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Hyundai i30 1000km per tank

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    We give the Hyundai i30 a run for its diesel.

Like a fine wine our Hyundai i30 CRDi diesel hatch is getting better with age.

We've driven many cars in the name of fuel economy in past years but the i30 is the first one to actually travel more than 1000km on a single tank of fuel.

That's impressive and it makes the CRDi a very attractive proposition at $21,490. It's also the cheapest diesel-powered passenger car on the road.

Our test vehicle has passed the 10,000km mark, which in the past is generally the point we found diesels started to deliver better economy.

We had been regularly getting between 850 and 900km from the 53-litre tank. But, after spending the day with the glow of the low fuel light, we decided it was time to give the 1000km mark a crack. So, with 940km on the trip metre, we filled a five-litre can with diesel, stuck it in the boot and headed off.

With an official fuel consumption figure of 4.7 litres/100km, the i30 CRDi theoretically has a range of 1127km. But in our experience, vehicles rarely achieve this figure when it comes to the real world.

The i30 is powered by a 1.6-litre turbo diesel four-cylinder engine that delivers 85kW of power and 255Nm of torque from a low 1900rpm.

In our test car, the engine is hooked up to a five-speed manual transmission.

With plenty of torque, the i30 is a snack to drive, happy to dawdle around in just about any gear and it is not fazed by a full complement of passengers.

We specifically requested the entry level SX model to see what what drivers get for their money.

Until recently you couldn't get the diesel as an auto but this has changed and we look forward to giving it a run too.

For long distance commuting, the only thing we really miss is cruise control, which is unfortunately not available in combination with the diesel.

Many people point to the higher cost of diesel fuel but, if you take the time to work on the sums, you'll see that you still come out way in front.

An auto is obviously going to cost more, but the manual transmission is easy to use and poses no real drama unless you do a lot of city driving.

The suspension in the hatch benefits from local tuning and it shows in the way the car rides and handles.

Airconditioning is standard, but it struggles to bring down the temperature of the interior on very hot days and after the car has been sitting in the sun.

Rear leg room is generous and the rear seat splits 60:40 for longer loads.


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  • This is fantastic gas mileage! How can they improve the MPG within the engine? I think it would be interesting to learn how these cars are becoming so advanced in technology!

    celine sanderson Posted on 19 February 2014 8:06am
  • My i30 has about 3000K on the clock, and SOMETIMES at LOW SPPED experience and engine “bump bump” as if its starving on fuel….? This does not happen on high rev.Its only at speed under 60Kph ..Lately it seem to have disappeared .
    Overall I love my i30Diesel,

    Jimmy D of Dandenong North Vic Posted on 02 May 2012 2:17pm
  • I drive a Mazda 6 turbo diesel (64 litre tank) and regularly crack 1000 to 1100km per tank in city and suburban driving with a 55 litre fill (meaning there’s still 10 litres in the tank). Best result I ever got was 4.6litre /100km. Diesels are not ideal for city or short commutes. I do about 80km per day. There can be problems with DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) with diesels that are driven only in city.

    Paul Posted on 14 March 2012 9:11pm
  • Hi Mark, if you need a great performing diesel car, get a BMW, Merc, Audi or VW(TDI). Dont bother with i30’s, they are for the slave drivers like myself (60,000 k’s/year). I drive an i30 and love its handling, performance and economy… next car shall be an i30.

    mario of Australia Posted on 25 January 2012 4:20pm
  • We had been regularly getting between 850 and 900km from the 53-litre tank. But, after spending the day with the glow of the low fuel light, we decided it was time to give the 1000km mark a crack. So, with 940km on the trip metre, we filled a five-litre can with diesel, stuck it in the boot and headed off. Did you get your +1000K’s or not? What did you get out of a tank around town? Have you got any later model figures?

    bernie L'H of toowoomba Qld Posted on 27 August 2011 5:32pm
  • Driving an i30 wagon diesel, my average comsumption for was 13km to 15km per litre.

