only planning on getting drunk that w/e anyway) to get him mobile & got the BIL to pick up the new part in canberra & sorted it on the way back.

    peter connell of mortdale sydney Posted on 14 May 2011 3:49pm
  • bought a V240 wagon it’s alright but not good when towing my camper van up a hill very sluggish. Wasn’t happy with the dealership we dealt with at all would never buy from them again.

    Donna of Bundaberg Posted on 25 April 2011 6:05pm
  • Recently purchased X240, done 10,000klm, fault with gearbox (Hard to get into first gear), clutch seems to slip, when purchased vehicle from dealership South of Adelaide was initially lied to about servicing costs, cant even conduct a 10,000 km service properly, Will not offer a service vehicle even when in getting fixed under warranty. Will look around to find another servicing dealer, Over all I guess you get what you paid for! will trade soon, will not purchase another Great Wall and will not purchase from this dealership ever again.

    Matt of Adelaide Posted on 13 April 2011 3:00pm
  • I was thinking about buying a great wall 4x4 but after reading all the comments i will now give it a miss,  thank you for setting me straight folks. I work in exploration and we have chinese loaders and they are constantly breaking down and are so unreliable. I did notice that all the people that made good comment about them were city people and proberly havent taken them on a decent outback road. Anyway thanks again for making my decision final. NO GREAT WALL

    CURIOUS BUYER of ROMA Posted on 02 April 2011 11:57pm
  • Picked up my V240 4x4 single cab dropside on saturday and am very happy with it , as its only done 150km’s its still tight so cant comment on its performance but it holds its own easily on the road in traffic not going over 3500 rpm’s I like it its very good for the price , ( for an extra $1000 I got an extra 3 years warrenty ,thats 6 years ) Cant complain with that.

    Brian Nordstrom of Darwin NT. Posted on 29 March 2011 7:33pm
  • I have a X240 SUV, only “problem” I have found is speedometer is out by 10km per hour- from my gps and the fact that hiway patrol dont book you when it is reading 110kph when actual speed is 100kph. My first long trip started with a slow long climb which afterwards I found the revs had to be kept up for the power to climb at normal speeds. Great car for the money and extras

    Clinton Button of NSW Posted on 22 March 2011 12:11pm
  • I drove one of these buckets and decided to buy a second hand Navara for the same price. I?m glad I did as I had to use it to tow a mates Great Wall to a repair centre when it crapped itself driving through boggy tracks. He also said they were great until that point. He knows now he was wrong.

    Peter Jacobs of Bendigo Posted on 19 March 2011 11:03am
  • Japanese Toyota makes HILUX ute. Chinese Great Wall makes HIRISK ute. The choice is yours.

    ozzywog of Melbourne Posted on 16 March 2011 9:24pm
  • Not too bad a ute for price. Drives fine and worth the low price. Remember, two of these are still less than one Hilux ...

    bob slater of queensland Posted on 16 March 2011 3:18pm
  • How desperate would you have to be to buy one of these vehicles? You really dserve what you get, no sympathy…

    Bazza Posted on 14 March 2011 4:42am
  • Bought one in sept 10, had a new exhaust system put on and i love it, great off the line and pritty zippy around town, top end acc is not there, mid range is good. Consideration needs to be taken when selecting fuel, anything lower than 93 octains causes the enging to become slugish, previously hade a ve commodoer and i find this car to be a much safer one.

    john doe of melbourne Posted on 08 March 2011 11:29am
  • I just drove one and it was truly woeful and I strongly discourage anyone from buying one.

    Mark Anon Posted on 05 March 2011 6:52pm
  • I live in Mt Isa Qld, and i have seen a couple of great wall vehicles around town !! and they look ok, yeah i think the local toyota dealer needs a good shake up, good on you great wall ??

    jim turfrey of mt isa north west qld Posted on 04 March 2011 9:08pm
  • My son brought a great wall 4 wheel drive and just before last Christmas we loaded her up and went north Chasing Bara on a 2 week camping trip which took us in and around and through the Lakes national park. The roads were passable by 4 wheel drive only the fishing was poor but the vehicle was fantastic with full load and 3 people through water ways and shoddy roads the machine did not miss a beat.  Is he happy….. yes…. and i was most impressed. Low range fantastic open road lacks a little toe in the hilly areas in two wheel drive.  Value for his dollar   hell yes will i be buying one in a heart beat they will only get better but they already a damn fine off road hardworking camping adventure type wagon.

    Garry Smith of Sydney Posted on 02 March 2011 1:12pm
  • WOW, I remember the same negativity when Japan entered the motorcycle market. It didn?t stop me buying my K1, to K7, I just wish I had kept them all. I do agree with most of the comments that say, you get what you pay for, I also think we are getting ripped of by Toyota and others, If nothing else the competition will be good for us, the consumers. I will be watching for the release of the turbo diesel to decide where my money goes.

    John Dowsett of Adelaide Posted on 27 February 2011 8:17pm
  • You get what you pay for, the warranty and service comes down to the dealer you deal with, if you are disappointed with after sales service, try someone else, how much do the services cost and the parts cost compared to the established brands, I know the Isuzu/Rodeo/Colorado panels and parts are very costly, so it will be interesting to know. I am interested in the single cab diesel 2WD when this engine arrives, I like the Colorado but I will wait for the diesel GWM before, a purchase decision, the cabin is pretty much the same as each other so I’m just hanging out for a while. Thanks…

    john f of sawtellnsw Posted on 27 February 2011 9:17am
  • At the end of the day; if you buy a commercial vehicle for the price of a packet of chewy; you can?t expect the quality of a Toyota Hilux.
    It doesn?t take a rocket scientist to notice the elephant in the room; that being if a vehicle is over ten thousand dollars cheaper than the one it is copied from; something has to be sacrificed; that sacrifice is quality, reliability and safety.
    If you can put a 10K price tag on the safety of yourself, your family and those around you then good luck; but don?t come crying when someone gets killed.
    There are very good reasons why the likes of the Hilux and Navara hold their re-sale value; with the Great Wall; you won?t be able to trade it in for a set of roller blades. The savings are very short term.

    Fair Dinkum Aussie Posted on 17 February 2011 2:20pm
  • Wouldn’t buy one. Cheap Chinese labour @  $3 per week on average so I’ve been told. This is where all Australian industry will be heading and we will be re-trained on how to get retrained. Is there a suburb or province in China called Australia. Then they could legally say then that Great Wall vehicles are made in Australia.

    Mark of Australia of Australia Posted on 06 February 2011 8:57pm
  • I have a V240 , it,s done 25000 no off road, carried gear in the back, around 150 -200 kgs 50% of the time. Clutch is slipping the verdict from the dealer isn’t positive. yet to see

    michael murphy of brisbane Posted on 31 January 2011 9:33pm
  • Great Wall of China cars are a “Great Wall of Chinese rubbish cars” no quality control what so ever. The Chinese don’t know how to make steel either everything rust’s and breaks apart. The Australian Government should prevent these Great Wall of Rubbish Chinese cars from entering Australia. I’d rather be buying a good second hand Toyota, Nissan, Holden or Ford than a great wall of sh*t car. China shouldn’t even be aloud to produce cars because just about everything produced in china is rubbish and the same goes for India. Do yourself a favour and walk past that wall of great sh*t.

