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16 November 2012

The team of 28 gym members squashed and squeezed their way into a 2012 Mini Hatch yesterday in London, UK, to make it into the Guinness World Records.

Getting four people just into the boot space of the Min, they went on to use every available pocket of room in the car, including folding bodies into the footwells and across the dashboard.

The successful bid broke the record they set last year with 27 people, but that wasn’t enough for the women.

After unfolding from the Mini Hatch – and gulping a few mouthfuls of fresher air – they hightailed it for a television studio, where 23 of them set a second record for the number of people in a much smaller classic Mini from the 1960s.

The stunts were part of the eighth annual Guinness World Records Day, which saw 4000 people around the world try to make it into the record book.

Australia was represented by 15-year-old Lachlan Phelps from Scone, NSW, who set the record for the longest note blown on a didgeridoo -- without using the continuous circular breathing technique – blasting past the previous 60 second record with a 65.66-sec note.


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Published 16 November 2012

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