Great Wall V200 Reviews

Great Wall has revised the diesel 4x4 dual cab ute (and SUV). And The work makes it a lot better. The first Great Wall ute was rough around the edges and looked strange in the frontal area - like a duck. That was fixed a while back and now, the six-speed manual transmission change action has been refined in the 2.0-litre turbodiesel to an acceptable level, comparable with its competitors. The indirect, long throw gate...Read more
Great Wall 's V240 ute has found a home in plenty of Aussie garages and driveways thanks in part to sharp pricing. Now, the reason to buy becomes stronger with a new V200TDi turbodiesel model selling alongside the V240 petrol four. Great Wall Motors has been here for two years now and is shaping as a serious player in the light commercial vehicle market. The Chinese maker currently outsells established brands like Isuzu and others,...Read more