    Ollie of Australia Posted on 30 January 2011 11:33am
  • I have a V240 ute and have only done just over 3000 kms but am impressed with the quietness of the vehicle. Am due to set off around Oz with a small caravan so time will tell,Overall I judge it as excellent value for money.

    Rod Tregear of Melbourne Posted on 20 January 2011 4:48pm
  • Holden and Ford have been protected by the Australian Government and tax payers? for years. If it wasn’t for tariff protection for the 2 manufacturers (and it must be remembered American companies) they would not exist. It has been well known that their quality could never match the quality of cars produced in Europe for the equivalent price. Only time will tell on how the good the Great Wall cars are or will be. All brands have produced lemons. If we still see them around in 15 years then I guess that they have proved themselves.

    Steve of NSW Posted on 18 January 2011 4:24pm
  • Is it my imagination or does the vehicle [pictured] look very much like an older Holden Rodeo?

    Tony Curtz of Warrnambool Posted on 16 January 2011 7:56pm
  • Have a new V240 ute. The first day I drove it the v belts squealed even when engine was warm and now after 300 km the power steering has packed up. Customer service had me towed in to Osborne Park branch where no courtesy vehicle was offered, just a lift to the train station. Very disappointed.

    Alistair Bushney of Wangara Posted on 15 January 2011 4:29pm
  • Wish I had requested a copy of the warranty and roadside assist before I bought my car. Put my keys in the drivers side seat and walked away for 15mins, then the car locked itself!? This is apparently a safety feature? I was alone in a rural at the time and called roadside assist, was told it wasn’t covered!? My salesman failed to mention this… convenient… Cost me $200 to get a locksmith out. I was all by myself, my wallet was in the dash, so I didn’t have my credit card to join NRMA. Why else would you need roadside assist for a brand new, supposedly GREAT vehicle, other than for locking your keys in the car?

    I support claims by other people in this forum of poor customer service…

    Since buying my vehicle (30 000Km’s), I have had to have the following seen to / fixed.

    1) Seatbealt re-call
    2) Hand brake re-call
    3) Faulty interior fixtures (plastic breaking)
    4) Fuel cap malfunction, wouldn’t open when I pulled the lever!
    5) Radiator leak
    6) Engine pinging
    7) Fan Belt malfunction - Not Covered under Warranty
    8) Anti-Lock Brake system malfunction

    I regret this purchase and wish I had spent a bit more money and got something more reliable.


    Micheal Henley of NSW Posted on 14 January 2011 4:18pm
  • After reading several reviews I decided to drive both vehicles. The V220 is antiquated, ugly, outdated and cheap. The V6 is little better. I thought the drive was worse than my 15 year old Nissan which will leave both of them for dead despite having a high mileage and being an automatic. The V220 I drove had a rattle in the dash, a slushy gear change and vague weight transfer that felt like the front wheels were towed in. Sorry but I can’t see either of these vehicles having anything going for them except the prices.

    earnestshub of Melbourne Posted on 14 January 2011 7:37am
  • I have a great wall SA220 ( which is powered by a 4y toyota hi-lux engine ) aand have had it for about ten months have done over 20000 kays it has done a lot of work. We moved to tasmania with the attendant constant rain and it does not leak a drop, it always starts and runs perfectly. The motor is slow going up hills but it is a workhorse Not a racehorse. Would I buy one again ??? In a minute. People who have a go at them generally have no idea what they’re talking about. The car we bought before this was a new lancer and broke down after doing less than 300 kays. I am a motor mechanic and talked to the service manager at the dealership where we bought it and he told me that most people who dealt with these vehicles over a period of time were now buying the cars themselves

    simon turner of tasmania Posted on 12 January 2011 6:38pm
  • Mine has only got 15,000 after a year of in to town and back and everything works and sounds the same as the day I bought it. Most ask if i bought it yesterday. Yeah, pity about the turning circle, but hey if that’s the only fault then I’m happy.

    john hampson of n.s.w.sth coast Posted on 11 January 2011 10:25pm
  • I have owned my Great Wall Ute V240 4x4 for nearly 18 months now, have got 40k on the clock and apart from them having a terrible steering lock, and absolutely underpowered gutless motor, they?re OK though mine I use as a rain gauge as it leaks like a sieve when it rains, but I?m going to take it in and get them to fix it so it doesn’t leak anymore. I also tow a small caravan with mine and if you need to overtake safely then you need to see the horizon, but also don?t be scared to stick into it sometimes. I have revved mine out to 6 thousand revs till the valves are bouncing like kangaroos? In fact, that?s what they should have called them, kangaroos ? can?t be any worse thsn Brumby and Ssangyong as far as naming goes!

    the earl of blurtsville Posted on 09 January 2011 1:06pm
  • This is only my opinion. Ok so we have Great Wall, powered by an old Mitsubishi engine. Rewind to 1986 Hyundai’s first cars were powered buy Mitsubishi engines. Back then all they were was problems, problems and more problems. Hyundai dropped the throw away Mitsubishi engines and started making their own in house designed in the X3 Excel (Bubble Excel) ... They were the first Hyundai that didn’t break down and give headaches. Great Wall will be much better once they ditch the Mitsubishi rubbish. Most Chinese car makers will have Mitsubishi engines in them. The only one I know of that doesn’t is Geely who use an old Toyota engine from the mid 90’s Corolla. Bottom line as long as it has an old junky Mitsubishi engine in it, all i say is good luck!

    Hyundai Elantra of Geelong Posted on 05 January 2011 10:28am
  • Well after 12mths and over 45 000km in V240 have had no major problems (1 broken sun visor clip, fixed straight away at service).
    Vehicle has been used for work pulling a trailer(2 tons)
    Long trips with partner and 3 kids
    4wd on sand, mud and rough hills
    Yes engine is a little under powered if you want to beat everyone at the lights, but I have no complaints.
    I got 6yr unlimted km warranty so after that time if I only get $2000 for it as a trade, will be far in front of a Toyota or Nissan.
    For under $30 000 i got a new ute with 10yr wty on rust,metallic paint,headlights that ajust to tray load, Leather seats, tow bar,
    cheaper replacement parts(tray got t-boned,new colour matched tray $440 fitted, Toyota charge $2500 for same on their utes).
    So you can say what you like, but I know I have a soild ute and over $15000 saved in the bank

    Kevin S of Childers Posted on 01 January 2011 12:40pm
  • Is there any indication that airbags and ABS will be fitted to future models as I was of the understanding that Aust STDs now required airbags on all new vehicles.
    E. E.

    E. Easterbrook of Emu Plains NSW Posted on 31 December 2010 10:54am
  • I’ve had a V240 Dual Cab, 4x2, for over 6 months now. A part from a recall for the seatbelts, I’ve had no issues with it, I’ve done over 30000 km, travelling at least 200km a day, 5 days a week. It’s been a great car, and cruises well on the highway (most of my driving done on highways). It’s a bit sluggish around the town, but what dual cab ute isn’t. I’m looking forward to the turbo diesel release, as i think it will have more pick up, and be better around town, with better towing capabilities. Not that I’ve had any troubles towing my Jayco pop-top with it.

