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Petrol price pumps survey response

image We want to know what you think about hybrid cars, bio fuels and all things green.

Last week?s oil price hike sent a flurry of people to state their stance in the carsguide online green motoring survey.

While just over 200 people had responded to the survey over the previous fortnight, more than 400 logged on to have their say in the couple of days after oil prices hit the front page on Thursday – and more are expected to do the same before the survey finishes after this weekend.

“The rush of response in such a short time shows just how concerned people are about the skyrocketing fuel prices, carsguide chief operating officer Tony Burrett said.

“It’s reached the stage where people are having to go without things – and I don’t mean luxuries, but even little things like buying lunch at work – so they can cope with fuel bills.”

However, while people were concerned enough to answer the survey, their responses showed the car industry might have a long way to go before it can attract them into greener cars.

As the results stand at the moment, 36 per cent say hybrid cars are too expensive, while 31 per cent said hybrids didn’t offer the features they wanted. Only 5 per cent said the environment was not a priority for them.

The interim results are showing a growing acceptance of bio-fuels, with 44 per cent of people believing the fuels are good at reducing the carbon emissions of cars.

More than 60 per cent so far have admitted they’ve used fuel in driving a short distance because they didn’t feel like walking, and 70 per cent acknowledging they use their car to get to places they could access with public transport.

However, questions about the public transport system revealed 33 per cent found it an inconvenience, while close to 30 per cent find it unreliable.

To add your say to the survey, log on to and click on the link at the right hand side of the home page.

The full results will be analysed after the survey closes off following this weekend.

 Click here to complete our green survery

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  • The petrol companies have it all their way as the government makes billions out of petrol. So don’t wait for them to do the right thing. I remember back in the 70s it was stated on the radio in Sydney that if petrol went up half a cent the government made 19 million dollars. Does anyone remember when metric conversion happened? Petrol was 28 cents a gallon and over night it went up to 28 cents a litre. Work the sums, that’s a heck of a price hike, please feel free to put me straight if I’m wrong. We have a tourist crisis in Australia, people go overseas as it’s cheaper, why don’t fuel companies or Government give reductions for travelling by car on holiday’s in the way of a Fuel card for the time you are travelling and when you cash it in, it’s worked out on a reduced flat rate.

    Terry Mashford of Oxenford, QLD Posted on 13 April 2012 9:21pm
  • i can,t work why l.p.g. is 79.9 cents a liter when china and jaoan buy it for a fraction of the cost can any body help me.

    richard oliver of melbourne. vic. Posted on 09 March 2012 8:29pm
  • The australia oil companys should be told to keep your prices down on the petrol becauce has been too many lies for years to us ever at our christms holidays come up the petrol must up, the oil company some father and mothers could afford to take any members of the family because of the petrol price accc will allow them to get away with it for many years to come and the same old thing will happens. I would rather to put a steam engine in my car then petrol ora push bike .

    frank gorry of brisbane qld Posted on 17 January 2012 8:39pm
  • The ACCC are about as much use as an accordion is to a duck hunter.
    I live in Thailand and the price is exactly the same amongst all the different petrol companies, does not change at all on a daily or even monthly basis and is the same price the entire country. Diesel is cheaper than ULP, as it should be, its only a byproduct after all.
    I can’t for the life of me understand how the government allows price fluctuations of 15-20 cents on a weekly schedule when there is absolutly no change in the price of oil. What a government sponsored rip off!!

    graham Posted on 01 July 2010 2:16pm
  • In Sydney last weekend the fuel price in the north west suburbs was around 122.9 while Brisbane was 132.9.  Can anyone explain such a big gap in prices between two East Coast cities where costs of production are equivalent?  It looks like just another fuel company agreement to rip us off and the ACC and federal Government continue to show their impotence.

    Blue of Brisbane Posted on 17 March 2010 8:18am
  • why as lpg risen 20 cents in the last cpl of months getting around 65cents compared to 42cents last year just a other rip off

    michael martin of penrith Posted on 02 March 2010 8:04am
  • The petrol price rip off continues as well all know the ACCC is as useless as a hip pocket in a singlet. The Federal government is one of the main parties to the rip off, in company with the oil companies.  The higher the price at the pump the more TAX?s we pay to the government. So the federal government could if they wanted do the right thing but they will not and they help the rip off ? that?s why they will not prosecute the oil companies.

    Had enough of Brisbane Posted on 18 November 2009 8:53am
  • Price today for a 205 litre barrel of oil $59 usd.
    Last year about this time $145 usd a barrel.
    We are all being ripped off by the petro barons.
    At my reckoning petrol should be 57 cents a litre

    Ronny Eaton of brighton Posted on 11 July 2009 7:15pm
  • I have noticed that the oil companies have found a new way to make money. I used to pay 10c more to use 98 pulp rather than ulp but now the gap has increased 13c. One
    reason they are able to sneak this by is that most servo’s do not put the price on their
    boards like they do with the other fuels. So it is a hidden price. They should be forced
    to put in on the board like other fuels. I understand the oil companies closed some refineries in Singapore in doing so are able to limit the supply and increase the price
    and the governments let them.  Yours Geoff Woods.

    Geoffrey Woods of Carnegie Victoria Posted on 12 February 2009 1:49pm
  • what I would like to know is why do we pay an extra 20 to 25 cents dearer for our fuel per liter than the southern state we pay right now 1,18.9 not really fair is it ,

    didier robaye of Darwin nt Posted on 14 January 2009 10:25pm
  • It’s good that governments are starting to look at their vehicle purchases with an eye to the environment. They can end up with a mor efficient fleet rather than buying dinosaurs just because they’re made here. They normally only need to transport a person or two and a briefcase.  A car might only serve a year or two in a fleet, but is likely to be operating in the community for 15 or 20 years.

    Angus Bruce Posted on 20 October 2008 2:21pm
  • Unfortunately if the fuel prices at stations were all roughly the same i wouldnt have anything to complain about. one day one station was 1.72 for desiel and another was 1.57 and the other was 1.81 somethings not right and no one who has the power want’s to look at it.

    Matthew Green of VIC Posted on 19 October 2008 4:50pm
  • Buying lunch at work IS a luxury. Global warming and rising fuel costs means we are going to have to take a few steps back from our comfortable lifestyle. This may happen voluntarily or it could be forced, but it will happen. The sooner we accept this the less painful it will be.

    Robert Smith of Darwin Posted on 28 May 2008 11:13am
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