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Holden Cruze 2011 revealed

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    The Cruze is the fourth major concept car to emerge from Holden this year, following a Barina teaser at the Detroit Show and another two at the Beijing Motor Show. Photo Gallery

The future of Holden is revealed today in the compact Cruze hatch the company will build from late in 2011.

The hatchback compact was designed at Holden Design in Melbourne but will be revealed at the end of the month at the Paris Motor Show.  Its European unveiling reflects the global importance of the car, which will be sold as a Chevrolet in a wide range of countries.

The shape and style of the Cruze hatchback is exactly as it will be seen on Australian roads, as General Motors now develops its production cars first and then tweaks them for motor show use.

But even the flashier stuff on the show car — including its over-sized alloy wheels and lamp treatments — could eventually be included for road use.

The Cruze is the fourth major concept car to emerge from Holden this year, following a Barina teaser at the Detroit Show in January and another two — one an electric city pod car — at the Beijing Motor Show.  It shows the global reach of the Fishermans Bend design studio, as well as the importance of its work on GM's compact cars.

The Cruze hatch has a coupe-style curved roofline and short overhangs front and rear, but there is no detail yet on the cabin. Full details will not be made public until the Paris show.

Holden designers spent more than a year working on the show car says the company's chief designer, Richard Ferlazzo. 

"Our brief was to create an alternative body style to the traditional sedan that retained the same dynamic proportions that has made Cruze such a success around the world," Ferlazzo says.

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  • It's important that newer cars have upright seats and suported head rests. The cruze has airbags everywhere in it and if the driver and passenger are not seated correctly more damage would be obtained in a car accident. Speaking as someone who has been hit from behind, if my old car had of had a more upright chair and head rests, the whiplash obtained would not have been so severe. Love the 5 star ANCAP rating.

    melshureM. Shurey of Ballarat Posted on 20 August 2011 8:28am
  • Re the seat head rest. It is tipped forward making the driver lean forward all of the time. I also find this very uncomfortable in my current car and in test driving a vehicle from another manufacturer (Suzuki) I was told that this is now the modern trend. My only relief is to incline the seat back backwards and sit in a partially reclined position rather than my preferred straight up position. If a manufacturer reads this please note that it is VERY annoying and uncomfortable!

    Clive Ferguson of Ballarat Posted on 13 July 2011 2:54pm
  • I am seriously looking at purchase of the hatch however on my sedan test drive I found the back of my head was in constant light touch with the head rest. Extremely annoying. Has anyone else found this and beeh able to alleviate the problem with seat adjustments?

    Kerry Miller of Adelaide Posted on 11 July 2011 9:27pm
  • From a current Cruze owner I think this looks great. I would seriously consider changing over to the hatch for the room etc.

    Paul of Darwin Posted on 21 April 2011 11:39am
  • Good on you Holden I will be getting the new 2011 new Cruze when it comes out.

    terry cooper of millicent Posted on 20 January 2011 7:41pm
  • I like it. I think it looks much better than the sedan. It'd be on my short list for sure! Good Job Holden!

    CJ Posted on 07 October 2010 1:11pm
  • The trademark hubcaps and 5 inches of wheel clearance between the tyre and the body will make sure that any sporting element of this car will be more than properly washed off before it comes within a mouse's whisker of an Australian showroom, like most concept cars.

    Corey of Brisbane Posted on 15 September 2010 1:43pm
  • Nice! I bought a Cruze sedan for the missus and it's a great car for what it is. Just needs a bit more grunt. May have to trade it in for the hatch with a 1.4T ! Although, from memory, the power figures from the turbo four were not all that impressive either...

    Davey G of Sydney Posted on 09 September 2010 9:30am
  • What a terrible car.