    I’d suggest to M R of Sydney, that they’ve either purchased a lemon (happens with any manufacturer) or he/she has to investigate their driving techniques and habits. It is not a race car.

    Very impressed with the V240. May i alude to the breakdown issue of the SA220, if it’s the engine… it’s made by Toyota… if you don’t believe me, look at the compliance plate. Not Great Walls fault.

    Cheers Great Wall… Bring out the turbo diesel already… you have a buyer in me.

    K.A. Reuben of Fernvale, Queensland Posted on 08 December 2010 1:35pm
  • This car is a disaster. Clutch gone at 5000km and they do not want to no about it! Do not buy .... They are crap, brakes are a problem as well,

    M r of sydney of Sydney Posted on 05 December 2010 8:08am
  • I purchased my single cab V240 4x2 back in June 2010. So far, so good, as I expected she runs very good & is seriously great value for $17990 on-road.
    I’ve been given a total of 6 years warranty on my ute, 3 yrs from the manufacturer + additional 3 yrs from my local dealership, plus a full tank of fuel, road-site assistance for the life of the warranty,  a free set of floor mats & a cool Great wall key-chain. I’m very happy with my purchase, as are the many other Tewantin/Noosa locals driving around town in their brand new X240 4x4 wagons & utes and V240 4x4’s & 4x2’s.

    However, many of us are looking forward to the Turbo Deisel models
    Europe have being released in Australia down the track!

    Herc of Tewantin/Noosa Posted on 01 December 2010 8:28am
  • Never been more disappointed, Purchased the S240 12 months ago and have had to x 2 break downs already including electrics on dash failing several times. Live in the country so difficulty to return to Adelaide to undertake repairs. Dealer and company no interested so have had to pay for own repairs even though under warranty.

    D B of South Australia Posted on 28 November 2010 7:59am
  • My V240 has done 30,000km including Oodnadatta and Birdsville tracks in August during the big wet towing a camper trailer.  Has handled anything thrown at it.  Have had trouble with alignment from new.  It scrubs the passenger side front tyre been checked for alignment 3 times. Also very disappointed that speedo is 11% out.

    John Woodward of Gin Gin, Qld Posted on 22 November 2010 9:46pm
  • Drove my v240 onto the beach only to see it break down. 13000km on the clock. Problem due to sand entering a sensor on the bell housing. Great wall informed me that it was not a warranty issue because I drove it on the sand and that they would not cover the repair or tow. I recieved no repalcement vehicle as stated in warranty. I am apparently required to cover the sensor prior to driving on the sand. Very disappointed. In dealing with Great Wall on the phone never been more poorly treated by any company as a customer. Its a 4WD that cant go off road

    Dave Coyle of Tea Gardens Posted on 22 November 2010 9:27pm

    ross allen of PERTH WA Posted on 09 November 2010 11:34pm
  • There’s no torque and no power and you’d think with 2.2 litres it should have something, rather get a used Hilux with proven results then buy Great Wall motors.

    Thai Nguyen of Adwelaide Posted on 06 November 2010 5:02pm
  • No mention of the 2 star safety rating, the fact the passenger seat belt detatched during the ANCAP side impact test, the passenger air bag deployed, but they still hit the head on the dash, and 0 out of 36 pedestrian safety rating. The fact it is a 2 star car put me off immediately, my life is worth more than the $9k difference to a 4 star ute.

    Tradie who made it home alive of Adelaide Posted on 28 October 2010 3:28pm
  • This car is sh*t… it has sh*t-all torque and you can’t even do a u-turn without taking over 3 lanes… I would definitely not recommend it.

    Jimmy Barns of gold coast Posted on 13 October 2010 7:18pm
  • Timmy - I was bought up wearing thongs, stubbies, and t-shirts. I couldn’t give a stuff about style.

    If a dollar with the great wall is better value than the dollar with another mob they can have my money. [Unless of course their is an aussie made vehicle in the market - might lean towards that].

    Wear a suit and tie when you drive it if you must.

    Jacko of Gold Coast Posted on 10 October 2010 12:34pm
  • V240 Great Wall, not so great… Must have got a lemon, has just done over 2,000km and has been back to dealer for numerous faults, has had fuel gauge sender unit replaced, steering wheel was not centered since new, aluminium tray was 2 inches lower on one side compared to the other, gearshift rattles (very noisy) at 3000rpm - bush has been replaced but no different, excessive brake squeel and brake dust only on r/h front wheel.

    unhappy tradesman of Canberra Posted on 07 October 2010 10:32pm
  • Well I have owned many many vehicles during my lifetime. Last week I took my first look at all the Great Wall models currently available here. I was extremely impressed. I climbed over them and under them. They are all well-appointed, even the base model 2WD tradie type ute. Apparently a diesel will be available In Feb 2011. We all used to knock the Korean vehicles when they first came here but they took off. I have no doubt the Great Wall brand will do the same. The warranty is impressive which obviously indicates the manufacturers and importers have great faith in their vehicles. For the knockers - take one for a drive with an open mind, you might be impressed!

    Maurie Banks of cc-Australia Posted on 28 September 2010 9:29pm
  • Stupid name for a vehicle!.I know of a chap who worked in China and was forced to drive a car called a “Landwind” LOL China has no personality and style in their cars and they make a heap of different brands and they’re all crap copies and people with no personality and style should and do drive them.

    TIMMY MATTHEWS of Gold coast Posted on 25 September 2010 4:38pm
  • I have had my V240 for 9 months now and have done 25k in it. No problems.  Have been 4wding in some difficult terrain in the Brindabella including mud and it has surprised me how well it has stuck to the road.  I frequently drive long distance and it performs well with better fuel economy that I thought I would get.  I think being made with a combination of Toyota chassis, Isuzu body and Mitsubishi motor it is made from well tried parts.

    I am happy with my purchase and the car is proving to be rock solid for me.

    Must have been some changes in the model from when Graham Smith did his review as it has 8 speakers and dual airbags.

    Simon of Canberra Posted on 25 September 2010 10:22am
  • It would be good if Aussies actually had a locally made work ute that they could back instead of buying this crap but sadly they don’t have an option. Even the local brand work utes are all Korean/Malaysian built. Interesting Motor Car company old Great Wall. Looks like they pieced together 100% old GM parts for the body and old Jap engines. GM already make rubbish cars, we dont need Great Wall supplying more.

    Ben Posted on 18 September 2010 10:40pm
  • Sorry had to laugh at Rick’s comment… so much that could be said against his comment but I’ll just say this… the cars are in fact aimed at the less AFFLUENT, but considering some of the quality issues, I’d say it’s also aimed at the more effluent LOL!

    Jer of Victoria Posted on 28 August 2010 10:19am
  • The clutch has gone in my V240 at 20klms and Great Wall want me to pay for it, you have to be kidding. We have argued for a week, who can I lodge a complaint with to help me with this situation?

    mark of Manly Posted on 23 August 2010 7:26pm
  • So many racists it unbelievable ..Funny bagging the Chinese but living from their money that’s buying our natural resources without China this country would be groveling along the bottom economically It makes me sick all this hypocritical raving. Australians should be thankful to the Chinese for buying so much from us. The cars are cheap aimed at the less effluent amongst us and that don’t get all the government kickbacks like small business do like the tradie deal who says the labour party doesn’t do any thing for small business a half price cars a pretty good start i reckon.

