Lamborghini Aventador removable targa roof

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8 May 2012

Lamborghini Aventador removable targa roof

And a folding roof is not going to work well with that. So Lamborghini are said to be designing the convertible version of the Aventador with a removable targa roof.

European press and websites overnight suggested that the open-shut case for the Aventador will be a detachable roof that removes in two separate sections.

That the roof panels will be carbon fibre is a no-brainer, given there will still be a focus on keeping weight down – and down low – as much as possible.

However there’s no information on whether the convertible will include on-board storage for the panels, and given the Aventador’s shape that could be a tricky exercise.

But keeping the engine cover identical between the two cars is not just a matter of pleasing the eye. Redesigning it would mean expensive extra work – and lengthen the production schedule.

Lamborghini are likely to have the car under the spotlight at Paris motor show in September, and could well start teasing more details before then.



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Published 8 May 2012

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