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End of road for Falcon and Commodore in 2016

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    Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore are almost certain to be phased out.

  • * Holden will continue to manufacture cars to at least 2022
  • * Ford likely to shut its factories by the end of 2016
  • * Holden reviewing small- and medium-car plans, considering SUV

Australia's big car icons almost certain to be phased out.

The two icons of the Australian car industry – the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore – are almost certain to be phased out within months of each other at the end of 2016, marking the end of a battle that has lasted more than half a century.

Ford has said for some time the future of the Falcon and its Broadmeadows manufacturing facility are not guaranteed beyond the end of 2016. Overnight at the Detroit motor show, Holden inadvertently confirmed the Commodore’s run is due to come to an end about the same time.

The revelation comes a day after Holden admitted that the jobs of the 320 workers at its Port Melbourne V6 engine plant are in jeopardy beyond the end of 2016 as car buyers around the world shift to four-cylinder cars.

In an interview with Australian journalists the boss of Holden Mike Devereux said: “VF [Commodore] will run through to the end of 2016. We have a current plan to put a second [vehicle type] into the plant before 2017.”

News Limited understands Holden has started plans to build a medium-size, four-cylinder, front-drive car alongside the next generation Holden Cruze from 2017. But given the continuing strong growth in sales of SUVs, which are now the second biggest market in Australia, Holden said it may re-evaluate its position.

“We have a plan that we signed with the government of Australia that does define two architectures [vehicle types]. Could we change the second one if things continue to change? Yes we could.” But Devereux would not confirm or speculate on what the second vehicle would be alongside the Cruze.

“VF [Commodore] will run into 2016 and if I had my druthers, I wouldn’t want anyone knowing or having an inkling over what that second architecture was until almost the end of VF production,” he said.

He said the contract that Holden signed with the government in April 2012 could be amended to build another type of car – providing it meant it would sell in higher numbers.

“If we did change what we’re going to build the only reason we’d be changing it is because we thought we could [sell] more,” Devereux said. “I think the Prime Minister and the Industry Minister of Australia, if we had a better plan, would certainly want to look at a better plan.”

Devereux said Holden was re-evaluating SUVs after their record growth last year; they now represent about one-third of new-car sales – but, siginificantly, none are among the top 10 sellers.

“We’re taking a look at and making sure we don’t make the wrong decision,” Devereux said. “[But] there is not an intention to change.

“If you asked me a year ago if [sales of] SUVs would go up 27 per cent, I would have been surprised by that level of growth. But the challenge with an SUV is that there are so many of them.”

He said Holden had to pick “two winners”. "They’ve got to be Top 10. There isn’t any room to pick an entry that isn’t a top-selling, well-loved vehicle in Australia. It’s high stakes no question.”

There may be one silver lining on Holden’s cloud. If the Australian dollar weakens and demand for the Holden-made US police car increases, it has room at the factory to continue to build the Caprice limousine and Holden Commodore ute alongside the two other models. But Holden says it has not yet explored this option and it is not part of the current plan.

Ford has not revealed its plans beyond 2016 however it has all but run out of options. It has already ruled out a small car, an SUV and a ute -- vehicles which would compete in the three biggest market segments in Australia, but come to Ford from factories in Thailand.

Another type of locally made Ford vehicle that could be exported is highly unlikely given the sustained strength of the Australian dollar. Parts suppliers in Australia believe Ford will close its manufacturing operations at the end of 2016 because they have not been asked to quote on future models.

Late last year Ford shut three long-standing factories in the UK and Europe as it matches falling demand there. It also shed thousands of jobs and up to 17 factories in the US after the GFC. In 2012 - a record sales year - Ford Australia produced its lowest annual output since Broadmeadows opened in 1960.

This reporter is on Twitter: @JoshuaDowling

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  • Thanks.

    jezdlpmwo of Cuba Posted on 17 March 2014 1:50pm
  • I believe that what the Japan’s monetary easing policy is doing to push the YEN downwards healthily is an appropriate action for the Australian government toconsider.In a layman term, just print more money to make the currency move downwards peacefully. Since the YEN is much cheaper now than before, the Japanese export and tourism businesses now become active again. This is exactly what we want to see here in Australia. The Australian government should also consider adopting similar monetary easing policy to drive the AUD downwards rightly. So, our Export competitiveness can be strengthened again and, our economy can be improved. This can help improving our Car Exports to other countries and save our car manufacturing industry. Japan just announced yesterday another 60 Billion economy Stimulus plan............Why cannot Australia?