    Rick of Australia Posted on 12 August 2010 3:44pm
  • Wow! so many sceptics,what"s wrong with trying something new .I’ve had Holden Ford Mazda Mitsubishi Suzuki Land Rover Kia Proton Toyota Daihatsu Jaguar Nissan Honda Daewoo BMW six of these cars I still own.Had no regrets buying any of these cars but 1.Now also own a Great Wall Z240 Suv looking forward again trying something new 14000 klm has past and loving every minute. by the way you scared people on this site there no such bloody thing as resale on vehicles today no matter what you buy.

    W van Leeuwen of Wollongong Posted on 31 July 2010 3:16pm
  • I wish people would stop complaining about these cut-price cars, if you want ABS, airbags, engines with mighty torque figures etc, then go and buy a Navara or Hilux - that is why they are near twice the price of a Great Wall ute!  Quite frankly considering the price we paid for a D40 Navara and the fact it was 4WD of the year, we have had endless issues with underwhelming brakes, dodgy clutch, broken bonnet latch, cracking in the front guards, busted ABS sensor lines (for the genius who designed for them to run in front of the rear axle ready to cop every stone from the front wheels).  The Great Wall vehicles may not be perfect, but don’t pretend that every other 4WD on the market is perfect!  4WD’s are becoming too complicated with too much electronic wizardry going on to be useful out in the bush (picturing a Navara broken down in the middle of nowhere with engine warning light on due to severed ABS sensor lines).  Also remember when Toyota first released their 70 Series, they did not have airbags as standard (hence why all the mining companies went out and purchased Hiluxes instead)!  Hyundai were in exactly the same boat when they came to our shores, now they are commonplace.

    Chris Johnson of Adelaide Posted on 27 July 2010 4:19pm
  • Well, my second post on here and just clocked up 20,000klms in 6 months and still impressed with the SUV X240. So far so good, use it off road 1 or 2 times weekly and scaled some heart in the mouth hills with no problems, and lot of kilometres on dirt and gravel roads. Have done a few short holidays within 600klms of home towing my camper, it’s been great, a nice long distance vehicle, enough power and very comfortable. Mine still looks like brand new inside and out, no rust, no paint chips and everything works well. Faults. Negligible for the value for money this car. (1) engine noise when racing the motor, more sound absorbing would be good in city driving. (2) Suspension is a bit soft, but fine under most driving conditions. (3) Some interior finishing needs refining, but not too fussed over that considering the price. (4) Occasional squeak/rattle from rear seat locks, easily fixed. (5) Drivers electric seat adjustment switch catches on seat belt when exiting vehicle sometimes, needs a quick re-adjust when re-entering vehicle. No big deal IMO. Cant think of any other faults off ATM, quite pleased with mine, at just $24,000.00 it’s just brilliant value, go buy one.

    Colin Cook of Adelaide Posted on 23 July 2010 6:43pm
  • Let me put it another way. I average about a quarter tank every 200km. That is with diesel.

    dexter amow of trinidad and tobago Posted on 22 July 2010 2:05pm
  • Hey Duncan from Melbourne. With the Diesel 2.8 L turbo I get about 200 km with 19 litres of diesel. The quality of build should be the same as the V240. I don’t use mine to carry any load so I can’t really comment on performance with load.

    Dexter Amow of Trinidad and Tobago Posted on 21 July 2010 2:10pm
  • Brooke McNevin of Queensland Posted on 13 July 2010 10:34pm… Brooke - My X240 had the same ECU engine fail problem. What it was, was a pinched cable in the harness near the rear oxygen sensor. The guys at Von Bibra Southport had it for a week searching for the problem and have fixed it. Maybe suggest that they look there first.

    D-J Allen of Gold Coast Posted on 20 July 2010 10:58am
  • I’d like to know if anyone has heard of continual problems with the SA220 and it’s engine warning indicator light coming on. This is in conjunction with a lack of power and “shuddering” type sensation just prior to light coming on. I have had my 220 back in the shop 5 times now and am just about fed up. I keep being told it is misfiring somewhere and when they test everything it comes back all ok.

    Brooke McNevin of Queensland Posted on 13 July 2010 10:34pm
  • Two stars safety says it all.

    jimd fojs Posted on 03 July 2010 12:26pm
  • JV, the original basic model Isuzu TF and RF didn’t have safety features either.  To pass Australian standard they only need to ensure the seat belts have enough torsion, the body will survive a single rollover and that intrusion bars are in place.  Airbags were actually designed in the US because the laws on wearing seat belts was not enforced.

    Meh of In the shower, waiting for you. Posted on 02 July 2010 9:31am
  • Not hearing good things from guys that own them but hey you get what you pay for and give them 10 years to iron out the kinks and they probably wont be so bad

    birch of oamaru newzealand Posted on 25 June 2010 9:43pm
  • I just bought a new Great Wall 4x4 ute and had a drag with V6 Hilux and blew him into the weeds… thanks China.

    chang wan of Posted on 14 June 2010 1:17pm
  • No ABS and No Airbags!!! WTF???????

    JV Posted on 08 June 2010 2:11pm
  • Oh yeah, brakes where playing up so took it in to have looked at. Was told car is incredibly unsafe to drive, maybe get it back next week…  DO NOT BUY A GREAT WALL,  spend the extra and get a car that is safe. Besides the fact that you will never be able to sell it in the future, no one in their right mind would consider it

    Bert Posted on 04 June 2010 4:40pm
  • 1. Recall for Seat Belts
    2. Recall for Parking Brake
    3. Rust after 7000km

    Bert Posted on 04 June 2010 4:35pm
  • Go have google on Chinese car manufacturers. VW is from Shanghai, BMW is from Changchun, China. Audi also has their own cooperated manufactory in Hebei, China. Great Wall manufactory is located in BaoDing, Heibei Sate.

    Ian of Brisbane Posted on 31 May 2010 12:29pm
  • RB Wheels, you must be aware almost all of the major car companies in the world are looking to China for manufacturing. GWM is obviously not the best example of quality however they are only the tip of the iceberg. I’d also like to know which Chinese car companies you are referring to (I would guess you have know idea).

    Get it Right of BF Idaho Posted on 28 May 2010 10:33am
  • Some people are either really stupid or simply ignorant. GWM has got the rights to replicate the Isuzu body moulds. If they were illegal Isuzu and Holden would be crying foul from the get go. Furthur more - for those idiots that think they won’t buy anything Chinese, I bet you own something that is made in China. iPhones, Nokias, Wii, PS3’s, Pens, Keyboards, Mice and even the clothes you are wearing may be made there.

    Wake up of Gold Coast Posted on 28 May 2010 1:38am
  • Well said G reeve. Why would you buy what is essentially a kit car that someone else has already put together for you, from a country that is known for selling crap mechanics that fall apart. If you are stupid enough to buy like this you deserve it. I bet you know one has ever done a 100000 service on one of these bad boys.

