Honda Civic Spy Shot

Nothing is leaking from Japan on the project so far – even though the car is expected sometime in late 2011 – but the European situation is much more open.

Prototypes of the new Civic are out on the road there, although wearing so much camouflage it makes it difficult to pick anything beyond the basic shape.  But look closer into the Carparazzi pictures and the new Civic starts to emerge.

The track is wider, there is a peek at the new grille, the rear door handles are open, and the general shape is reflected in a curvy new roofline.  Carparazzi says the Civic is a complete re-work of the car which hit the road in 2005, but there is no hint yet on the production plan. For Australia, Thailand will be the manufacturing site.

European sources say the powerplants will be carried over with some revisions, including the petrol-electric package for the Civic hybrid.