    Dulong Ttil Posted on 13 December 2013 5:49pm
  • Another thing that people can't seem to get into their thick skulls is that every other car manufacturing country subsidises its industry FAR more than we do...and also that it isn't just the 10000/15000 directly employed workers at the car factories that lose their jobs, it is also all of the employees at the parts suppliers etc...SUPPORT AUSTRALIAN INDUSTRY!!!

    Go the Falcodore Posted on 07 May 2013 11:24am
  • With Falcon EcoLpi you spend less time at the fuel pump than a Toyota Corolla. Yet more power than the petrol 6 cylinder Falcon. Its crazy Australians need to test drive a Falcon Ecoboost, Ecolpi and I6 turbo and see how efficient they really are. Why have a Toyota Corolla when you can have a full size, powerful Falcon for the same fuel costs yet the Falcon can tow up to 2.3tonne and kick its backside in performance???? Plus when you buy a Falcon you know your supporting our Australian jobs, a car that was built especially for our Australian roads and will run up to 600,000 km. That's why these cars are used as taxis because they can do the km unlike any other car. Large sedan power, towing, space, comfort, luxury, same running costs as a Ford Fiesta and less time at the pump then a Toyota Corolla. Then you got Falcon Ecoboost. 4 cylinder engine. Giving you 4 cylinder economy and 6 cylinder performance. Pulling the Falcon as easily as the 6 and as smooth if not smoother. Falcon isn't what is use to be. Falcon is now one of the best cars around. And Australians don't know about all these new engine technologies in Falcon now.

    Callum Andrews of Hobart Posted on 30 April 2013 10:47am
  • I have a FPV F6 2012 , I had it tuned and it produces 350kw at the back wheels and over 900nm of torque. It returns regular 7.0 L per 100kmh and 10L in city driving. This car absolutes eats most cars on the road packing a ZF 6speed automatic transmission that was in previous versions of BMW's and Jags, Brembo brakes and for the price point a decent interior. I don’t know what else someone would desire for the $58,000 drive away price tag I picked this car up for! I think way too many women chose the household car these days and their limp wristed husbands just accept these inferior cars and have never driven a HSV or a FPV. My wife on the other hand loves our car and also laughs at these Robots in their SUV's.

    aussiemuscle of Sydney Posted on 16 April 2013 12:39am
  • Yes this is crap, Holden have the new VF with big investment put into it while Ford promises "Big Impact" with next Falcon, so its not over yet Australia. But if we don't buy these terrific products then i might be. Falcons are great cars. Who would imagine you could get a 2.0 4 cylinder Falcon? Producing a stunning 179Kw @ 353Nm of torque. That is called Falcon Ecoboost "Four cylinder economy, 6 cylinder performance" yes it is 14% more fuel efficient than the 6 cylinder Falcon and sucks just 8.1L per 100/km on a combined fuel cycle. I own a Falcon Ecoboost. Its a brilliant car. and it is only milliseconds slower than the 6 cylinder!!!!!!!! While 70kg lighter on the front due to smaller engine making it sharper to turn and lighter to steer. Trust me. This car is absolutely worth checking out.

    Callum Andrews of Tasmania Posted on 27 March 2013 7:01pm
  • This is really old news. Holden are designing another Commodore after VF and Ford have hinted that the falcon will not be discontinued. To me all this stuff about Ford and Holden closing down is a load of crap.

    AA Posted on 21 March 2013 5:03pm
  • having the backbone to support Aussie jobs" wow I have heard it all now, so I will work my arse off to part with my hard earnt cash to struggle to pay off a car that I dont even want or like, or is sub standard (ie Holden Cruze) to the competition, JUST to save peoples jobs. THis is not the publics responsibility, this is HOLDEN/GM s responsibility to up their game and claw sales back, instead of getting ridiculous handouts. What other Australian business can get big handouts from the Govt to keep in business, how does this make sense and how is it fair to other battling and honest hard working Australian companies ?? By this reasoning as I have said before we should have subsidised Ansett, after all there were 16,000 jobs lost there....

