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Holden?s new Commodore

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    The 3.0-litre and 3.6-litre V6 engines will be available with the new VE Mk II update, as well as the Statesman/Caprice lineup. Photo Gallery

Holden has unveiled the VE MkII Commodore.

And it signals that Holden and Ford's new battle ground will be at the bowser.

GM-Holden yesterday fired a salvo across Ford's bows by launching what it describes as the most fuel-efficient Australian-built six cylinder car available.

It has unveiled two new hi-tech six-cylinder engines for the Commodore range just a week after Ford said it would build a four-cylinder Falcon.

GM-Holden chairman, Mark Reuss, said Holden was going to ‘out-engineer’ its rivals with cutting-edge technology. "Dropping cylinders would be the last resort," he said.

The new direct-injection 3.0-litre and 3.6-litre V6 engines will hit showrooms next month in the face-lifted Commodore and Statesman range. Not only is Australia's best-selling family sedan now cheaper to run, it emits less harmful greenhouse gases, Reuss said.

"We've been listening to what the customer wants," he said. "We've invested in changing what matters most to motorists, increasing fuel efficiency, improving refinement and developing performance."

The new petrol engines will be joined by a more economical LPG Commodore engine. Reuss said the new 3.0-litre Commodore was so efficient, families could drive from Melbourne to Sydney, a distance of 870km, on one tank of fuel.

"We know because we've done it," Reuss said. "The car we drove actually got 7.5l/100km in actual real-world driving, that's right in there with our four cylinder entries in the smaller car market."

Owners will also be able to save $325 in annual fuel costs too, he said.

Reuss said the Commodore's direct-injection technology was a big step forward for the local car industry and Australian manufacturing and was applauded by the Industry Minister, Senator Kim Carr.

"We are defining our own future, creating our own luck," Reuss said. "It places a more refined Commodore amongst four cylinder competitors while delivering the space and flexibility which Australian car buyers clearly want."

Both V6s adopt what Holden calls spark ignition direct injection, to deliver up to 13 per cent better economy and up to 14 per cent lower CO2 emissions, combined with a new six-speed automatic transmission.

The new Omega 3.0-litre gets 9.3 litres/100km, more than 13 per cent better than the existing model's 10.7 litres/100km. This engine also produces 600kg less CO2 emissions than the existing engine. Apart from lower fuel consumption, power is up.

The 3.0-litre develops 190kW, up from 175kW of the previous engine, while the 3.6-litre develops 210kW, up from 195kW.

Holden's popular dual-fuel LPG range will retain the 3.6-litre AlloyTec V6 but it has been reworked for better economy and lower CO2 emissions.

Apart from powering local Commodores, GM-Holden plans to export the engines to several other GM plants globally, including Mexico where it is expected to go into a new Cadillac off-roader.

New Holden Global V6 direct-injection engines
3.0 and 3.6-litre double overhead cam alloy V6.
Uses 91RON ULP, Euro IV+ emissions rating
3.0 - 190kW @ 6700rpm
3.6 - 210kW @ 6400rpm
3.0 - 290Nm @ 2900rpm
3.6 - 350Nm @ 2900rpm
Fuel economy (l/100km)/emissions:
9.3/221g/km - 10.3/245g/km.
Between 9 and 13 per cent fuel consumption improvement, 9-14 per cent emissions improvement.

Superceded V6
3.6-litre double overhead cam, variable inlet camshaft, 24-valve alloy V6 (High Feature in top-spec models).
175kW @ 6500rpm
HF 195kW @ 6500rpm
325Nm @ 2400rpm
HF 340Nm @ 2600rpm (ECE, Nm)
Fuel economy (l/100km)/emissions:
10.6/252g/km -11.6/274g/km


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  • Travel the country all over, 99.9 % cars on side of roads with bonnet up or on towtrucks are FORD made. Next time you're buying a FORD tell the salesman to add a few spares like ball joints,transmission,differential, brake pads, brake fluid, dozen light globes and a competent mechanic. Oh never go out without a towsnatch, you'll need it.