    R B Wheels Posted on 27 May 2010 8:11am
  • The vehicle is more comfortable to drive than my previous Toyota ute. Seems to be a problem starting at times. It just goes rh rh rh. I’ve had the rust on the welds in the tray treated. I’ve had no regrets buying the vehicle, it’s good value and would buy another GWM product.

    lane of caloundra Posted on 19 May 2010 9:52am
  • I went to look at these cars today, the 220s I would never touch, GW motor, Navara front with a ridiculous grille and the doors and rear of a 1990 Holden Rodeo, The 240 is sort of OK, The front need a bit of work looking like a Hyundai Excel LOL. Motors are from Old Mitsubishi Outlanders and I believe Mitsubishi did make good motors, interior is sort of OK. Body from doors to rear aint so bad, front???. No comment lol

    Paulo Furnari of Minto Posted on 14 May 2010 2:06am
  • People, please don’t get sucked into buying these cheap Chinese copy-cat cars! They aren’t even designed in China, they just get complete knock-down kits from other manufacturers and build them in China! This is just another grab for our money by shrewd businessmen, it’s this sort of thing that ruins the motor industry for those who actually design and build good cars. Who are they going to undercut next? BMW? If you buy these cars you are supporting a throw away society and potentially putting more strain on the environment. Yes Robbie… the Great Rip Off! People, we can’t afford to buy cheap stuff!

    G Reeve Posted on 11 May 2010 5:48pm
  • Hey Dexter from T&T we are reportedly getting the V240 Diesel towards the 2nd half of 2010 in Aus, how do you find the fuel consumption, torque, build quality etc??? I’m seriously looking at getting 1 of these as a city runabout and weekend road warrior to cart by MX bikes around!...

    Duncan of Melbourne Posted on 06 May 2010 9:36am
  • I am from Trinidad in the Caribbean and i have a V240. However in Trinidad we call it the Wingle and it comes with a 2.8L Turbo diesel engine with or without intercooler. I have one without intercooler. It runs great. I was skeptical in the beginning , but have no regrets now.

    dexter amow of Trinidad and Tobago Posted on 27 April 2010 10:22am
  • Just done 10,000klms in my Great Wall X240, faultless, goes nicely, has some great features, as good in build etc etc etc if not better in some respects than my $37,000.00 Mitsi Outlander that I traded in on this unit. Dont knock them people until you have tried them.

    For all the people who have paid big big bucks for more “upmarket” cars, I’m pleased you have money to burn on way over priced vehicles…been there….done that. My X240 does all I need it for, tows my 900kg camper well, runs without missing a beat, comfortable, practical, clever in design and does a dam good job on and off road. Very pleased with mine, absolutely great bang for buck, a smart buy in my books.

    Colin Cook of Adelaide Posted on 26 April 2010 11:24pm
  • I saw on another site that a guy has seen a 198? model TF Rodeo with the SA220 front end.  Apparently the body parts look fine but obviously because of the age of the other parts it looked crap.  I am guessing this vehicle is a work in progress (hoping for the drivers sake!) 

    What I would like to know is if these front end parts were available over the counter at a GWM dealer (Obviously have to be ordered) or used as part of a repair job due to GWM parts are cheaper than Isuzu ones. 

    I have a 1998 model RA and need to replace my bonnet, bumper and left hand qtr panel.  Please help someone!

    Nathan Carens of Australia Posted on 23 April 2010 9:05pm
  • Why’s that Gordon? You buy a lot of things made in China… it was only a few years back that everyone was worried about the Korean cars… look at them now!

    Dale of Nth Qld Posted on 22 April 2010 3:51pm
  • People have been complaining about the performance of the V240.  It is important to know the following:

    The V240 uses a 2.4 Litre Mitsubishi engine (Sirius) used in passenger cars like Lancers whereas the SA220 uses a 2.2 Litre Toyota engine (4Y) used in commercial vehicles like the Hilux.

    The V240 is lot bigger and heavier as well so it’s a no brainer that a small engine would struggle. 

    The SA220 is about the same size as the earlier Hilux and so would obviously perform a lot better.

    Nick Micar of Gold Coast Posted on 20 April 2010 10:47am
  • I will NEVER buy a vehicle made in China.

    Gordon of Adelaide Posted on 19 April 2010 3:21am

    H. TRUCCO of sydney Posted on 17 April 2010 12:55pm
  • My GW SUV x240 has now done 10,000 klms and never missed a beat, build quality is comparable or better than my tradein Mitsi Outlander of which I lost so much money on over 5 years of looking after it very fastidiously, the Mitsi was recalled under warranty 4 times. Lost $27,500.00 on my Outlander in 5 years….the GW x240 was only $24,000.00 new + tow bar….do the sums. Even if my x240 was worth zero after 5 years, I’m still ahead by several thousand dollars.

    I tow a 900kg camper behind my x240, more power would be nice, but it’s acceptable, Bosch ABS braking is excellent, It drives very smooth, economy about the same as my Outlander, but a much bigger fuel tank and luggage area which is the main reason I got rid of the Mitsi Outlander…that and annoying squeaks and rattles. The x240 has a whisper quiet motor and simple belt, hose changes if needed.

    Nobody should expect this vehicle to be as refined as a $60,000.00 Prado or the like, but exceptional value for money it is. Hey if you can afford an expensive top shelf 4WD then go for it, but for the average person who does a moderate amount of off road work then the GW series is more than adequate…brilliant bang for buck !

    Colin Cook of South Adelaide Posted on 10 April 2010 1:24pm
  • Partner bought one of these in Sept 09 - so far it has been back for fixing 5 times. It took the dealership (at Springwood) three times to find and fix an engine noise. The air-conditioner would not work and needed fixing and a new compressor. The indicators had a short and were ‘blinking’ rapidly which was corrected - however, they tried to charge as they claimed the tray was added afterwards, even though it was purchased as an accessory and put on by their people before it was picked up off the lot. Today’s latest issue is that it now has no indicators/hazards or horns and the dealership is ‘booked up’ and don’t want to look at it for many days. What a joke! My advice - think twice and be prepared to have the car back for repairs on a regular basis and be ready to have to fight with the dealership on every maintenance issue.

    Nadine C of Logan, Qld Posted on 09 April 2010 12:44pm
  • GREAT WALL X240 AND V240

    Walter Gebhard of Morton Vale QLD Posted on 05 April 2010 1:38am
  • I bought a SA220 in 9/09, I removed the style side and replaced it with a tray, best move, the vehicle does what i need it to do, when i require it, the one mistake i made was not going to the 2.4. The 220 is little sluggish when pulling the small camper trailer but i will be looking at fitting a small turbo in the near future. As well i have had to replace the shocks all round for heavy duty gas, as the little ones that were fitted genuinely are hopeless, and we would wallow done the highway but apart from that suits myself and my partner fine. As for the 2* crash rating….. anything will crumple when hit hard enough, so why complain you wont feel it for to long….