    Mark Teo of singapore Posted on 24 August 2011 8:54pm
  • I have an i30 diesel. I also drive a petrol turbo car but the boost lag in the i30 trumps it easily. Scenario: Lights go green, I floor it, the car creeps forward, I count to two then the wheels screech as it lurches forward and off we go. Terrible to turn in small gaps, you need to anticipate the delay. The only way to overcome this is to stall it up to 1.7k rpm with the brakes on. It has cruise but struggles to maintain speed on any incline, it drops 5km/hr when you hit the hill, then overshoots by 5km when the power kicks in (I would put this down to slow cruise control increment response coupled with full boost needed to do anything). Cruise on the flat works fine. Increments are controlled in ~4km/hr intervals. Here’s a tip, don’t get the auto, it’s a lazy 4 speed, it’s crap. If you floor it, the engine will only see max torque through 1st, then it just revs its head off like any auto box designed for a petrol car should. I would have loved to see a ‘smart’ diesel gearbox keep the revs in max torque range at all times with an ‘eco’ button for example. The diesel stinks, every time I get out of my car it smells like an old fruit truck just did a hill start in front of me.

    andrew of sydney Posted on 23 August 2011 10:04am
  • if you want a cruse control have a after market one fitted to your car i did and it works great

    N.Adamson of Perth Posted on 06 August 2011 4:16pm
  • I have a manual SX Diesel I30 which has gone 55k now. Last week I did 950km on a tank in city traffic which is my best performance so far. Last week I only got 870km with the tank, I tend to drive it with the turbo kicking in just above the 2700rpm’s which zips it through traffic.
    Overall I’m very happy with the I30 SX diesel, only thing I would have liked would have been a trip computer. I did drive an auto diesel once when my car wasn’t ready being serviced and it drove like a dog as you really couldn’t keep the rev’s up.

    M of Sydney Posted on 01 August 2011 10:29am
  • I bought an i30 diesel 1600 turbo. But I noticed that it needs about 10L/100km? What’s the problem?

    hamad madi of palestine Posted on 02 June 2011 4:27am
  • No Cruise Control ?????Shame, What did you poor whingers do before there was CC? Better you check next time you buy a lawn mower or wheel barrow, can’t possibly live without CC. Sheees!!!

    Calvin of Perth WA Posted on 09 April 2011 9:57am
  • After 20,000 k’s I like my I30 CRDI’s great torque, handling and finish but NOT its notchy 2nd gear slot. All other gear slots are fine - it’s only 2nd that’s cranky and it’s not something I can ignore in traffic. The dealer tweaked the gear change cables a bit with some improvement.  Hyundai have not been holding out the welcome mat on this one under warranty - apart from telling me to use a synthetic gear oil. Anyone else had similar problems ?

    Dennis OB of The Shire Sydney Posted on 04 December 2010 6:47pm
  • I bought an i30 diesel wagon with cruise control and i have never been so happy. I get between 1050 and 1150 a tank, which I use on a weekly basis for work and kids sports. The car costs me under $70 to fill. It?s smooth to drive and I have 2 teenagers who sit comfy in the back. We had 2 small problems one was CC related and one was top sun visor related but we took it to the dealer and they fixed them without question so the 5 year warranty is what they say it is. The only thing is I can?t find anywhere where it says how much drive is left when the fuel light goes on. Overall I really can?t fault this car or the deal we got for it.

    Donaleain of Barossa, SA Posted on 03 September 2010 8:57am
  • I have also bought a manual i30 CW Diesel, still too new to say too much except that the SX version I have was specified to come with factory cruise control and driving lights. The cruise control works well. I chose white so will see how the air conditioning copes but first impressions after an afternoon in direct and warm sunshine were fine, the car cooled quickly. The wagon drives beautifully, still tight from newness but shows power and economy that will more than satisfy my needs. I saw no reason to pay more for something supposedly classier or better. This car is comfortable, feels safe on the road (and certainly is according to road safety ANCAP rating). The 5 yr unlimited kilometres warranty is great. I think I am going to be very happy with this car.