    Fred Scicluna of Melbourne Posted on 29 September 2010 10:38am
  • Time to move on to a more interesting topic, such as train time timetable collection or advanced crochet techniques.

    Ira Levant Posted on 19 August 2009 4:58pm
  • Holden has a 'better reputation' due to better marketing. They have marketed as 'Australian' for a long time, despite having produced cars hre since 1948, compared to Ford's 1925. People swallow that and base an opinion on what they're told...not fact. And Niicole, Ford's FG interior is streets ahead of the VE's. The VE was a VERY outdated car even after three years, and was in great need of a lift. The FG has gone for a more european look. Also, the FG, unlike previous models is now selling more higher spec models than previously. Ford's quality has increased a lot since the B-Series. Have faith Nicole. Ford's product is fine...their marketing stinks.

    Mathew K of Melbourne Posted on 17 August 2009 1:02pm
  • The only reason Holden sells more than Ford is because it has a better reputation. Elderly, young, poeple new to this country and who don't know better. They know nothing about cars. Both Holden and Ford are very good cars. To me, the VE looks like a new version of the BA, this is what Ford should have produced. Again HOlden beat them to it because they are smarter in the car game. As for the new VE interior, again, looks similar to the previous benchmark BA. Unfortunately as much as I love Ford, they can only blame themselves. Congrats to Holden. Ford, are you listening, you should be!

    Nicole Posted on 15 August 2009 8:23pm
  • Yes allan same cubes as an EH Holden Almost twice as heavy, 3.5 times more powerfull and uses almost half the fuel. Also about one third the price of European Equivolents. Yes new Australian cars really do suck.

    Hemi Stu Posted on 15 August 2009 5:22am
  • Yes allan same cubes as an EH Holden Almost twice as heavy, 3.5 times more powerfull and uses almost half the fuel. Also about one third the price of European Equivolents. Yes new Australian cars really do suck.

    Hemi Stu Posted on 15 August 2009 5:21am
  • Boring...really boring, so I guess you'll sell a lot of them and fill the landscape with more boring design...make a bold statement, not a bigger fuel tank, patent a new colour than mix the same old pantone, do you really ant to sell more cars? or be safe and keep your jobs...boring, disappointed to have seen this and made the effort to click over...Fords are worse by the way....

    Ross Patten of Noosa Posted on 13 August 2009 6:47pm
  • The saddest thing is the local car makers get big subsidies for languishing in the 1990s in techincal terms while Euro carmakers - not least BMW and VW - produce smaller capacity engines with remarkable outputs for their size, but also the capability of meeting Euro V emissions regulations. Like it or not, we're all gonna have to live with emission targets some day. And, if you can go without the "convenience" of a Falcodore-sized car, why the hell would you buy one? The resale gets worse all the time.

    Mark's Ruse Posted on 12 August 2009 5:43pm
  • I find this article amusing ... let's get some 'realness' back into this ... what is this predilection and fascination spurting improvement in kW outputs? Are we talking about a family car here or a sports car? The definition of power is 'the rate of doing work' ... are we going for the land speed record here or something in chasing power?? What really matters much more to us regular folk is torque ... hmm the new engine doesn't look too good when comparing torque against the old one ... it's 11% down ... but worse, the new engine develops less torque at higher rpm, max torque is 500 rpm higher ... basically we have a less driveable torque curve ... nice one Holden. It will only take a 2 min test drive to know which engine is nicer to drive ... and ... for practical real world purposes to get the same rate of acceleration as the old engine the new engine will have to work harder ... ie accelerate harder and work at higher rpms ... read ... higher fuel consumption ... omg! So much for the supposed (laboratory tested) fuel savings and CO2 benefit for the environment ... come on you car reporters you should know better. And Holden should stop smoking that funny stuff ...

    sam jones of Sydney Posted on 12 August 2009 2:49pm
  • I think they missed the boat by a good 12+ months on this one... Fuel prices came down a long time ago. Toyota had the forethought with releasing the Aurion as Aussies first big sedan under 10L/100K's when the prices were still high.