    Alan H. of Crestmead Logan Qld Posted on 19 March 2010 12:23pm
  • Firstly I bought a V240 4 x 4 for work not to have an accident in re ANCAP rating! I purchased in Novenber 09 and have done 7500km no problems at all. Yes a little bit sluggish on hills, but still happy. Have a good look at a Rodeo and tell me they’re not closely related, bar the motor. The world is supplied by China - get over it. Hiluxes come from Taiwan! Haven’t heard of too many speed freaks killing themselves driving a Great Wall have you? Until you buy or drive one for some time your comments are hard to take seriously.

    Scott Westle of Melbourne, Victoria Posted on 17 March 2010 9:44pm
  • Are you people serious? 100KW and 200NM? 0-100km in 20 seconds? A TWO star NCAP rating… Why the hell would anybody buy these death traps! If you want to defend the great wall, you may want to start by comparing the above figures with…. well pretty much any Japanese vehicle in the same class.

    Jonno Posted on 11 March 2010 8:48am

    OZZY of MELBOURNE Posted on 08 March 2010 9:23pm

    WALLY of Morton Vale Posted on 06 March 2010 1:00pm
  • great value for money as the labour and wages in china is way lower compared to here so therefor they can build a good quality vehicle for this price. They use a tough toyota 4 runner chassis and very a reliable and proven 2.4 lt mitsubishi engine and a isuzu axiom body.

    Go check out youtube the x240 is a hover in china and russia etc, the proof is in the youtube videos, the x240 / hover will go anywhere where the big and far more expensive 4x4 will go for half the price or less.

    in china the ncap safety rating is 4 stars and their nacap is based on the european nacap. It may not be 10/10 on safety however it’s far safer than many modern soft road vehicles out there on our roads every day.

    98% of things that we buy now are made in china everything from flat screen tv’s, expensive lightweight push bikes, our clothing and much much more, we will just have to get use to the fact and accept that this is the way it’s all going as we can not compete with china on price and they have to build to a reasonable quality and standard or it would not be allowed into the country.

    Great Wall Motors sells more cars annually than the US, they employ 22,000 and have been in business since 1976.

    mike of south australia Posted on 28 February 2010 1:38pm
  • My, my all you Chinese skeptic’s. I purchased a Chinese made quad bike for my boys about a month ago for $3000. Value for money as I can buy three of these verse’s one Japanese bike. It goes like hell and if it breaks it has a 12 warranty. Now back to the V240, if you go to the website they now have fitted ABS, EBD and airbags. So for $26990 drive away who would spend $55,000 plus if you were on a budget. Like my dad always said back in the seventies, never buy Japanese as its rubbish, now look at the quality of what the Japanese are producing.

    Andy of Perth Posted on 27 February 2010 12:05am
  • My, my all you Chinese skeptic’s. I purchased a Chinese made quad bike for my boys about a month ago for $3000. Value for money as I can buy three of these verse’s one Japanese bike. It goes like hell and if it breaks it has a 12 warranty. Now back to the V240, if you go to the website they now have fitted ABS, EBD and airbags. So for $26990 drive away who would spend $55,000 plus if you were on a budget. Like my dad always said back in the seventies, never buy Japanese as its rubbish, now look at the quality of what the Japanese are producing.

    Andy of Perth Posted on 27 February 2010 12:01am
  • I bought a Kia k2700 in 2003 for $21000 drive away in 2008 i traded it in for $11500 with 180000klm it did exceptionally well i did all services my self oil @ oil filter every 10000 air @ fuel every 40000klm it was set up as a mobile welding workshop it was overloaded as set up sometimes had to bring heavy gear boxes or reduction boxes or augers or roller hammer mills to town or Toowoomba for matching or rebuilding sometimes it would carry twice it rated capacity it was in very good condition when traded on a Triton gls dual cab v6 with every possible extra sunroof difloclk cruse control $4400 drive away extremely unhappy with this Triton took 14months to sell best price $29000 with 1700klm                               THE ONLY PROBLEM I HAD WITH MY KIA WAS THE EXTREMELY RUDE ONE EYED KNOW IT ALLS THAT WOULD ASK ME WHY I BOUGHT SUCH A HEAP OF CRAP AND ALSO TOLD ME THAT I WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO SELL IT

    GREG of moree nsw 2400 Posted on 21 February 2010 1:23pm
  • Have just bought a V240 Ute, and will be putting it to the test out at Landcrusier Park, Kilcoy/Jimna, will take photos to show you what it can handle smile

    Lanky of toowoomba Posted on 16 February 2010 11:29pm
  • I have been looking around at all the dual cabs in the market on offer.Today i looked at the china wall and must say that i was much impressed and when i dug deeper into the company and found out what running gear they are using i am diffently going to buy one,the others better wake up and soon.

    A.Betti Posted on 13 February 2010 4:48pm
  • Why would a Toyota or Nissan guy “trade down to a V240”??
    I’m sure they are fine as long as you don’t plan on being in an accident.

    skeptical Posted on 10 February 2010 1:12pm
  • Don’t think I would buy one, but then I wouldn’t buy a Toyota death trap either based on Toyotas great quality of recent time. 4 people in the same family dead in a Lexus (Toyota) in the US because of Toyota quality.

    David Harris of Gold Coast Posted on 06 February 2010 1:32pm
  • There are so many cars on Aussie roads that are unroadworthy and dangerous, also many new vehicles don’t come standard with air bags,  you also need to remember that these vehicles even though they are brand new they are based on previous model rodeos that weren’t as half as good as these ‘new’ ones are.  I say ‘bring it on!’ maybe the big players in the dual cab market will sit up and listen, you don’t need to spend $55,000 on a Hi-Lux or Narvara to get a good ute that’ll do the job with out fuss.

    Matto of Caloundra Posted on 06 February 2010 12:32pm


    OZZY Posted on 05 February 2010 5:34pm
  • It should be illegal to sell any new cars without airbags as standard.

    This is a major issue and yet the article makes mention of it as though it was a cup holder.

    john Posted on 04 February 2010 2:44pm
  • It should be illegal to sell any new cars without airbags as standard.

    This is a major issue and yet the article makes mention of it as though it was a cup holder.

    john Posted on 04 February 2010 2:41pm
  • anyone who buy one of these is a stupid cheap skate. I hate anything that is made in china. To the chinese, please keep your rubbish to yourselves. We don’t want to see dead bodies on Australian roads!

    Don't bombard us with Chinese crap! of Perth Posted on 02 February 2010 9:48am
  • i wonder how I would go I live in Broken Hil and often head out tuboburra and other places
    my worry is parts and fitting a roo bar

    Jamson of Broken hill Posted on 01 February 2010 6:19pm
  • Would anyone know if you can do a quick bolt on conversion from the old rodeo (1998) to the new Great Wall facelift?

    Nick of Gold Coast Posted on 31 January 2010 3:43pm
  • Can anyone tell me how much servicing costs??

    Ryan Freeman Posted on 31 January 2010 10:20am
  • Gutless, the speedo is out by about 10%, resulting in an extra 1000k’s on the clock per 10000, rust is already developing and there is less than 10000ks (9000 in reality!!!) on the clock. Spend the extra dollars and get a real car that will be worth something in 5 years time….

