How to dress up a Toyota Corolla

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13 December 2012

How to dress up a Toyota Corolla

When Nathan Atkins left his girlfriend's house at Normanhurst to drive to work he found his car, parked in the street, covered in 8000 post-it notes, the North Shore Times reports.

"I thought I was dreaming,'' the 21 year old said. "I had no idea who did it because no one knew I was staying at my girlfriend's other than my mum. I thought it must have been some school kids -- like a muck-up day prank.''

All was revealed when two of Mr Atkins's friends posted a video of their exploits on Facebook. "The funny thing is they did not even know where my girlfriend lives,'' he said. "They knew it was somewhere in Normanhurst so they were driving around looking for my car. They found it about 2am and didn't finish until 5.30am.''

The part-time real estate agent said removing the notes took 25 minutes and made him late for work but his boss was able to laugh. "It took me 25 minutes to get them all off,'' he said.

Mr Atkins said his need to post all aspects of his life on Facebook made him an attractive target for his friends. "They're unemployed uni students so they're very bored after finishing their exams,'' he said.
















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Published 13 December 2012

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