Range Rover Evoque Sport hint

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3 May 2012

Range Rover Evoque Sport hint

The Range Rover Evoque landed with a splash – and has kept on making waves.

The latest one was with the help of the world’s best-known footballer’s wife – the Poshest Spice Girl, Victoria Bekham – who helped style up a special edition unveiled at Beijing motor show.

Now reports have emerged that an Evoque Sport may be in the works. At Beijing, Land Rover design director Gerry McGovern hinted to journalists that they would stretch the model further, according to Autoexpress in the UK.

The report cites McGovern as saying : “For the moment, we’re looking at the cabriolet and special editions - we could do a more overtly sporty one, for example.”

Okay, that doesn’t set anything in stone. But if you look at the rest of the Range Rover line-up, an Evoque Sport model would be a logical part of the plan.

There are enough in-house engine choices – both petrol and diesel – and there’s no doubt McGovern’s outstanding design for the Evoque would stand up with extra sport kit.

The Evoque has already been such a resounding success that the Halewood plant in the UK is hardly able to keep up with demand. An Evoque Sport would only add to that.

Frankly, we’d love to see it. And if they build it, no doubt the buyers will come.



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Published 3 May 2012

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