    DAve of Posted on 10 February 2013 11:23am
  • @Michael of Cashmere, are you serious? I co manage a fleet of over 3000+ cars for a major car rental brand, and Hyundai/Kia are more reliable then any Holden we have on fleet...not saying the Commo is bad, but your statement about overseas products is untrue. The VE body maybe designed here but everything else (engine, electricals etc) are ALL things out of a GM parts bin and have been developed for overseas markets. If we should keep pouring cash into these companies so the fat cats at the top can get richer, without designing a car specifically for us (wont happen, we don't have a big enough market to justify) and just to subsidise them to keep them in business, then we should have poured our tax dollars into Ansett and kept it going, much more jobs were at stake there. Hell lets susidise every company who cannot make decisions that keep them from getting into such things as chapter 11. These companies need to run their business themselves and stop relying on us paying to keep them in business. Why is it that Hyundai/Kia for eg have been powering ahead all through the GFC, a good product perhaps? Government needs to stop giving GM handouts, why are they so special?

    DAve of Posted on 10 February 2013 11:15am
  • Australia hasn't made a decent car since the VG Valiant.

    Gino of Brunswick Posted on 04 February 2013 11:12pm
  • Look like the "Level playing field" has struck, dropping tarriffs has really paid off guys... really smart that one. Most of our jobs going O/S. Soon we will all be delivering Pizzas....

    Rowan of Sydney Posted on 28 January 2013 12:05pm
  • Well I own the Aussie made Cruze. I like the Commodore and its rivalry with the Flacon. But the Commodore is both too big and too expensive, despite being a great car and good for the conditions. I like Aussie made, but smaller and smarter cars. Sad news....

    Rowan of Sydney Posted on 28 January 2013 12:01pm
  • Michael of cashmere, QLD. I like the white Australia Policy too ... Mate.

    Shane of Sydney Posted on 26 January 2013 10:59am
  • The Commodore has just got too big and that dreaded 'A' pillar, was the main reason why I opted not to buy one.

    Matt12 of Bris Posted on 26 January 2013 10:53am
  • Joshua Dowlong and Paul Gover consistently talk down the Aus car industry. I think what many people miss is that replacing Commodore with another car won't satisfy them... they won't be happy until the entire Aus industry is gone... if it's made here it must be crap. It doesn't really matter if the cars are good, bad or indifferent... the biggest problem is that the media is good at harping on things enough to make them come true regardless. It happens in politics and it happens here. No matter what the merits of the Aus car industry are, Dowling and Gover will not be happy until they've used the power of the media to destroy any efforts the manufacturers may make to keep cars being built here and the jobs as well. They bag Commodores and Falcons and then endorse SUVs - hulking things that, generally in comparison, handle badly, are badly built, are gutless, and have poor fuel efficiency. Even if you focus on cars like Mazda 3.... is it really that much cheaper to run on a whole of life basis as to kill Falcon or Commodore? People in general often like the power and size of the bigger cars, but they're getting browbeaten so much by these writers that they buy elsewhere.

    WR of Melb Posted on 24 January 2013 5:58pm
  • The consumer is killing off these great world class products. Try buy an imported car with the strength and durability for the price offered for these cars and you wont find anything that can cut it. Dont like to raise this point due to a probable unwarranted outpouring of racism, but the consumer base is now so multicultural that the old school "true blue aussie" is now greatly diluted, along with their "help out and support your mate" attitudes (which includes the companies which were paramount in forging our nation to strength in the world arena) that the demand for these great cars has been diluted with it. These companies need to be able to supply fleet and private buyers what they need. Holden should be commended on the Cruze as they are selling a bucket load. Perhaps they could develop a powered up version for police duties (like their old BT1 police packs) to counter the shift to these departments buying elsewhere, diesel wagons (with outback packs complemented with reasonable towing credentials) for fleets and country buyers. As a country downsizing we hope these companies can shift with the changes and keep manufacturing here.

    Michael of Cashmere QLD Posted on 24 January 2013 5:07pm
  • Another thing is there is a demand for our Aussie Falcon sedan and ute in the US, but Ford US dont want their cars to be overshadowed by our brilliant cars....Ford Aust would survive if only they would export the Falcon!!! how hard is it? not hard at all.....

