Mayan apocalypse offer free cars

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4 December 2012

Mayan apocalypse offer free cars

Well, at least if Mayans are correct. December 21 is the last day on the 5125-year Mayan calendar, and there’s been growing buzz about the date being the Mayan Apocalypse.

The public seems to become fascinated by apocalypse predictions. And a collection of General Motors dealers in Canada is banking on the Mayans -- not that their predictions of the world ending are correct, but that the public fascination will drive year-end sales.

The Humberview Group owns four Buick, Chevrolet, and Cadillac dealerships around the Toronto area. And from now through the end of… well, everything, the group is holding a special sales promotion.

The "End of the World Clearance Event" offers aren't too different from those you'll find at other dealerships this December, but Humberview dealers offer one additional, easy-to-keep promise: "If the world ends, you don't pay!"

As ad campaigns go, this one's a winner: funny, well-designed, and thorough. The doomsday clock on the front page is a great touch, as are the series of radio spots that riff on the coming apocalypse.

If all advertising were this thoughtful, we might have some hope for the world's future. As it is...well, let's talk in a few weeks.

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Published 4 December 2012

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