    Greg Turner of Shoalhaven, NSW. Australia. Posted on 23 August 2010 7:03pm
  • Cruise control doesn’t come standard on the i30 sx diesel -if you want it ,most dealers will get you to fit one via their w/s at a cost of $900 and its not the same as the factory fitted item on the slx .The other option is you can get it fitted to your vehicle as they assemble it in Korea at a cost of $450 the only down side is it will take up to 3 months to get your vehicle.Good things come to those who wait!

    michael zerafa of hunter valley Posted on 03 June 2010 1:07pm
  • I have a new Genesis 4 door sedan with 100 miles. Terrible problem with drivers window. Leaks oil or water and looks like seal is broken but cleans off and problem will not go away. Brought back for service, after 3 hours they said problem fixed. Drove back to Bonita Springs and problem returned. Going to bring back to see if they can resolve this problem before I bring it to arbitration. Absolutely discouraged with this.

    mmarsh of bonita springs florida Posted on 21 May 2010 8:37am
  • Hi there just lashed out on an i30 cw, and its done me well,bought it for the economics(168 kms round trip per day) on the first full tank of diesel I knocked out 850 kms and that was with around town driving. No fuel light on so would have probably got another 50/80kms. Must say its nice and poky for a wagon and suites my family needs, its never going to be a Golf TDi there in a different league, but for the money you certainly have to have a serious look at the i30.  The amount of carnage on the roads is frighting so with the 5 star encap rating on the wagon its got to be another consideration.

    nicholas harker of wollongong Posted on 13 May 2010 5:32pm
  • i hv driven my i30 diesel now for a year…almost 20,000k….the first 10000k, fuel consumption was higher than claimed, but from 15000km it was spot on.  on Melb to Syd 880km I did it in 3/4 tanks about 110~120km/h and still have 1/4 tank for the next couple of days for driving.

    W Lee of sydney Posted on 13 May 2010 12:32am
  • It sounds like the i30 CRDi does not live up to its “Great Fuel Consumption ” name or does it have to do 10,000 km + to acheive this? I drive a Golf IV TSI petrol and get on average 6.8l/100km for a combined cycle. I was able to use a new Golf IV 2.0 TDI for a while and averaged 4.5l/100km combined cycle and worst was 5.1l/100km in the city, this was the DSG model, brilliant combo. I know the Golf is more expensive, but claiming super fuel figures is not acceptable no matter what you drive.

    Peter W of Brisbane Posted on 05 May 2010 3:47pm
  • people complaining about fuel consumption, please note, these cars are put in a room for 24 hours at a constant 26 degrees before the 11 minute test, might I add in a room with NO wind resistance, no driver (extra weight) in the car. I have a customer who is telling me I am lying that this is how the test is done, but he will not ring consumer affairs or the green car guides, for him to be told there is at least a 35% leeway in these figures. Any decent salesman will tell you that these figures will only be matched in laboratory or as a freak of nature, do your homework about both sides of the story before believing everything you read, the fuel consumption figures are so you can compare different makes of cars because the have ALL gone through the same tests

    F Rustrated Posted on 08 May 2009 11:42pm
  • I bought my I30 diesel through a broker, $21990 on the road and delivered to my door.  Think I’ll be using a broker again. 
    I have done about 7.5k now and am very, very happy, great car.  On a trip from Hervey Bay to Newcastle, achieved 4.4 litres per 100, can’t complain about that.
    Around town, not so good:  started of at 5.8 for the first tank, every tank since has been worse, now up to high sixes (have had a worst of 7.8 litres per 100).
    I have had it in to the local Hyundai dealer only to be told by the service manager, before his team had even looked at it, that he was sure it was a dodgy fuel issue.  And you guesed it, when I picked it up, they said they coudn’t find anything wrong with it.
    Great car, lousy after sales service!!!