    Wazza351 of South Aust Posted on 24 January 2013 4:51pm
  • I think country people will miss the falcon and commodore , I live in a country town and apart from 4wd's the falcon and commodore are easily the next most popular vehicle.

    malcolm mcrae of manjimup Posted on 24 January 2013 4:45pm
  • Australian Car companies can't compete with all these cheap imports hitting our shores, the Fedral Government should put a massive tax on the imports to keep the Aussie car industry competitive, also the Fedral and state Governments should get back to buying Australian cars...City of Salisbury (council) have got a nice fleet of Aussie built Falcon utes, as with most other shires, which is great to see, the Fedral and state Governments should follow suit!!..... and i you are dead right Nick of QLD!!

    Wazza351 of South Aust Posted on 24 January 2013 4:44pm
  • it will be sad to see the end of an era if commodors and falcons stop being made. i want to know what will hapen with our V8 touring car racing series no one will go to see euro and jap cars fighting on the race track, look what hapend to super touring

    karen murray Posted on 24 January 2013 4:38pm
  • The writing has been on the wall for quite some time. Yes Ford and Holden Australia are on the way out and i see the yanks withdrawing back to their motherland and exporting their vehicles to Australia.This makes sence unfortunatly.The americans have a lot to answer for if you ask me,rape and pillage the world is basically what they ( american greed/capitalism) has doneWhat good friends the yanks are the end of the day america serves america and stuff everyone else....who is left holding the bag??? but hey dont get me started on afganistan... over being a lap dog. About time Australia looked after its own. Oh and the shale discovery in South Australia....i wonder what overseas company is going to shaft Australia on oil??? will be interesting to say the least!

    Tony. of Australia Posted on 24 January 2013 2:40pm
  • I have taken a quick look at some of the comments on this story. And most of you are on the last train out of town. You should have been on the Governments back over the last 10 to 15 years pushing them to get Ford and Holden on track to build a better car ,with the things in it that the buyer wanted and at5 a Price that is affordable . Why do you really things Australian Car Buyers are Not buying Ford or Holden. Do any of you think it could be that other car makers have been and still are looking at better way of increasing what people are looking for and at a cheaper Price . Let me put this to you For how long has the Australian Gorvernments Lib,Lab or what ever been Selling out Australia to Foreign Countries and they are still down it under our noses

    Ned41 of Merbein Vic Posted on 24 January 2013 2:02pm
  • The Commodore and Falcon are good products but they are not seen as having status to the buyers of today. It seems that if you are an upwardly mobile 40 year old, or pretend to be one, you have to have a BMW or an Audi plus a big 4WD to cart the kids around in. Ford and Holden have a huge task changing this perception, neither price nor practical considerations have nothing to do with it.

    Shaikh Dick of Brisbane Posted on 24 January 2013 12:03pm
  • The heading does not even make sense. Holden to build until 2022, but stops building Commodore in 3 years. Holden are doing ok because the Commodre is the 4th best seller (40 000 units) plus Commodre utes sales (7000+ units), plus various exports and Caprice models. Cruze sales (6th best seller) are icing onn the cake. I have read nothing that suggests that Holden should stop selling it's best selling model and replace it with a budget SUV with less than half the sales of the Commodore. There is no SUV that out sells the Commodore. 2016 sounds like the next Commodore will be based on an American platform and not the Zeta, since Holden can no longer use Opel/ Vauxaul platforms for the Commodore. Mazda 3 is doing well because they are being dumped here. Cheaper than they were a few years ago and Mazda world wide is struggling and happy to sell as many 3's down here as they can.

    Dave S Posted on 24 January 2013 9:54am
  • Great cars that have been sold out with negative press. Correct me if I'm wrong, but over the past couple of months there have been many recalls of Asian and Japanese built vehicles. However, you don't hear or read much about this in the press? We need to apply tariffs to overseas vehicles which would (1) raise valuable dollars that we could use in hospitals, education etc, and (2) put local manufacturing onto a level playing field. Its a win / win!

    Woodpecker of Northern Beaches Posted on 24 January 2013 8:17am
  • Torana as per the concept. Keep the balance, smaller car, smaller engine (offer 3L V6 and a 4 cyl) better efficiency. It will also appeal to RWD loyalists and keep some fun in the local production.