    Brett of melbourne Posted on 09 September 2010 7:29am
  • It still looks ugly, just like the sedan

    Wazza of South Aust Posted on 08 September 2010 3:59pm
  • Hey Small car idiot, you say it can't corner. I have driven these cars under all sorts of conditions, i.e. Lang lang test track and on the roads, and drive a V8 my self, and the handling of this car is almost the same as the Commodore, and like wheels car mag stated handles like the BMW. I through that in so that you can remember that my view is not bias. The engine will change in this model from the 1.8 to a 1.4 ltr turbo, Please do everyone a favour and check your facts before talking crap. By the way who died and made you a designer? Fact the car is already built as a sedan and is currently out selling the falcon year to date. So lets spend millions more totally re-designing the car to make you happy and so the sedan and hatch look different. Wake up and just stop and think of business first. You would never be put in a high end job if you can't see out side the square?

    Holden Mad of Brighton Vic Posted on 08 September 2010 10:35am
  • Gotta agree. it sure is inspired by the Impreza hatch and to a certain extent the Mazda 3, old gen looked like this too... bring back sturdy Opel..

    TT of brisbane Posted on 07 September 2010 2:51pm
  • Oh dear... Looks like we're in for yet another load of crap from Holden. First of all, the rear end is quite similar to the Impreza hatch, due for replacement soon, but also, the design is not cohesive at all - the sharper angles of the front end just do not work with that rear-end treatment. And if the Cruze sedan is anything to go by, it will be tinny exterior surfaces, horrid hard plastics inside and a gruff, rough engine that lacks any decent punch, it wont like to corner and it will feel like a Hyundai... which is NOT a good thing. As you say in your own advertising campaigns, Holden, the small car game has moved on and gotten serious... sadly, Holden's small cars are now a joke, and far behind the times. PLEASE give us our European-based Astra's (and Barina's) back!!

    small-car-dude of WA Posted on 07 September 2010 1:16pm
  • First impression on the pic is it looks very similar to the Subaru Impreza hatch.

    Peter Carlisle of Sydney Posted on 06 September 2010 6:32pm
  • Hey rentakeyboard, I think the Cruze hatch looks better than the new Astra, at least once you discount the Chevrolet front-end. As both are built on the same platform, you are getting most of the Astra's engineering too, although the new Astra does have slightly more sophisticated rear suspension than Cruze [or any previous Astra]. Hopefully the Holden version will have something better suited to local tastes when they start building them here. Ferlazzo did say the local Cruze would have a look similar to other local Holdens, so hopefully that means a less ugly grille and more sensible headlight enclosures.

    MotorMouth of Sydney Posted on 06 September 2010 5:11pm
  • Finally, the option to buy an Australian designed & built small car! Let's hope Holden has managed to cut weight out of the hatch as the Cruze sedan is seriously porky for a small car.

    Jim C of Sydney Posted on 05 September 2010 9:21am
  • Pity they did not have this car on offer now. I went to Skoda ( very happy) because Holden had nothing that my partner and I could agree on. Sportwagon too big for *she who must be obeyed*.

    Peter of Brisbin Posted on 05 September 2010 8:45am
  • It has the same frontend as the current cruze sedan, Ive seen a third photo of the front end in the drive website. I thought Holden were changing the whole face of the cruze when they build it here. It looks nothing like the Australian Cruze concept they showed a while back.

    wayne marshall of melbourne Posted on 05 September 2010 1:11am
  • More than a year working on it? Looks like the ugly sister to the rather attractive new Opel Astra!

    Tezzaj Posted on 04 September 2010 10:56am
  • Freakin nice!

    rentakeyboard of thornton Posted on 04 September 2010 8:50am
  • The Cruze Hatch looks hot, but I don't think the centre round light in the tail lights should be in that shape. They look like eyes and I really don't think they look good. It doesn't blend in with the overall shape of the tail light. To express my point, a circle in a square does not go.

    Mick Posted on 04 September 2010 1:49am
  • Not bad!!! Pleasantly surprised, still want my 2010 Opel Astra though. Thank god for Holden, they are now designing some great cars. Well done!!

    Opelman of Sydney Posted on 04 September 2010 12:11am
  • I know it will be made in australia, but i couldnt get one as the current one is korean, and everyone will think im driving a korean car. They need to change the badge name and the desgin when it becomes australian, to distinguish it from the current tacky cruze.

    kaygas of melbourne Posted on 03 September 2010 7:10pm
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