Man reported car stolen 21 times to dodge fines

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27 February 2013

Man reported car stolen 21 times to dodge fines

A Geelong retiree dodged fines for 13 years by falsely reporting his car stolen 21 times, a court heard.

Mario Hili, 64, did not lose one demerit point for his offending, which included speeding and going through red traffic lights as he also reported his car stolen at the time, the Geelong Advertiser reported.

Hili, a retired electrician, of North Geelong, pleaded guilty in Geelong Magistrates Court yesterday to seven counts of obtaining financial advantage by deception and three counts of making a false document.

Police Prosecutor Leading Sen-Constable Siobhan Daly said the defendant reported his car stolen to police on January 20, 2012.

"Police discovered it was the 21st time since 2000 that Hili had reported his car stolen," Sen-Constable Daly told the court, the Geelong Advertiser reported.

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Published 27 February 2013

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