    Drew of SA Posted on 23 January 2013 10:12pm
  • The only reason I still allow the nonsense to be sent from Carsguide is to read the biased nonsense about the future of the US backed players in the Australian market. The Falcon and its amazing iterations from the 4 cyl EcoBoost & EcoLPi to the best affordable V8 in the market in the Coyote quad cammer prove how clever our local manufacturers are. Biased bitter old hacks (Gover used to work for Hyundai) with an agenda to peddle may get the emotions stirred which is the only way they can get attention. But they lessen their credibility alittle more every time they do so. The Age’s Drive section is more Ford appreciative and I recommend all of you to change over to them for more professional journalism.

    Robster Posted on 23 January 2013 9:21pm
  • It is simple maths. Australia is too small a market to manufacture profitably - both labour is too expensive or tooling too big an investment for the available market. Ford and Holden lost their soul years ago anyway when the govt put a stop to the muscle cars. I now drive a 2 litre TDI Skoda VRS during hw week and have a Torana 5 litre V8 for fun on the weekends. Bring back a small fuel efficient V8 muscle car!!

    Marky Mark of Sydney NSW Posted on 23 January 2013 7:53pm
  • so the v8 supercars will now be mercedes vs nissan lol

    james Posted on 23 January 2013 7:13pm
  • When all the people associated with tthe car manufacturing business in Australia are on one of the many forms of welfare to support them I wonder if the people wishing Australia's car industry dead will be happier paying tax to support them. At present we are paying for them in subsidies but at least they are working. Also as an owner of the Aussie product I can say it gets me around the country comfortably and reliably. I wished Australians could appreciate what they have before it is gone I love my local car and it performs well compared to similar priced forieng imports

    650HP HSV and loves it of Perth Posted on 23 January 2013 6:44pm
  • I hope all these knockers of the Commodore and Falcon remember one very important point when and if the dollar falls imports and parts for these cars will be mor costly then it will be too late as the Auto Industry in Australia will be all but gone

    Jeef B of Geelong Posted on 23 January 2013 5:54pm
  • Darryn Murray, its people like you who are killing the industry, they arent dinosaurs. How many countries can fully create a car from drawing to production. Our manufacturing industry is special, everyone needs to stop running a treason campaign against australia products. Then things might be better for our country as a whole.

    Nick of QLD Posted on 22 January 2013 7:25pm
  • Good riddance! About time we stopped spoon feeding taxpayers dollars to these two companies. Assembling Chinese/Korean parts using expensive labour and calling it a world class product is a joke.

    Darren Murray of brisbane Posted on 21 January 2013 11:26pm
  • that would be right the oxygen theif stoped my post because iut hert his feelings, the truth hurts dowling

    brett Posted on 20 January 2013 11:22am
  • The fact the unions in the U.S want let our cars be exported out side of Australia is the real reason this industry is dieing( the Monaro was a one off low volume, which they had to get special permission for). You have to understand the Ford & Holden are Americain owned manufactories & all profits go back to America. It's in there best interest to keep the Commodore & the Falcon in Australia as there locally made cars would not have to compete with ours so then the unions are happy because there not loosing jobs. It's all about market share & quite frankly America does not to share its Europe or middle east market because it would stand to lose jobs......But no journo is going to tell you that because it's the truth.

    Potaka79 of Brisbane Posted on 20 January 2013 12:30am
  • I own ve commodore, very happy with it..It has been evolving over the years..would not call it a dinosaur. I also own xr6 falcon ute...happy with it too.. Also parts are far more affordable then other cars. Also if you pull up at a service station in the outback, mechanics will work on them.not hide. Bruce Narromine nsw

    Bruce Barling of Narromine Posted on 19 January 2013 11:56pm
  • you trot this garbage out on a regular basis hoping your negativity will kill off Australian manufacturing. in the car forums and car clubs you are know as a complete moron . your writing is not fact based it is just pushing your moronic wish list. well here is my wish list I wish Joshua Dowling would disappear from the press, to become unwanted by all media outlets and end up on the streets in poverty.

    Brett of in my Real Aussie Ford Posted on 19 January 2013 9:21pm
  • I think its the Australian car buyer that is destroying the Australian manufacturing industry. I think people should stop and think about "Australian Made" stuff when they make their purchases. We do make good quality stuff but I feel that people believe that because its made overseas it must be better; thats clearly not true. Secondly, I think that the downfall of Australian car manufacturing is also due to the manufacturers reluctance to forcast and then adapt the manufacturing over time.