    Tony H of Hervey Bay QLD Posted on 19 March 2009 6:36pm
  • I ordered a 2009 i30 SLX CRDi a couple of weeks ago - my first ever brand new car.  It won’t be here until mid-January.  I have had Toyotas for the last 15 years and I wanted a new Corolla Levin ZR.  On taking one for a test drive, I was very disappointed.  On taking the i30 for a test drive, I was very impressed.  Just one question - can you get seat covers that are compatible with the side-impact airbags?  With the help of a company that orders in bulk, my car will be delivered to my door 12 hours north of Perth with a full fuel tank, rear spoiler, tinted windows, dash mat, cargo mat, floor mats, all on-road costs paid and 12 months rego for $29295 - $1400 less than the dealer wanted to charge (and that was without delivery and the tank of fuel - which would have cost over $1000).  Silly thing is the same dealer will be supplying the car.  BTW the salesman at the dealership wanted $200 more for the spoiler and $100 more for the window tint.

    M Lloyd of WA Posted on 25 November 2008 9:51am
  • “Many people point to the higher cost of diesel fuel but, if you take the time to work on the sums, you’ll see that you still come out way in front.”

    WTF? Do the math.

    Out in front when?In 150,000km mark!!

    ottoau Posted on 19 October 2008 1:38pm
  • Ordered my manual i30 Diesel SLX on 7th February 2008 after being knocked out by a test drive, and after test driving everything else available from Skoda through Ford to Citroen. I pick it up next Friday (3rd October). Almost 8 months later. According to the dealer there is a substantial backlog of unfulfilled orders due to strikes at the plant in Korea, & huge demand for the i30 in Europe. Almost the same story as you Garry, listed my old car for sale expecting to wait a few weeks before it did, but it sold in 2 days. All credit to the dealer, without me asking they offered a loaner until the i30 arrives. It seems Hyundai have become victims of their own success…......every review of this vehicle I have read has been good…...for anyone else waiting you may need to have the patience of a Saint…..

    Martin Charles Moore of Perth Australia Posted on 27 September 2008 1:23am
  • Heres more of an update on car (i30) situation. Put my current day drive that I,am selling in the weekend paper thinking it would take couple weeks to sell, unbelivable sold it day two.Following day like bad carma Hyundi salesmen rang me to say car will not land on australia shores till October 13th my car should be ready for pick up 1/2 week of September.When I explained my problem of no car to get around in he said sorry .Peoples is it not unreasonable to ask to borrow a car of the lot to get me around to/fro from work till my car is here.Yes I did not think my day drive would sell just like that ,actually thought it would take a month or more, but the fact is I ordered a car from hyundi first week in April,Told Delivered June/July now its going to be September, thats 7 months of waiting.Well I think they (HYUNDIA) could have being a bit more sympathetic and said yep we told you this date and this has happened very very sorry heres a small car to drive while we get your car here for you but no, not happy jan and not happy with the service .Hopefully this fairytale gets better soon.

    Garry of Perth WA Posted on 28 August 2008 7:05pm
  • Good postive feed back here I like what I am hearing but heres my big whinge.My wife and I did the foot work walkes and drove four different models and ordered an i30 diesel in APRIL 2008, were told by the salesman car here in JUNE/JULY. Then he rang us and said good news car now comes with curise control on SLX model I was happy asI did not order c/c.July came and went no car. I rang the dealer he was very sorry car not here till late SEPTEMBER something about a strike at the building plant.MAN you would think for such a popular car that they would have their act together when it comes to delivery of a product Any one else still waiting?????

    Garry of Perth WA Posted on 25 August 2008 11:11pm
  • Have done 8,000kms in my 1.6 crdi manual. This is a great car. On the negative side 5.7 ltrs/100kms is the norm and i do mostly country cruising. 3.8 has been achieved but snail pace at 1500 rpm in all gears. not realistic. so Ford Focus/Astra can also achieve 5.7 or even less but I have had an Astra diesel and the i30 is as good. It would be even more economical if it had a 6th gear like those makes. It under steers a little too much at some speeds. I have a back injury and the seats are near perfect with more squab needed under thighs for big guys. A little more rake in seat adjustment would be good just an extra inch. The power is great esp up hills. The car is very quiet and rides soft even on dirt roads. 1000kms is achievable one tank but only just. I tow a 600 kgms caravan and it does it with ease. Hyundai have come a long long way since their early excel’s which I owned. pity so many people have them fresh in their memory cause this car deserves better. I do 70,000 kms a year and will update to another i30 when the time comes.

