Hyundai Veloster recall for cracking sunroofs

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25 January 2013

Hyundai Veloster recall for cracking sunroofs

The fault means the glass sunroof can crack -- and the same defect saw 13,500 cars recalled in the US last yearHyundai defended the two month delay in the announcement saying it had to wait for parts and that none of its customers or other road users were in any danger.

The company said there were seven reports of cracked sunroofs in Velosters in Australia. Hyundai issued a recall of 882 Veloster coupes overnight, requiring customers to take their car to a dealer for a 30 minute inspection.

"We expect only about 10 per cent of sunroofs will need to be replaced," said Hyundai Australia spokesman Bill Thomas. 

The affected cars were built from November 2011 to April 2012. Meanwhile Hyundai says it has no update on whether it will issue a recall for a brake light switch defect found on thousands of its cars, as exposed by News Limited late last year.

The recall and the brake light defect take some of the shine off Hyundai's improvement in quality in recent years -- and its sales success. Last year Hyundai in Australia overtook Ford in the new-car sales race.


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Joshua Dowling

National Motoring Editor - News Corp Australia

Published 25 January 2013

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