Smells like preen spirit

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31 May 2012

You’ve picked out the perfect used car, it caught your eye the moment you walked into the yard, great colour, sleek exterior and a beast under the bonnet. But wait, what’s that smell? And how can you get rid of it?

Ford has the answer. The Blue Oval brand has lined up alongside Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce as the newest celebrity fragrance.

Teaming up with Bassat Ogilvy Madrid, Ford has created “Olor a Nuevo.” A fragrance designed to make even the most torturous sweat-filled car smell new again.

The fragrance is part of Ford’s new olfactory marketing campaign aimed at boosting Ford Spain’s Selección used car line. Ford took the campaign into the real world with the promise of selling “the only used cars that smell new.” 

The advertising campaign spreads the smell on public transportation and in the streets. Radio commercials use real phone calls to used car dealers asking if the cars they sold smelled new, the response? Negative.

We’ll certainly take the new car smell over the Monday morning mustiness of football boots left in the back after Saturday’s game.



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Daniel Zautsen

Published 31 May 2012

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