    Go a Triton of NSW Posted on 30 January 2010 5:04pm
  • Sounds to me there’s a lot of jelous people out ther sitin round in ya bonds undies (made in china)ya Billabong tops (made in china) who drive over priced utes. traded my rodeo for 1, done 20k in it and not had any probs. saving 8-10 ltrs per 100k, work it out with the min 10k i saved buying it and the fuel saving if it did only last 5yrs its paid for itself.

    paul c Posted on 19 January 2010 10:28pm
  • I’m just looking forward to seeing Mediocre Motors (toyota) shafted by the Chinese.Won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. This is just the start…......bring it on

    You in the camry-its the pedal on the right. Posted on 16 January 2010 1:31pm
  • Looks like the red necks have awoken. I have never heard so much cr@p about safety triangles ever. Toyota couldn’t afford to fit half of a safety triangle in a Hilux due to the massive marketing spend on TV commercials and formula one.

    Get over re-sale people, it’s a 20K car that in 5-7 years time you will be driving down to the nearest salvation army bin and leaving it there with the keys in it, and you will still be thousands better off after calculating interest and depreciation on a 40-50K vehicle.

    Yes it’s cheap, no the glovebox won’t sound like a swiss bank vault when you close it. However insurance will be cheap and affordability is through the roof. Good on them for tackling badge envy head on.

    gb Posted on 11 January 2010 8:06pm
  • Yeah, but what about the terrible ANCAP safety rating. I mean 2 stars for a vehicle with a full chassis…. What the ??? AND the seatbelts failed causing the head of the driver to get STUCK in the steering wheel. Great Wall? More like a Great Way to die me thinks…....

    Dont buy cheap crap Posted on 09 January 2010 11:36pm
  • The 2.2L engine fitted to the SA220 is the Toyota 4Y engine. It is still being produced to this day and is being used in Toyota industrial applications. Very strong reliable motor.

    RM Posted on 28 December 2009 10:17pm
  • The top model has a mitsubhishi 2.4 (good engine), the bottom model has an copy of an old crap OHV toyota engine (non crossflow) that appeared in the 1988 tarago/hilux (it was a really crappie backwards engine for the time).  I am surprised that this old anchor actually passes any adr emission test this day and age.

    JJ Posted on 24 December 2009 6:26am
  • I know it’s pretty ugly,But what about the Mits Triton!What was it “Free drug taking in the design dept day?”

    Ne How Ma of Beijing Posted on 22 December 2009 8:08pm
  • My boss is getting me one of these as a company vehicle because he is a tight ass.But I reckon it’s probably more suited to me than a Honda Jazz.Someone said to me"at least it has a Japanese built drive train"But I bet it has a Chinese built drive train same as the 2.4 Mitsy’s.If it shits itself,I guess the Jazz looks OK!Rather Drive my Jazz than push the Great Wall!

    Ne How Ma of melb Posted on 22 December 2009 7:21pm
  • Remember when all the racists bagged the ‘Japs’ for ‘copying’ all the American cars.. Now the ‘Japs’ are the quality benchmark and leaders in sales. The Chinese have just begun - You haven’t seen anything yet. Racism is the prime motivation behind mot of the comments.
    They will improve the design - Because they are efficient - Get used to it - They’re workers, and the rest of the world depends on them.

    Darryl Hetherington of Queensland AU Posted on 22 December 2009 8:56am
  • China is a population of more then 1.3Billion People.. Most car Manufacturers are making a quick buck and trying to reduce this population by making cheap deathtraps. eg Great Walls Motors, It does cheap copies of otherwise proven design from Isuzu and made it in to one chepy with a very poor safety score. In fact I’ve found that most cars thats has a chinese brand are dodgy and have very bad safety rating. Is your life really worth that 10K or so you saved if you do get a bad accident?? For the cheap skates thats considering purchase of a Cheesy car, they should first find where its original design came from and try to purchase a good low milage one as it will cost less, holds its value better, be more realiable & probably has a better safer score. Conclusion is.. China, please keep your cheapy deathtraps to yourselves.

    Cameron Lee of Perth WA Posted on 21 December 2009 3:35am
  • Seems like a waste of perfectly good steel to me. Quickly Google ‘Volkswagen Magellan’ and you’ll see where they stole that abhorrent front end styling, and then look at the A-pillars back to see where they stole the rest of the truck. Furthermore, a 2.8L motor with 100kw should give you an indication of how old the design is. Keep your freak, deathtrap vehicles, China.

    Sig of Canberra Posted on 11 December 2009 4:09pm
  • I took the sa220 for a test drive and I found it to be exactly what I expected from a $20000 ute.  I thought it was under powered and would struggle towing.  The interior looked cheap and nasty but was functional.  My big worry was lack of safety features.  I’ll be be waiting a few more months to see if there’s any indication that the reliability isnt there.  Ultimately you get what you pay for and for $20,000 I think stacks up pretty well

    Cutto of Wagga Wagga Posted on 11 December 2009 2:47pm
  • My 2 month old V240 has already broken down twice and already has rust on the body. Has not even been treated rough, only on road so far, to and from work. Very disappointed so far, having had to pay for the 1000km service was a kick in the guts as well.

    Steven Williamson of Newcastle Posted on 09 December 2009 6:10pm
  • It is interesting how the article omits the fact, that these vehicles both perform absolutely pathetic in any kind of crash test. It also omits the point, that, based on their ANCAP rating, both the SA220 and the V240 are NOT suitable for carrying small children…good luck with that to any families out there! Great Wall exports these cars to the European Union as “bussiness vehicles only” taking advantage of the fact, that they dont need to get a crash test rating in that case.

    The logic mentioned in the comments, that Japanese cars suffered a bad rep before, therefore Chinese cars now must be just as good as a Toyota or Mazda, really escapes me. Its the same old story for GWC as it is for Brilliance…their cars at the moment are pieces of junk, cheap plastics and cheaper leather. Anyone driving them on a public road puts his life and that of everyone else around him in some serious danger.

    Alex Steiner of In a dry place. Posted on 09 December 2009 2:10pm
  • I bought an SA220 2 moths ago Great Comfortable ute RR springs on drivers side has slight sag gets into top gear and goes quite well very good paint job,although first service is not free yuk

    Steve MacCarthy of Wee Waa Posted on 07 December 2009 8:29am
  • These make my d-max look cheap.Im not impressed with isuzi selling the panel press to great wall.Nothing comes close to d-max preformance.

    Brad Taylor Posted on 02 December 2009 6:50pm
  • If what everyone is saying that these are copies of the older Rodeos then they will find a market - I owned one and it was simple cheap and reliable - however I wonder if the Chinese can match Isuzu’s quality - too early to tell - they could be a flop and you will get stuck with an unsellable heap….

    ex rodeo owner of canberra Posted on 27 November 2009 2:56pm
  • Why would you think the quality is any worse than the Thai built Jap utes you drive? When you talk crash test data what does the equivalent Thai built utes acheive? What about resale spend $45k on a Jap ute trade it for $15k after 4 years you lost $30k. Buy a Chinese ute for $25k give it to the Salvos after 4 years & your still $5k better off. Having worked for a major international manufacturer myself with production facilities in the USA, England, Australia & China & have no reason to fear chinese quality

    Michael Claydon of Brisbane Posted on 20 November 2009 5:43pm
  • Every thing I have and deal with comes from China, I am more as satisfied, here you can not get any service, go and have a look in China yourself , you will see the difference
    As soon as a 1 ton diesel arrives I will buy one, because China will be NR 1 soon

    Casey Remeysen of Mareeba QLD Posted on 19 November 2009 2:19pm
  • Have a look on the NRMA web site to see how well it did when crash tested.

