Ford Fiesta more fuel efficient

... courtesy of the latest refinements to its package of fuel-saving 'ECOnetic' technologies.

With a new combined fuel consumption rating of just 3.6 litres/100Km an improvement of 2.7 per cent, the fuel efficiency of the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic surpasses all other vehicles currently on sale in Australia, including petrol/electric hybrid models. It also produces fewer CO2 emissions than any other conventional, internal combustion engine vehicle, with a new official CO2 emission rating of 95 grams per kilometre an improvement of 3.1 per cent.

Ford has implemented a range of simple modifications to ECOnetic that include low rolling resistance tyres, improved aerodynamics and a modified engine calibration.

A revised gear set, with new 3rd, 4th and 5th gear ratios, heads the list of refinements to Fiesta ECOnetic, which have all been engineered to further optimise fuel efficiency.

Other key developments, specifically targeted at reducing powertrain frictional losses, include a new variable flow oil pump which matches pump flow to the specific needs of the engine thereby reducing the energy required to drive the oil pump Other changes have been made to the ancillary drive belt, starting system, injectors and engine control module.