    Tony Dawson of Euroa Vic Posted on 21 August 2008 1:30pm
  • Found out today that the next shipment of i30 diesels will have ESP as standard, across all models and Cruise control standard on the SLX diesel model, and a factory fit option on the SX diesel
    They are planning a 4 day clearance sale on i30’s to make way for the upgraded specs model in the next few weeks

    Good News for All!!!!

    kim g Posted on 14 August 2008 11:07pm
  • Diesel SLX is getting factory cruise from now on (Manual and Auto, steering wheel controlled)

    Robin Graves of DurkaDurkaStan Posted on 27 July 2008 11:54pm
  • After 1,000’ ks I can say the I30 diesel is truly a great car. It’s got awesome torque, accellerates with punch, cruises up and down highway hills like a V8, corners and brakes well and goes 800 to 900ks on a tank.
    It’s not floaty like some small mediums and rides like a bigger car. Some owners have knocked a wooden feel in the steering - I haven’t noticed this - it’s direct and secure.
    I normally drive a XT 2.5 turbo Forester Subaru (160 KW and 320NM) which goes like a rocket but now I prefer to drive my I30.

    I would never have dreamed of buying Hyundai “Well done Hyundai,  keep making cars like this one and I’ll buy em !”

    Dennis O'Brien of Sydney Aust Posted on 22 July 2008 5:24pm
  • Why have a go at people who want cruise control.Your just showing your age or innability to accept other peoples view. I install cruise as a job and i have come to realise that people either love it or just dont care.No in between.Just let those who love it enjoy the luxury of it and continue on yourself doing it the hard way.

    Tom Murray of nsw Posted on 18 July 2008 12:33am
  • I acknowledge Carsguide hasn’t tested the new Sonata auto diesel yet but I have driven it & an auto I30 diesel back to back last week. The spec.sheets for the Sonata suggests it weighs 1711kgs or 170 kgs heavier than the 2.4 petrol equivelent. That’s heavier than a new auto Ford Falcon. The stat sheet on the I30 auto diesel suggests it weighs only 31 kgs more than the petrol I30. The Sonata auto diesel is rated to only tow 1100 kgs against the petrol Sonata rated at 1700 kgs. Even the I30 diesel is rated at 1200 kgs. 3 emails to Hyundai seeking clarification resulted in one response suggesting the figures are correct. Could this suggest Hyundai has some major reservations about the auto gearbox coping with the weight of the car plus the load.
    In saying that the Sonata didn’t feel like it was nose heavy but it was not as agile as the I30 & was noisier at idle although this settled down once up to cruising speed. The I30 felt more lively as well.

    Mark Lamerton of Gold Coast Posted on 15 July 2008 7:09pm
  • For those possible purchasees of this vehicle put off by the lack of cruise on the crdi engined vehicles, dont fret as Hyundai are shipping these cars with cruise, very soon.

    According to Hyundai (from an email I sent to them) the Aussie importers simply forgot to request this on initial configuration of the cars.

    Seems that all diesel models from late July will be fitted as standard in the SLX model (both auto and manual).

    CraigD of Sydney Posted on 06 July 2008 1:34am
  • Having sold vehicles for Toyota for 2 years I was shocked at the sheer quality of the I30. It is a well rounded vehicle that does in-fact ticks all the boxes for style, quality, enjoyment and most importantly value for money. I am a proud Toyota owner and, yes, was at one stage a slave to the Toyota marketing. Meaning I was convinced they were the be all and end all of quality. Sadly this is no longer the case. In professional experience Hyundai, with their 5 year warranty and one a year servicing, are fast changing the way in which consumers perceive the brand in general. All you need to do is look at what Hyundai have planned for Australia over the next year or two to see a huge change is coming, and quality including a great price is on Hyundai’s agenda. The I30 is the flagship for this new look Hyundai. I still love Toyota, and will always be a Toyota man; however I loose no sleep worrying that I have sold an inferior product compared to the other ‘big’ models.