    Chris of perth Posted on 12 August 2009 9:23am
  • Russell of Perth... maybe you should consult your pharmacist on what else might make you feel better about your anatomy... lol.

    shayne macdonald of sydney Posted on 11 August 2009 11:51pm
  • 3.0lt = approx 161 cu in. 40yrs ago Granted more torque and power, but how much heavier than an EH? Double?

    allan Posted on 11 August 2009 11:01pm
  • surprised the new Commodore isnt just a Deawoo like the rest of the range but no matter how economical or how powerful they make the new Commodore i will never buy another one of the pieces of crap!!!!!!!!!! I agree with Russel from Perth, cars are an easy target for emissions and extra taxes cause everyone needs one due to poor planning with cities and public transport however i will have what makes me happy and thus why i just bought my most uneconomical vehicle i have ever owned ... but its a hell of a lot of fun

    Hayden of Sydney Posted on 11 August 2009 6:54pm
  • Bragging rights down the pub? Time to grow up Russell ! Rediculous ?

    Mike of Sydney Posted on 11 August 2009 5:54pm
  • It's a sad day when bragging rights at the local pub is all about how fuel efficient and emission friendly your car is. If thats the way we are headed I'm embarrassed to be called an Australian. Do you really think vehicle emissions are really going to destroy the Earth? They are just a small percentage of the problem, but it's highlighted by our media and governments because it's something we can see and relate too. Don't fall for it as better economy and less emmissions will do little to nothing in slowing down te process of global warming. It's in our nature as human beings to put off real problems and phaff about until the problem is so huge that we have to fix it. That's when we will find a solution. In the meantime I will continue to drive what makes me happy. And if that happens to be a V8 using 20 liters per 100km's and pumping out rediculous amounts harmful emissions then so be it.

    Russell of Perth Posted on 11 August 2009 2:43pm
  • I bet it will still break down as much as the original VE. They get good fuel economy when they are parked up on the side of a road waiting for a tow. Couldn't sell mine fast enough.

    Adam Posted on 11 August 2009 2:25pm
  • My wifes 528i beemer will go from Sydney to Melbourne on a tank. Is GMH just catching up with the europeans.

    Richard Posted on 11 August 2009 2:14pm
  • whats so cutting edge about copying Ford?

    Robert of Victoria Posted on 11 August 2009 2:08pm
  • In my opinion, I reckon V6 engines wear much better in the long run than a four cylinder in a large family car and the extra engineering efforts are the real bonus in efficiencies we gain in everyday driving. So Holden a great step in the right direction.

    Barry of NSW Posted on 11 August 2009 1:38pm
  • Wow, this will really kill the resale value of VE series I's.

    Jim of Wodonga Posted on 11 August 2009 1:35pm
  • haha you want a better footprint E100 gov. doesn't want that neither does oil companies

    steve of sa Posted on 11 August 2009 1:27pm
  • 290 NM of torque hey? That sounds like a step backwards to me...I'd love to see how the 'big Australian sedan' with 290 NM of torque will go hauling a family of five. Bring on Ecoboost Ford!

    Danny Posted on 11 August 2009 1:11pm
  • Yawn... give me something to be impressed with. GM has once again uninspired us with their improvements.

    Disillusioned Holden ex-fan Posted on 11 August 2009 12:59pm
  • Appears most of the comments come from either 1 eyed Ford 'red necks' or those in love with oil burners. Good to see Voda Phone have faith in the product.

    The Lion King of Brisbane. Posted on 11 August 2009 12:31pm
  • 7.3 eh? My 'thirsty' G6E 4.0 litre can already get 7.2 out on the highway, so where is the advantage Holden? The thinking mans alternative is and always will be LPG.

