This fish can drive a car

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11 February 2014

We know goldfish are skilled at some things: swimming, eating and hiding in underwater castles for example. And now it seems they can also be surprisingly good drivers.

A team of tech wizards at Studio Diip -- which specialises in innovative image-recognition projects -- have kitted up a goldfish tank with a camera and computer vision software, turning it into a robot car for their finned friends.

As the goldfish swims around in the tank, the system detects which way he's heading and directs the car there, essentially allowing the fish to control the vehicle. "By swimming towards an interesting object, the fish can explore the world beyond the limits of his tank," Studio Diip says.

The team is also developing new versions of other -- perhaps more everyday -- technology such as number plate recognition, and even vegetable recognition for supermarket checkouts.

And they admittedly haven't suggested there's a practical application yet for their goldfishmobile. But to paraphrase a traditional feminist quip about women needing men like fish needing bicycles, perhaps all they were waiting for was a motor.

Watch the desktop version of the fish can drive a car video here. 

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