    Cruise can be fitted for $400 you cheap so and so…

    Oh, and if you need cruise control, I suggest you stop driving now. last time I checked there wasn’t a section in the current driving test that covers cruise control… by that train of thought it sounds as though you need a little thing called common sense… step one, look at the number on the big white sign in the red ring, step two don’t accelerate beyond that speed… then you can enjoy great fuel savings and no speeding tickets! How wonderful is that!

    joed of perth Posted on 01 July 2008 2:38pm
  • I can’t get over how many people are stating that even though the car ticks all the boxes for them, they refuse to buy just because there’s no cruise control. What did you all do in the days before cruise control was available? [...or were you all too young to drive back then?] There’s a thing at the bottom of your leg called an ankle. It works kind of like a hinge- use it and you don’t need to worry about speeding tickets.

    Wazza of Sydney Posted on 28 June 2008 9:41am
  • No Cruise Control - what you save in fuel economy could be lost in speeding fines.

    Ted of Sydney Posted on 21 June 2008 3:02pm
  • Gday to all, can some one tell me the best family size diesel car on the market, something with a little space, I currently drive a All WheelDrive 2005 Magna.

    Norman Fraser of Roma Qld Posted on 20 June 2008 12:04pm
  • I am looking at buying a new car soon and I was considerign the CRDI i30 until i too realised there was no cruise control….

    Ryan Posted on 19 June 2008 9:31pm
  • I drive a diesel i30.  I have no problems getting 100km out of a tank.  Recently I got 1230km before the distance to empty on the i30 stopped registering.  It does this with about 50km left, so undoubtedly I could have gotten a little more out of the tank.  However, I didn’t want to have air get in the fuel system, so I stopped and added 10 litres from a can in the back.

    Someone mentioned they would stick to their Mondeo petrol until petrol reached $2 a litre.  The way prices are going up, you haven’t got long to wait.

    The various other makes of diesel C-class vehicles from Europe are great cars.  Having said that, lets’s not get in a war with all this ego pumping.  Whatever way you look at it, Hyundai deserves to be praised for developing a car that is up there with the best.  And give Hyundai a couple of months and I believe it will market the i30 diesel with cruise control as standard.

    Bob Posted on 23 May 2008 9:17pm
  • After looking at almost every small/medium sized car on the market and test driving half a dozen of them I put a deposit on a Hyundai i30 CRDi SLX today. Would never have considered a Korean car but this is so different in style and quality I just couldn’t go past it.

    Phil of Melbourne Posted on 17 May 2008 7:43pm
  • i have had my i30 crdi since the 14/11/07. such a fun car to drive, but i did change the wheels and tyres on it. my only bug bear with the car is when i fill up with diesel is the price disparity between that and unleaded petrol. there is no reason why diesel is up to thirty cents a litre dearer than unleaded. other than the mongrel petrol companies being excessively greedy. is there any wonder why inflation is going through the roof. LOOK AT THE MONGREL PETROL COMPANIES. diesel is cheaper to produce yet they make maximum profit out of it.  other than that i love my i30 crdi.

    Andrew Herridge Posted on 02 May 2008 1:12am
  • I dont know what the fuss is about.  I regularly get 1000+ Kilometres from the 55 litre tank in my VW 2.0TDI with DSG.  Long term average economy is 5.1 l/100km.
    I have seen over 1200 kilometres on a tank on a trip through outback NSW.
    The VW will sit on 100 kph regardless of hills,
    I wouldn’t touch a hybrid after experiencing a diesel.

    David Palmer of Dromana Posted on 01 May 2008 9:12pm
  • What’s exciting is the price - after doing some shopping around, the I30 the cheapest diesel I’ve found…unless anyone else can enlighten me?

    Tracey of Gold Coast Posted on 01 May 2008 4:24pm
  • Has anyone driven this vehicle? Is the diesel engine noisier than the petrol?
    It seems to tick all the boxes for me. Thx for the anticipated answer!

    Chris Moore of Sackville North Posted on 01 May 2008 4:07pm
  • What would you choose, a 2004 Prius for $22,000, or a Citroen C3 HDI, a Hyundai i30, or Peugeot 307

    R Neil Lanceley of Sydney Posted on 01 May 2008 9:36am
  • What is so exciting about this?  My Peugeot 307 has been achieving these figures as normal since 2002.  Its predecesor a Peugeot 306 managed these figure - second hand in 1996.

