Lotus Reviews

Lotus founder and legendary Grand Prix designer, Colin Chapman, began building sports and racing cars renowned for their light weight and agile handling as far back as the 1940s. The Malaysian company, Proton, now owns Lotus, but its cars, which are aimed at the enthusiast driver, are still designed and produced in England. Models imported to Australia by Lotus Cars Australia include the Elise, Exige and Evora.

And lack of the latter makes for a truly formidable amount of the former. With a power-to-weight ratio of 3.9kg per kilowatt and performance to do over supercars with price tags to make the Lotus's $127,500 seem modest. At 3.9 seconds from standing to 100km/h and 8.9 seconds to 160km/h, it'd be faster than all of them here at Oran Park. Ripping down its straight last week, even this most tentative track-day pilot felt what...Read more
But what are hats and sunscreen for? Besides most of today's roadsters can get their fabric or folding metal lids up at the push of a button within half a minute. These are Carsguide's favourites: Affordable fun Mazda MX-5 Price: from $42,870 Engine: 2L/4-cylinder; 118kW/188Nm Economy: 8.5L/100km Transmission: 6-speed manual or auto If there was an annual award in this category it would reside perpetually in Mazda's trophy cabinet. The original MX-5 reinvented the classic...Read more