    MikiG Posted on 19 January 2013 5:23pm
  • I guess I see these two cars disappearing as the only way to wean the intellectually challenged off the Lion V Blue Oval motor racing culture we have now. Imagine relegating to history this group of neanderthal tribal misfits.

    aha! of heaven Posted on 19 January 2013 9:29am
  • HI Joshua, I reread this article and then read all the comments. Actually there is nothing you wrote that criticize Holden and Ford. This seems to be the perfect example of where readers get caught up in emotion. I will summarise your article Commodore Falcon to be phased out by 2016 Ford no guaranteed beyond the end of 2016 I read else where the Holden V6 plant needs 300million to modernise and it’s cheaper to close it and pay out everyone - much cheaper Devereux said Commodore will run end of 2016 new vehicle in the plant before that New platform four cyl, front wheel drive Agreement signed with Government Architecture still undecided, could change Decision based on volume, must be top 10 seller (note even a Madza 6 is no where near the top 10) Dollar and exports direction could keep Caprice limousine and Holden Commodore ute Ford not revel plans beyond 2016 Parts suppliers not quoting on future Ford Models Late last year Ford shut three long-standing factories in the UK Ford Australia produced its lowest annual output since Broadmeadows opened in 1960 Just for the record, I have owned a Commodore for 28 years

    JoeR_AUS of North Ryde Posted on 18 January 2013 9:08am
  • Paul, They don't need to be 'small' to be efficient. We achieve 4.9 litres/100klm in our Skoda Superb 103TDi going Canberra to Sydney and 5.2 on the return trip. That's 220kg of people, 2 medium dogs and a medium weight of luggage in the back. It's almost the same size as a Commodore, so size, comfort and economy can be achieved without having to give anything up.

    Chris of Canberra Posted on 18 January 2013 7:30am
  • Drove an FG Falcon just over 5000km over a 2 week period at Christmas with a wife and 3 kids. Supremely comfortable. Enough space in the cab and boot for all our stuff including camping gear, and averaged 8 litres to the hundred. Anyone saying these cars are not well built or suitable simply hasn't driven one recently. I drive a lot of different cars with work over distances and they can't match the Falcon or Commodore. Do yourself a favour, before buying another car, give one a drive. You will be surprised.

    Phil of Bundaberg Posted on 17 January 2013 11:04pm
  • Joshua Gover, still trying to destroy the Australian car industry. Your mother must be so proud....

    The Elitist Posted on 17 January 2013 2:01pm
  • To be fair to Holden/Falcon I'd like to have to super efficient small cars to be load tested ie 4 adults on a 4000 km run - within the speed limit but not 20-30 kms under. and than we'll see how efficient they are.I also dare to say that they will not run 300000 k's without any major issues! One would also consider cost of repairs and spares b4 they would knock the local manufactures -stay with Holden/Falcon!

    Paul of Logan Posted on 17 January 2013 12:04pm
  • Well I,m on my third commodore very good for open road driving they will be greatly missed . why not use some different fuel ideas mazda seems to have had a go with the six .I will miss there power and comfort on the open toad. Bryan

    bryan gaskin of south australia Posted on 17 January 2013 10:14am
  • Can't have a negative article about the Commodore unless you finish on a negative note about the Falcon can you Josh? How many more have you got up your sleeve?..and when are you and Gover getting married?..a match made in heaven.

    local car of NSW Posted on 17 January 2013 9:56am
  • What does not get mentioned is the financial pressure the market is under. No 30k+ car is going to be no 1 anymore! Overall People are spending less and now with bigger small vehicles (Mazda 3 is bigger than the 1 series Commodore) buyers can downsize there purchase price. Both Ford and Holden will survive but due to volume demands then need to make there local cars in the 20-30k bracket like the Cruze.

    JoeR_AUS of North Ryde Posted on 17 January 2013 8:57am
  • Excuse my ignorance, but why does the amount of power a vehicle has and it's 0-100 time matter, when a majority of people will spend their time driving in the suburban realms and in bumper-to-bumper freeway traffic? Do 6/8cyl engines then not become irrelevant and excessive? Also, if fleet buyers hadn't continued their support of both the Commodore and Falcon, would both have not become obsolete 4 or 5 years ago? If there are people passionate and dedicated about keeping the Australian automotive industry alive, which there clearly are, then it is those individuals who should begin creating awareness about the jeopardy of the industry, rather than beginning arguments and disagreeing with people who find better value in a Mazda 3, Hyundai i30 or Toyota Corolla. Living in suburban Perth, I can tell you now I have hear nothing from Holden or Ford to support the Australian motoring industry.