    DGR Posted on 30 April 2008 6:59pm
  • Kel Stop winging!

    peter of Sydney Posted on 30 April 2008 6:01pm
  • Kel….Some car makers like Toyota will void the engine warranty if you put an after market cruise!!!.....anyway in 2008 we shouldn’t have to do that,  why is Hyundai so lazy???? the i-load doesn’t offer cruise even as an option as well!!!

    Carl of sydney Posted on 30 April 2008 5:38pm
  • then get aftermarket cruise control… duh !  I had it fitted to other vehicles on previous occasions, and it works just fine…..really?...oh, forget it!

    Kel of Newcastle Posted on 30 April 2008 11:18am
  • The omission of cruise control seems incredibly stupid or lazy??? because diesel engines are perfectly suited for highway driving and that’s where the right leg will get sore specially after 1000k’s…..other than that Hyundai have done a great job with this car!!!!

    I won’t consider a car without cruise!!!!....nearly bought one a few weeks back just before i was ready to sign i realised cruise wasn’t even an option so i went with an 18 month old e-gas Falcon instead… had 13,600k’s and cost $21,000 so as you can see Hyundai lost my sale because of NO cruise!!!

    Carl of sydney Posted on 29 April 2008 10:58pm
  • I drive a Peugeot 307 XSE HDi 2 litre diesel, and driving from home to Adelaide (in peak hour traffic)and back, regularly return around 5.1 lph. In other words, I am driving in heavy traffic for over 40% of the time, Given that, I would say that I would make hybrids of most types look sick. Vichet, have you actually driven a diesel (or hybrid) to quantify your statement? Just what does your Mondeo return?

    Trevor of Barossa Valley Posted on 29 April 2008 5:18pm
  • I’ve got one and I live in the country.  I can acheive over 1000 km’s nearly every tank.  I got cruise control fitted and not only is it frugal but it rides really well and I can frighten my passengers with the zippy performance if I want too.  Very impressive!!!!  In the country nobody wants Hybrids because no one can fix them and the replacement batteries are incredibly expensive.

    Gavin Morrow Posted on 29 April 2008 4:21pm
  • I thought pollution from diesel fuel was more toxic than from petrol. Is this correct?

    Paula of perth Posted on 29 April 2008 3:42pm
  • 1000 km in country driving is easy to achieve. Try bumper to bumper traffic at peak hour where this common. That’s where the hybrids start kick ass. I’ll stick with my 2 litre Mondeo until petrol costs $2 per litre.

    vichet. Posted on 26 April 2008 11:19pm
  • I looked very closely at the i30 - I had to have diesel - I love the drivability and economy - I also hate frequenting the servo, anyway I didn’t buy it for one reason NO CRUISE CONTROL !  What a major oversite in this country.  Instead I bought one of the last new Peugeot 307 Xs HDi Touring (wagon) and has lived up to my expectations.  From new the first trip totalled 1080 klms including 2 hours driving in Sydney CBD one hour of which was VERY slow I used 57.5 litres of diesel.  On another tank I went to and from work for 2 weeks and around town to the gold coast and back totalled 1052 klms and used 55.5 litres.  It has a good ride, not to low (has higher roof) so is easier to get in and out easy to park in tight spots has plenty luggage capacity - I put a Huge two stroke wipper snipper in - easy. The cruise is easy to use and the speed limiter gets a work out in the 40 klm/hr School Zones…
    I could go on for ever…...............................

    Martin Lang of Regional Qld Posted on 25 April 2008 11:27pm
  • Hi Jules,
    Second paragraph. Yes, I did get 1000km from the one tank. Forget about the badge. This is an impressive car and deserves a spot of your shopping list.

    Chris Riley Posted on 23 April 2008 3:58pm
  • Hey so did you make it to 1000 kms this article doesnt seem quite finished??

    Jules of Sydney Posted on 23 April 2008 1:05pm
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