Renault channels Knight Rider in new Trafic van ad | video

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3 September 2014

Renault Trafic ad shows how 'K.I.T.T.' the new van can be for tradies.

Renault is set to officially pull the covers off the new third-generation Trafic at the Paris motor show next month, but the French carmaker has given us a taste of the new light-commercial van's capabilities in a new recreation of the classic opening sequence of the 1980s David Hasselhoff TV classic Knight Rider. 

Cheekily titled TraficRider, the ad showcases the Trafic as a companion to everyday hero tradies, but the touchscreen multimedia interface is as close as the Trafic will get to K.I.T.T.'s sidekick-level artificial intelligence. 

There's no suggestion the Trafic can talk to its owner like K.I.T.T. did, but we'd love to see the grille scanner appear on the options list when the new model likely arrives early next year.


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Malcolm Flynn head writer, journalist and vehicle reviewer

Published 3 September 2014

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