    Nath of WA Posted on 17 January 2013 1:58am
  • Holden should seriously look at making one or two decent SUVs here. One should be about the Captiva size and it should replace Captiva, which is a truly dreadful vehicle. Something that can give the Territory a fright would be good. Give it a modern 3.0L V6 diesel with about 200kW / 600Nm and an 8-speed auto and it will sell.

    Kieran Posted on 16 January 2013 8:45pm
  • Seems people don't want, or are to ignorant to support Australian Made. You really only have yourselves to blame when nothing is made in Australia anymore.

    arthur of frankston Posted on 16 January 2013 7:53pm
  • theirs too many redneck's in australia testing and writing stories about these cars.WHY would holden built a vf only last until 2016.doesn't make any sense.if this the case.GMH wouldn't spend mega millions on designed of the VF.and they got the 3.0lts engine down to 8.0lts/per kms.waste of money.i think both company will down grade their cars size to a meduim is still very important to promote these company on the track.think of it.can you see a SUV going around BATHURST.v8 supercars wouldn't spend time and effort and money with the new v8 racing.what these car companies do off the track.will be the racing future of australia.if this the case you will see sponsors and partnership of the V8 supercars pulling-out.

    matt goss of brisbane Posted on 16 January 2013 6:26pm
  • Well I find it sad so nothing more I going say

    joe Lovestick Posted on 16 January 2013 6:01pm
  • Yes there are so many world class cars but if even the local Ausses don't want to buy than the majority rule dictate that it's no the right car to be sustainable even with tax money help from the gov... It's been in a sustaining decline for the past years and no matter how much fans of the Falcadore raving on about the greatness of the cars the truth is those cars been digging its own holes. Lets be fair and move on and adapt, that's how other companies evolved and thrived.

    Phunk of ACT Posted on 16 January 2013 5:34pm
  • Again, why would Ford invest in a facelift of Falcon if its only going to last 2 years? I smell more BS and ill informed garbage

    Mitchell of Sydney Posted on 16 January 2013 5:10pm
  • Keep stiring Josh - you goose.

    James of barossa valley Posted on 16 January 2013 4:55pm
  • Be careful what you wish for! If the Falcon and Commodore go, they will never be replaced. These are world class cars at relatively affordable prices. People forget these vehicles are designed for Australian conditions. The suspension is made to deal with crappy roads, the airconditioning is made to cool more than imported cars for our hot weather and the vehicles are properly dust sealed for those "off road" adventures. Let's see an imported vehicle do as well. It is not an issue of "gas guzzlers" and "too big", as the biggest growth sector is SUVs and the majority of them are exactly that. No, it is fashion & badge snobbery! But worse of all, if we lose our capacity to manufacture cars in this country, we not only lose that skill base and all of the associated/dependant jobs, but also the opportunity for future employment and skill development for generations to come. If we take this attitude with all manufacturing in the country, what are our children and grandchildren going to do for jobs. They won't have any money to buy imported cars.

    Buy Australian and protect our manufacturing indus of Sydney Posted on 16 January 2013 4:43pm
  • Many motoring journos in the mainstream media gleefully report every negative news story about the Commodore & Falcon that they can lay their hands on. Instead of supporting the local car manufacturing industry & local jobs their schadenfreude in writing as many negative articles about Holden & Ford as they can simply scares off many would be local car buyers who are gullible enough to believe everything they read in the media. These journo's are effectively sticking a knife into the back of their own country. Shame on you

    Jim C of Sydney Posted on 16 January 2013 4:18pm
  • Josh Dowling you are an embarrassment to the Australian people and it's automotive industry! Instead of writing these speculative articles and causing more harm to an already hurting industry, put your efforts into supporting the industry instead of all these negative "articles".