    Amazed of Warner Posted on 11 August 2009 8:11am
  • Steve, diesel is the only way to go. I don't know where you get your figures from, but, mate, just check the specs. A 2.0 litre VW diesel produces 139g/km and uses 5 litres per 100 kms. A 5 cylinder Volvo engine produces 169g/km. In fact you would have to buy a Landcruiser V8 diesel to produce the kind of emissions that this V6 petrol holden produces. Also, now the diesel contains 50 ppm sulpher, diesel engines produce less emissions per litre of engine than petrol engines.

    David of Melbourne Posted on 10 August 2009 6:23pm
  • It's a shame Holden isnt taking steps to offer the Commodore in a 2.2 or 2.4 turbo deisel.

    Joel of Perth Posted on 10 August 2009 2:38am
  • Fuel efficient V6 dull? Geez what do you want? 7 cylinder radial turbo engine running on bat poo?

    adam of tasmania Posted on 09 August 2009 1:37pm
  • um, diesel might give better fuel economy, but better to mother nature? i dont think so!! have a read up on "particulate matter" and you'll see that co2 emissions are just 1 part of the problem. The fact that we dont yet fully understand the damage diesel is doing to the planet does not make it better. If you want to help the planet, go LPG.

    Steve of Adelaide Posted on 08 August 2009 12:18pm
  • I guess this is where the 200 million is going or maybe it is going towards the GM bail out fund.

    Fred of Riverstone downs Posted on 08 August 2009 6:36am
  • Wheels will no doubt find manage to fill pages with how wonderful they are.

    Ged Bullbar Posted on 07 August 2009 7:32pm
  • How dull... just when you thought GMH were going to do something truly revolutionary... they come back with two more 'efficient' V6s. Bravo. It will be interesting to see what the real world fuel consumption of these cars is by average motorists doing both city and rural commuting, as I doubt it will be better than their rivals. God help Australian motoring if their Commonbore replacement is anything like the tacky Cruze with its generic uninspired styling.

    Don Johnson of SA Posted on 07 August 2009 4:09pm
  • still, drop a decent diesel under the bonnet and get even more fuel-efficiency... not to mention being kinder to Mother Nature...

    Kieran of Brisbane Posted on 07 August 2009 11:55am
  • go up its only a car

    norman of new south wales Posted on 06 August 2009 5:51pm
  • "Commonbore" - nice one.

    Holden Caulfield Posted on 06 August 2009 3:08pm
  • Now guys, just put it together properly and we will all buy it. Guaranteed buy-back would help as well.

    Mark Posted on 06 August 2009 12:03pm
  • Hey Geoff - don't tell me what to buy, mate. If it means that much to you, why don't you put your money where your big mouth is and buy 4000 of 'em yourself?

    Holden Caulfield Posted on 06 August 2009 10:53am
  • Yeh Geoff, I am running to buy my commonbore right now.......NOT !

    Mike of Sydney Posted on 06 August 2009 10:47am
  • The General does not need to drop cylinders from their engines. Their (GM's) engines tend do this sort of thing on their own. No wonder they are going broke.

    Frank Nobillo Posted on 05 August 2009 2:33pm
  • Match or better you say? So you havent heard much about the upcomming Falcon 2L turbo? With up to 205kw and 380nm of torque from only 1900rpm and 8L/100km fuel economy I think it will do more than just better it!

    Will of Melbourne Posted on 05 August 2009 1:39pm
  • No Geoff, it's up to Holden, Ford and Toyota to make products that "ALL" of us want to buy. They're not running a bloody charity.

    Holden Caulfield of Sydney Posted on 05 August 2009 12:03pm
  • congratulations to Mark Reuss and the Team at Holden. Mark you will be missed. Now it's up to Ford and Toyota to match or better this inititive abd up to ALL of us to support the Australian Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Industry

    Geoff of Toowoomba Posted on 04 August 2009 3:39pm
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