    Arron Posted on 09 November 2009 12:52am
  • the comments are typical,if its got triangles it must be junk, old mercedes came with reflector triangles and i havent had to use them.  watchem.

    bill eyret of iluka Posted on 07 November 2009 5:49pm
  • going to test drive one today..thinking of trading in my 98 hilux for it.keep you all posted

    Chris from Warner Qld of qld Posted on 07 November 2009 1:11pm
  • Picked one up second hand with 15,100 on the clock for $7,000.  I will just provide only essential basic maintenance myself over the next 18 months - 2 years and see how it goes.  Then I’ll probably just buy a 2 year old Triton.  I normally tend to buy 2 year old cars with low kms but I want the current Triton.  Though using this Wall as a stop gap is likely to save me thousands over buying a new Triton today.

    Farsi Posted on 07 November 2009 12:54pm
  • What a laugh to read these comments on “Chinese pieces of crap”!  I can distinctly remember my father saying the same thing when Japanese vehicles arrived in Australia. Except then it was “Japanese pices of junk”!

    Peter of Darwin Posted on 05 November 2009 12:03am
  • What a laugh to read these comments on “Chinese pieces of crap”!  I can distinctly remember my father saying the same thing when Japanese vehicles arrived in Australia. Except then it was “Japanese pices of junk”!

    Peter of Darwin Posted on 04 November 2009 11:22pm
  • Can anyone tell me when the diesel model is going to hit our shores?

    Handy Andy of Deagon, Qld Posted on 04 November 2009 4:21pm
  • It was only a matter of time till they started selling them here. All the red necks are sooking like babies, watch they will be the people buying them once the banks take back the Hiluxs they couldn’t afford to start with. Wake up, China is here!! Look at everything in your house, whats not made in China? If it wasn’t for China, most of you couldn’t afford the computer your using now!!

    Gavin of Central Coast Posted on 02 November 2009 8:40pm
  • they must be crap if they supply hazard triangles

    Bob Brown` Posted on 22 September 2009 11:52am
  • The V240 has as standard supply, a “hazard-warning triangle” for use a breakdowns and crash scenes.

    Constructed to European/UN specifications, and so is *not* a junk item!  In the V240, this warning triangle is located behind the rear seat backrest - in its designated stowage spot - see the yellow label.

    *  Lights in the V240 rear bumper are combined reflex reflectors and rear fog lamps.  (*NOT* to be re-wired by DIY’ers as extra brake-lights).  Use of 12Pin trailer connector recommended.

    The V220 model also has the same hazard-warning triangle as standard supply; in this model the triangle is located UNDER the rear seat!

    V220 has rear fog lamps; lower red compartment of the taillight assembly, combined with the red reflex reflector function, & complete with P21 bulbs (top red compartment is TAIL/STOP). BUT - has NO activating switch! 

    Not - to be wired as ‘extra brake lights’, to do so will contravene ADR49/NVS in relation to photometrics.  (Means two distinct varying levels of stop light brightness).  A switch can be added to legally enable the rear fog function on this model if desired.

    Keepleft of Lake Macquarie, NSW Posted on 13 September 2009 12:51pm
  • I bought a v240 4x4 model am really happy with it so far ,have taken it to some really good offroad tracks and it handles the ruts and gullys as good as the others, all the toyota and nissan guys are curious and come over for a chat i wouldnt be surprised if half of them trade down to a V240

    cydrik winterbottom Posted on 05 September 2009 10:17am
  • They are an ‘..old generation..’ Rodeo perhaps ?  The V240 is not a copy of Mitsubishi it is a Mitsubishi drive train and the SA220 is a Toyota 2.2 L I heard ISUZU sold the Rodeo Press to Great Wall.  Similiar characteristics such as 240 cannot be converted to tray top (same as Rodeo) So copying (maybe not) remanufacturing (maybe yes)or…

    Glen Lys of Qld Posted on 04 August 2009 1:16pm
  • The Sa220 is a direct copy the 4y-e motor, and the V240 is a direct copy of a Mitsubishi motor (I think)and the diesel when it finally arrives in Australia is a copy of the 2.8TD Long Motor that was in the Rodeos.

    Mitch of Kalgoorlie, Australia Posted on 01 August 2009 7:19pm
  • test drove one of these yesterday. they drive pretty well. fair enough they are not in the same leage as a navara or hilux but what do you expect for 20k. give them a couple years an they will be right up there with toyota and such. phil is right the V240 does have ABS and Airbags.

    Anon of qld Posted on 01 August 2009 5:19pm
  • They said the same about Japanese cars and motorbikes in the 60’s.
    Look at them now

    Crankie Frisp of Melbourne Posted on 30 July 2009 3:19pm

    Crankie Frisp of Melbourne Posted on 30 July 2009 3:16pm
  • I reckon they look good but The reveiwers wrong the v240 does have ABS and Airbags I looked at one. Drove pretty good too. The only problem I reckon is resale.

    phil of ipswich Posted on 28 July 2009 2:02pm
  • doesnt seem too bad a looking unit. however..
    is it just me or did they steal the rear end of an older and a newer rodeo for both those models? and yeah, while were “comfortable buying chinese” we buy it knowing its cheap shit and will break sooner or later. i guess time will tell.
    anyone know anything about the motors?? i’d be interested to know what layout (OHC or not etc) and where they stole there design from, cos lets face it, the chinese dont invent stuff, they can just make it cheaper than you :D

    Benny of Dadelaide Posted on 27 July 2009 10:47pm
  • Live next door to one they look terrible, visibility must be poor because they couldnt back it, they looked like gooses.

    Tristan McC of Denistone Posted on 26 July 2009 9:22pm
  • Don’t let them on our roads… garbage.

    Aussie Posted on 23 July 2009 6:09pm
  • if you buy these cheap Chinese pieces of crap you are retarded & cheap, we all know they will fall apart like k-mart crap

    Jap-car-buyer Posted on 22 July 2009 10:23pm
  • They should rename the company to Great Rip-Off! These vehicles are merely copies of old [and older] model Isuzu/Holden Rodeos from the 80’s and 90’s. Sure, they’ve changed the front end styling, but it’s plain to see their lineage. That’s why none of them come with - even the option of - ABS, ESP or airbags. That’s because the donor vehicles that the Chinese copied them from didn’t offer this technology in the first place. And heaven forbid that they should spend money on developing these safety features now. No, they’d rather just bung in some cheap leather seat facings and hope the punters are stupid enough to buy. Pathetic….

    Robbie Montgomery of Brisbane Posted on 17 July 2009 1:33pm
  • any prizes for guessing its taking a lot of cues from the isuzu rodeo/colorado/d-max?

    jason Posted on 17 July 2009 11:43am
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