    Car Lover of WA Posted on 16 January 2013 2:13pm
  • Whilst I agree with steveo, I think they shouldn't have had to have died for another reason - the average motorist is too stupid or too badge snobbish to realise these are actually good cars. The whole 'these cars are dinosaurs' statement is for the stupid and those who don't actually know anything about the cars they're criticising. For example, the past couple of years the Falcodores' rated fuel consumption has been under 10L. Sure it's about 30% more fuel than the latest Camry for instance, but they offer about 60% more power and lets not forget the extra interior space. And people crap on about how they're too big and too thirsty. Well plenty of popular SUVs and 4WDs (the good old Landcruiser) that people buy are even bigger and even thirstier. They're are wolrd-class cars. And I'm not just saying that, a lot of international motoring groups (not just Topgear) think very highly of our cars. I watched one German program where he rated our R8 Clubsport above their own M5 because it was a car so close to the M5 for almost half the price.

    alex Posted on 16 January 2013 2:07pm
  • I believe dowling has single handedly added fuel to fire and clouded opinions about these cars. But I do agree that the cars in US make these two look ancient.

    Sam of Sydney Posted on 16 January 2013 2:06pm
  • It's also because people don't care about buying and supporting Australia. They want cheap japanese or expensive german cars without having the backbone to support Aussie jobs, families, designers, engineers, manufacturers and names. I'll buy the last ever Commodore or Falcon and be proud knowing I did my part.

    Scott Murray Posted on 16 January 2013 1:19pm
  • The Commodore did not need to morph into an SUV it is just the ignorant (read Dumb) public still think they are big gas guzzlers, whilst your mazda CX5 sips 6.4L/100km my VE swallows 3 baby seats comfortably across the rear seat, and the two prams in the boot with enough room to still carry the weeks shopping. Whilst your fully loaded Subaru Forester is stuck behind that truck on the single lane country road, my VE even whilst fully loaded has the power and handling to overtake with ease. When your sitting at that next set of traffic lights and wondering why it takes so long to get through? Blame the gutless 4cyl cars that do 0-100km/h in 30sec instead of the 4.5-7.5 that the big Aussies take. Between the big uptake on small and underpowered cars and the big emphasis on speed, we're all turning into a bunch of slow paced pensioners with no life left to live. For the money, you cannot buy a car anywhere in the world that swallows people/luggage with ease, and still retains the dynamics necessary for emergencies and to enjoy driving the way you should!

    Suport your industry Australia of Western Australia Posted on 16 January 2013 12:23pm
  • D'uh....Ford has produced an SUV type vehicle for ages, the Territory which has been a success...they did not take a long time to react...and Holden makes the small Cruze small car, and frankly why would they have ditched the Commodore before now when it has been the country's largest-selling vehicle until 2012...but don't let facts get in the way of bashing Ford and Holden...

    AussiePete Posted on 16 January 2013 12:14pm
  • When you go to the US and hop in a few current model GM and Ford vehicles, especially the SUVs, you soon realise Ford and Holden have been stuck in the automotive dark ages here. I thought it would be a sad day when Falcon and Commodore became extinct but now I'm looking forward to the possibility of some exciting US imports to replace them!

    Eoin Smith of Perth Posted on 16 January 2013 11:55am
  • You just love to carry on about how Ford and Holden *must* close, don't you Josh?

    Mark Kevin Posted on 16 January 2013 11:29am
  • I think people are missing something, they are talking about building a car on two different platforms so... One platform will be for Cruze and the second could be Commodore but for all the ones saying Captiva would be built here as the second car and replace Commodore I think are wrong because the next Captiva is going to be built on Cruze platform. What I think is going to happen is Cruze and Captiva will be built on one platform which work has started already in SA, and the second platform would support Commodore. This would keep the plant going. One more thing the media need to stop feeding the story without having the correct info, I understand bad news is good news for media but doing this will kill what ever chance Holden and Ford have just like Mitsubishi, media kept picking at it and now its gone and people lost jobs cause of it.

    Sash of Melbourne Posted on 16 January 2013 11:14am
  • it's because these two companies take such an excruciatingly long time to react to trends. The writing has been on the wall for an age that we don't want big 3 box designs anymore. The Commodore and Falcon didn't have to die - they could have been morphed into SUV type vehicles and kept their respective names but no-one there seems to have foresight (or it's been squashed by bean counters). As with all things on earth you either evolve or die

    steveo of innerwest Posted on 16 January 2013 10:00am
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