Driver stays safe in crushed car

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25 September 2013

Driver stays safe in crushed car

Firefighters were certain the driver of this car had been killed when a shipping container fell on it from a semi-trailer driving alongside. But as a crane lifted the container off the car, the emergency services team heard cries for help. The woman was amazingly cut free from the wreckage and had no serious injuries.

The driver in Jiangsu, eastern China, had been travelling beside the semi-trailer which was carrying the massive container. The weight of the cargo caused the semi to tilt to one side, with the container sliding off the tray and onto the roof of the woman’s car – crushing and flattening it.

Firefighters attending the accident scene expected to find the driver was already dead, as the crane lifted the container away from the car to let them get to it. However after hearing her voice calling for help, they spent little time cutting the vehicle open to free her.


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Published 25 September 2013

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