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Ford Falcon FG MKII EcoLPI review

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    In front of the Commodore every day and certainly in front of the Falcon Ecoboost.

Peter Barnwell road tests and reviews the Ford Falcon FG MKII EcoLPI and answers the big questions.

We turn the spotlight on the car world's newest and brightest stars as we ask the questions to which you want the answers. But there's only one question that really needs answering -- would you buy one?

What is it?

Ford has a bunch of powertrain alternatives in its Falcon these days — including a new 2.0-litre turbo four called the EcoBoost. There are naturally aspirated and force fed 4.0-litre petrol sixes and the EcoLPi gas burning 4.0-litre six though it doesn't really burn gas, it consumes LPG in a liquid state.

How much?

The EcoLpi range starts at $39,735 for the base XT model. We drove the next model up G6 at $43,335. Is it worth the extra dosh? Not really.

What are competitors?

Holden's new LPG Commodore as of now and possibly the Toyota Hybrid Camry which is a smaller car — with the same mind-set.

What's under the bonnet?

Plenty of poke comes from the 4.0-litre straight six that's been extensively modified to run liquid phase gas — a system that runs very much like the normal Falcon petrol injection system. The EcoLPi scores different pistons, higher compression, altered transmission, fuel line upgrade and other techo stuff.

How does it go?

Really well, significantly better than the petrol six offering strong off the line and mid-range response, quiet and smooth running, no hiccups or backfiring thank you very much.

Is it economical?

Goes through about 12.3-litres of LPG/100km but running costs are low due to the price of LPG, currently around the 80 cent mark or about half what you pay for petrol. The Federal Government is looming with progressive exise on the fuel — just to make it less attractive. Boot space is compromised.

Is it green?

Somewhat better than petrol but you use more so.....

Is it safe?

Falcon FG is a five star car augmented on the MkII model with reverse sensors and more air bags as well as other detail changes.

Is it comfortable?

It's an excellent car to cover long distances, supple, smooth, quiet, powerful and it won't break the bank at the bowser.

What's it like to drive?

Still a big barge but roomy and comfortable. The brakes feel a bit mushy , the steering is fairly direct and the ride is compliant. Ideal family hack dynamics.

Is it value for money?

The G6 is getting up there closing on 45 grand so we'd be happy with the XT even though spec' is less. Four grand is nothing to sneeze at.

Would we buy one?

Yes, in front of the Commodore every day and certainly in front of the Falcon Ecoboost which would be about the same in fuel useage as the standard six.


Price: from $39,735
Warranty: 3 year, 100,000km
Safety: Five star, ANCAP
Engine: 6 Cylinder, 4.0 Litre, LPG, 198kW/409Nm
Transmission: Sports Automatic, Rear Wheel Drive
Body: 4 Door Sedan
Thirst: 12.3 / 100Km, CO2 199g/km
Weight: 1718kg

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  • G6 Ecolpi that is.

    Nikontheroadagain of on the road Posted on 13 February 2014 10:17pm
  • My G6 gets me from A to B economically and comfortably without stress. Who cares if it takes me a few seconds longer. I certainly don’t.  Those petrol heads will be visiting the mechanics far more than me.

    Nikontheroadagain of on the road Posted on 13 February 2014 10:11pm
  • there was no match involved from what I can see.
    the dude ‘harris’ randomly spat out what he had to say i guess. On his side however the petrol version is cheaper to run overall as you do not have to spend time at the servo. The fact is ECO Lpi costs more to fix when the troubles start after all the motor is a motor purely designed for petrol not GAS, LPG is LPG and that is what it “is” , not what it ought to be “ought” as per the imposed beliefs by the factory.
    Thus it appears that yes it is empirically true that the LPG is cheaper per Liter of LPG versus petrol.
    However…overall the petrol for this matter is a faster car. It responds faster and when you of course spend some cash it does go quicker, on RON98 that is + it revs higher thus allows for further acceleration for what hoons consider as hauling versus a shorter reving LPi model , akin to the 5,000rpm peak power of 182kW BA XT.

    so essentially yes it appears that the LPi is cheaper to fill, you need to be at the serve more often though and the car is more lethargic, somewhat brisker than stock petrol when running RON91, however once RON98 is ran, the petrol outsrpints it.

    I think that ‘harris’ was referring to power.

    tony fratullo of Brissy Posted on 27 June 2013 4:46pm
  • harris of darwin, it costs me less then $9 (@ $0.65 per l) per 100km to drive my 2012 XR6 ecoLPI. I regularly get less than 13 l/100km and it is more cost effective than driving a Corolla in the same peak hour traffic. Even at 10l per 100km for a petrol Falcon you would be looking at $13.5 per 100 km. I drive 25,000km p.a. so I am at least $1,000 better off every year. Your maths is flawed.

    Igor of Melbourne Posted on 22 April 2013 9:10pm
  • the petrol version is more efficient on RON98 petrol.
    it makes 208 kilowatts at 6000RPM and over 420Nm of torque at mere 3250RPM.
    it out accelerates the Eco Lpi model by almost two full car lengths, but only on more expensive RON98, where RON95 is somewhat identical, still quicker due to engines willingness to revv up to 6200RPM limit in PERF mode.
    However on RON91 the Petrol variant is approx half a car length behind the Lpi version.
    So stick with RON98 and you’ll always lead and have 300s of a second advantage including a greater mileage per every L of fuel notwithstanding the fact that LPG is cheaper to fill, the LPG is also used up faster. RON98 is more expensive but in the petrol variant of a Falcon FG XT it really makes a car go harder and livelier and brisker than the LPG variant. LPG variant is overrated and pumped out of proportion and is NOT faster than Petrol or more economical. It is all essentially reduced down to the fact that the LPG is cheaper to buy, but you do and will actually spend more time at the petrol station than on the road. At the end of the day nothing beats petrol. A bottle of Nulon pro street octane boost also bumps the power to 216kW so go the petrol!

    harris of darwin Posted on 29 March 2013 12:54pm
  • Is it comfortable?  Yes YesYes - drove it Murray Bridge to Alice Springs in one day (daylight Hours 1625 klms) very economical (dedicated gas) and beautiful to drive - no problems.

    D. Steinborner Posted on 28 September 2012 5:09pm
  • RELIABILITY RELIABILITY RELIABILITY.They have never learnt this lesson. Until ford australia learns this leason they will go BROKE.

    DANIEL CONTE of wollongong Posted on 23 September 2012 7:14pm
  • “certainly in front of the Falcon Ecoboost which would be about the same in fuel usage as the standard six”

    TOTALLY WRONG!!! The EcoBoost is much more fuel efficient, a worthy addition to the engine options…

    Nick of Newcastle Posted on 28 May 2012 8:27am
  • Is it comfortable? No its not, the standard spec falcons are comprimised for packaging in the drivers seat, I’m just over 6 foot tall, and I have significant trouble getting the driving position comfortable at all. Seat right back, steering right up and out, yet my knees still hit the wheel getting in and out, and unless I adjust the steering wheel inward once I get in my arms are bent too far to be comfortable on anything but a short drive, the pedals STILL feel offset from the seat. etc etc etc, pretty ordinary in a large car.

    DaleW Posted on 25 May 2012 8:48am
  • Why is it the tone of your article appears condescending. By all accounts the engine is excellent and the power output for LPG is above and beyond expectations. A locally designed and manufactured product which is word class.This is another example of Aussie manufacturers and Ford in particular not being given deserved respect.

    Mark of Adelaide Posted on 24 May 2012 6:40pm
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