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Holden ute to the USA

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    The car was even unveiled by rapper 50 Cent at the New York Motor Show as a Pontiac..

Holden Commodore ute looks set to get an export deal.

The homegrown Holden ute is almost certain to follow in the tyre tracks of its Commodore sedan stablemate and be exported to North America.

The Commodore will be sold in the US from next year as a performance sedan and now it seems the ute will follow soon after. Reports out of the US claim that General Motors has renewed the trademark of the El Camino name, an iconic car-based Chevrolet pick-up sold between 1959 and 1977.

The classic 1970s El Camino has earned recent notoriety in the hit TV series, 'My Name Is Earl' and North American enthusiasts have longed for a revival of the iconic model. The Holden ute was supposed to be exported to North America in 2009 -- all re-engineering work was completed and the car was even unveiled by rapper 50 Cent at the New York Motor Show as a Pontiac.

But that deal ended before exports could begin because the brand was folded in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis. Holden spokesman Sean Poppitt told News Limited: "We haven't made a decision on the next generation ute or its presence in export markets outside Australia.

"However there is the free trade agreement between the US and Australia which means we are not precluded from selling Australian-made light commercial vehicles in the US market." Foreign pick ups and utes rarely make it onto North American soil because they are subject to a 25 per cent import tariff. The US and Australia FTA means there is no tariff barrier.

The US website GM Authority reports that the Chevrolet El Camino trademark was renewed on August 9, 2012. "Any speculation on the trademarking of the El Camino name is just that: speculation. However we are keeping our options open," the Holden spokesman said.


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  • The el camino was produced and sold in the US from 1959-1987. With a small lapse of production in the 60's. Importing american designs made in australia after shutting down the wide body plants in detroit and canada if absolutely stupid. just retool the plants for rear wheel drive assembly and bring back american cars and stop making junk. About ford? they don't bring the four door ranger witch is successful everywhere to US markets because we have to buy bigger more expensive trucks to get four doors. The american car business is all about Ipod. plug in your Ipod and that way you can forget your driving an ugly peice of foreign shit. If you need Ideas I know thousands of unemployed and hundreds of thousands of under employed american who can help you design and build cars that don't suck.

    Build better cars Posted on 17 June 2013 9:27pm
  • Heard it before 1000 times, I call BS, will believe it once it has happened..... which is doubtful

    JMac of Ya Mum's Bed Posted on 11 December 2012 6:37pm
  • Great to see Holden are still thinking exports are a good way to keep manufacturing in Australia unlike Ford who threw in the towel years ago when they dropped the Falcon Wagon just when the Commodore Wagon went gang busters. Ford is manufacturing to fail, then they can blame the public because they wouldn't buy our cars. Well hello... if you build what we want and NOT what you think we should buy we "will" buy Ford. Its about time Ford woke up and the Federal Government started taxing importers of those 5cent runabouts to make them the same if not more than our aussie counterparts and put that extra tax back into our local manufacturing industry, instead of letting importers rape and pillage our country then bugger off with the profits back home. Importers are like "Cancer" they will keep going till they kill, then move to another gullible, less stringent economy and do it all again, leaving behind a baron useles un-inhabitable landscape., Wake up Julia and do something useful not useless for a change, support Australia first. Charity starts at home...and its about time local industry got a helping hand...

    David of Victoria - Julia's new 3rd world economy Posted on 10 December 2012 10:39am
  • The El Camino was actually sold from 1959 - 1987, not 1977.

    Jim C of Sydney Posted on 07 December 2012 4:01pm
  • Great news if all goes to plan.

    arthur of frankston Posted on 06 December 2012 7:27pm
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